Carol Swain’s Real Unity Training Solutions to Host Event on March 24th at Blount County Public Library

Feb 1, 2023

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Carol Swain in studio to talk about her company, Real Unity Training Solution’s upcoming training for school board members and the general public.

Leahy: All-star panelist Carol Swain is in studio. Carol, I wanted to talk to you to learn about what you’re doing with school board member training. This is fascinating. You started a company called Carol Swain’s Real Unity Training Solutions.

This is for school board members learning to comply with Tennessee’s prohibited concepts in curriculum and instruction law. There is an upcoming training in March in Blount County at the Blount County Public Library in Maryville, Tennessee. And by the way, congratulations on putting this together.

Swain: Yes. We are one of two companies that are licensed in the state to offer school board training. And before that, there was sort of a monopoly with the Tennessee School Board Association. And so we offer training that people can register for. They get seven hours of credit, and it’s required under state law that every school board member takes a course.

Before, they had to take it from people that were more progressive. Now they have an alternative. And we do go over the law as well as explain what is taking place in the classroom in various forms. It’s a one day training, and this would be the second time we’ve offered the class.

Leahy: And to sign up, go to The registration deadline is March 16th. This particular training will take place on March 24th at the Blount County Public Library in Maryville, Tennessee, not too far from Knoxville.

Swain: Yes.

Leahy: You’ve done this before.

Swain: We have. But I also want to tell you that Unity Training Solutions is a company that I incorporated in 2020 in reaction to what was taking place after George Floyd’s death, when so many companies rushed in to pour millions of dollars into CRT, DEI, conflict theory, which can never bring about racial healing and reconciliation.

The company’s goal is to bring people together and to be in compliance with our civil rights laws and our Constitution, which promises everyone equal protection of the laws. So the company itself does more than school board training. We were licensed last year to do the school board training.

Leahy: It’s a significant accomplishment, I know, because I’ve talked to many people, Carol, who’ve thought about doing this, but it’s an arduous process to get approval from the state of Tennessee to be able to offer this training for school board members.

Swain: Yes, there were several rounds of approval for us to go through, and I would encourage people to go to my website. If you Google Unity Training Solutions, it will come up.

We changed the name to Real Unity Training Solutions because there were so many companies that were calling themselves Unity Training, even though they were engaging in divisive practices and they were pushing CRT, but they were calling it unity training.

Leahy: It’s a little bit like President Joe Biden and the Democrats having a world-record spending bill and calling it the Inflation Reduction Act.

Swain: Yes, they’re very clever with how to package things, but it’s something that I believe deeply in. I care about bringing people together, and I think that for our nation to be successful in our organizations, we have to be on mission, and we have to work as a team.

Leahy: A very good point. And the other thing I point out, which I didn’t know until you and I talked about this is that every new school board member anywhere in the state of Tennessee must go through training.

Swain: They do, and a lot of people don’t know that they have an alternative. And the people that took our training last year were very pleased with it, and we want to reach more people.

And they found out in various ways because it’s so new, there are a lot of people that would like to take the training that don’t know about it. We also allow people, teachers, and other people that are interested to take the training as well.

Leahy: That’s Carol Swain’s Unity Training Solutions to distinguish it from those others who might call it something like that when it’s not really that. Congratulations, by the way, for bringing that together.

Swain: Thank you.

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