Swain: New Book Is the ‘Off Ramp’ that Companies and Governments Need to Get Away from the Destructive DEI Regime

Aug 16, 2023

The conversation about the new book, The Adversity of Diversity with author and all-star panelist Carol Swain continues in-studio on Wednesday’s episode of The Tennessee Star Report.

Swain dives into the ‘why’ of her newest work and details how CEO’s and business owners now embroiled in the untenable web of DEI and CRT can escape its grip and return to the core mission of their business.


Michael Patrick Leahy: 7:33 AM – broadcasting live from our studios on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee in studio. Aaron Gulbransen, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Faith and Freedom Coalition; and our very good friend, former professor at Vanderbilt University, all-star panelists here on The Tennessee Star Report and author of new book, The Adversity of Diversity.

Carol, you were talking during the break about how our listeners can help move you towards The New York Times bestseller list. What’s the best way for them to do that?

Carol Swain:  The best way to do that is to purchase the book at an independent bookstore. Amazon doesn’t count and unfortunately, Christian bookstores don’t count – and this is only for the first week or so.

It’s important to get orders from all across the country. And so if you meet a certain threshold, you make The New York Times bestseller list. Why do I care? Well, I think every author that’s published numerous books would like to make The New York Times bestseller list; but at the end of the day, we know that The New York Times has become not the old gray lady she pretended to be.

Michael Patrick Leahy: They are a bunch of leftists. Let’s just leave it at that.


So, we want to get The Adversity of Diversity.

Go to Barnes and Noble, probably the best way, and order the book.

It may be in on the shelves right now, or may have to order it.

The Adversity of Diversity’ by Carol Swain. ‘How Real Unity Training can Promote Healing in a Post-Affirmative Action World.’

Now, Carol let’s talk a little bit about – you’re going to do some training.

Who are you going to train and what are you going to train them on?

Carol Swain: First of all, I have to say, Michael, that we are not in a post-Affirmative Action world right now, and we can expect the DEI/CRT industry to fight back with everything they have.

And I believe that’s one of the reasons that Amazon was a week late in putting my book up; did not put it up for pre-orders until the day before; and then it banned reviews. And I imagine, you know, that there was some DEI officer somewhere looking at the book saying it was hate speech because it argues against preferences.

It argues against the DEI/CRT industry and–

Michael Patrick Leahy: And that’s a big industry, isn’t it?

Carol Swain: Oh, it’s a billion dollar industry that’s tearing apart our country because when you bring in DEI/CRT trainers, they create conflict.

They come out of Marxism, and that’s a conflict-based theory. They can never bring about healthy teams or reconciliation between and among racial and ethnic groups, or between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Their job is to set up those little affinity groups where people get together and they gripe. And if they were not unhappy before, they will be after that gripe session.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That’s very good. So you know, the DEI industry – it’s amazing how our Fortune 500 companies are just spending so much money to indoctrinate people in this divisive philosophy.

Carol Swain: But also, a lot of them, since the Supreme Court decision, they have started laying off DEI/CRT trainers and officers, and part of that is that they know that there’s no added value there. and that these people have huge salaries, but they’re not bringing anything beneficial. And so corporations are moving in that direction.

And one of the things I find very interesting, and Mike, I don’t know if you followed the Best Buy case.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Yes, in the news recently.

Carol Swain: It is being challenged because it has a management training program that it’s for minorities only and no whites can apply to this management training program, and that’s being challenged.

And I would argue that those types of programs have been around for decades. But what’s different is that white people, because they’ve been beaten up so much by DEI and CRT and shamed and bullied, they have discovered, and I was on the forefront of reminding them that they have civil rights too.

They’re protected by the legislation. They’re protected by the equal protection clause. And so more white people are exercising their rights. And I think that’s a good thing.

And part of the argument of my book is that DEI and CRT programs will fall. They must fail because they violate the law in the same way as Affirmative Action in higher education; they violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution in most cases.

What has protected them has been the EEOC and some of the executive orders, but I see it all collapsing and part of the contribution of my book, because I don’t like to tear down things without having a solution, is that I birthed the company – and I say I literally birthed the company – in 2020 after George Floyd’s death when it was so much turmoil that summer and many of us, we didn’t know what was happening in the world and I saw these corporations give billions of dollars to Black Lives Matter? And ANTIFA?

They’re gonna bring about reconciliation? They’re gonna heal the nation?


And so it came to me in the middle of the night and for those out there who are spiritual, you know what I’m talking about.

I heard Unity. Unity training.

And so I purchased the domain name. And so over the past two years, I’ve been developing a business and we have decided to focus on training the CEOs and the owners of companies because they’re the only ones that can change the culture.

You can not change the culture.

And I believe that every organization needs to know our civil rights laws because we do have laws. They protect all persons, including white people, Asian people, males, Christians – these people are protected by legislation and by the Constitution.

And so companies need to know the laws of the land, the owners and managers need to know the laws of the land.

But beyond that, go back to the old literature, Stephen Covey and people that have written about how to have strong, functional teams. Because now we have so much dysfunction in the workplace, but there are many people that have studied the workplace, go back to compliance; non-discrimination; recruitment.

You can have diversity in the workplace. Diversity will be in the workplace if you end discrimination and you hire qualified people.

Michael Patrick Leahy: So, CEOs of corporations and owners of all size.

Owners who could be smaller companies – the Fortune 500 companies are the ones that need it the most, I think.

Carol Swain: They’re the ones that need it the most, but because I am a Christian conservative, like the companies that first, I hope that many people will read my book.

And the book has chapters on the conundrum that DEI poses for the corporate world. It has a chapter on my journey. It looks at George George Floyd’s death and how that death was so convenient for the Left because they used it to push through things that they would never get otherwise.

And the concluding chapter focuses on a better way, which is Unity training.

And it’s not just my company. I’m encouraging other people to compete in that space.

You can have healthy teams, you can have diversity. You don’t have to tear people apart, you don’t have to run down any group, whether it’s men or whether it’s whites or Asians.

It’s not necessary to run down any group. And so I believe that my book provides the off ramp that organizations and companies and governments need from the destructive DEI regime that’s tearing apart our nation.

Michael Patrick Leahy: And the book is The Adversity of Diversity.

Go to Barnes and Noble. Order it now. Or if it’s on the shelf, just buy it.

And if it’s not on the shelves, order it from them. Barnes and Noble.

And then also your training company, unitytrainingsolutions.com.

Now you’re targeting CEOs, right? And owners.

Carol Swain: And owners, because they’re the only ones that can change the culture.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That’s a very good approach.

Carol Swain: The HR people, that has been taken over totally by Leftists.

So if you have an HR person–

Michael Patrick Leahy: What, what? What?

Carol Swain: HR – Human Resources.

Michael Patrick Leahy: By the way – and most conservatives look at HR and they go, ‘Oh my goodness – HR.’

They’re taken over by leftists?

Carol Swain: The training that they get.

They’re pushing the DEI/CRT agenda. And so only the CEO can tell the HR people what they need to know and what they need to do.

Michael Patrick Leahy: But how can you do that? I mean, CEO’s are very busy guys, right? Or owners. How much time do you spend with them and how effective–

Carol Swain: It depends on each company and their needs. And so we spend time first learning about the company and the goals. But what we want to do is to take organizations back to their mission statement.

Every organization, every corporation has a mission and they have been diverted by social engineering and they’re hurting stockholders and there are already some lawsuits against the companies that went woke. They have cost their stockholders millions of dollars in profits and so they’re being sued; and people are gonna be sued for racial discrimination and discrimination against heterosexuals and Christians.

People have rights in this country, still.

Michael Patrick Leahy: How refreshing, Carol! I think that’s great.

Carol Swain: Thank you.

Michael Patrick Leahy: The book, again, The Adversity of Diversity by Carol Swain and your co-author, Michael Towle – and go to Barnes and Noble or an independent bookstore. Go today and order it or buy it off the shelves there.

Carol, when we come back, we have this little thing called ‘News Potpourri.’

And so Aaron is preparing his list. I have my list.  And I think you might have a few you might add to this as well.

We’ll be back after this.

This is The Tennessee Star Report; I’m Michael Patrick Leahy.

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