McCabe on the ‘Misalignment’ Between America’s Leaders and Her People, and What It Means

Jul 12, 2023

Political analyst, One America News journalist, and historian Neil W. McCabe joins The Tennessee Star Report Wednesday to expose the stunning misalignment between the nation’s elites and the people, and illustrates recent examples of the failures of “engineered” societies over that last century.


Michael Patrick Leahy: 7:18 a.m. broadcasting live from our studios on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee.

In-studio, the original all-star panelist, Crom Carmichael; on our newsmaker line, our very good friend, the great Neil W. McCabe – top political strategist and reporter for One America News Network.

Good morning, Neil W. McCabe.

Neil W. McCabe: Good morning, Michael. Good morning, Crom. Good to be with you.

Michael Patrick Leahy: I forgot to mention, Bronze Star winner for your service in Iraq.

Congratulations on that, First Sergeant.

Neil W. McCabe: Thank you.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Neil W. McCabe, still in the reserve, still serving our country. Can I ask you a big question, Neil?

Neil W. McCabe: Absolutely. Sure.

Michael Patrick Leahy: I’ve been thinking about this – I’m beginning to think that perhaps one of the most important issues in the 2024 general election is how the Democrats are trying to ruin our children and is failing to protect them from this crazy transgenderism LGBT grooming thing and that the teachers’ unions are trying to indoctrinate our children.

And basically ruin the parent-child relationship.

What do you think? Am I onto something or are there other things that will be defining issues?

Neil W. McCabe: Well, you call it a failure to protect.

I think they’re predators.

They’re the ones who are going after them and – filed this stuff under late empire behavior, right?

That at the end of a civilization, when it’s sort of run its course, the upper classes, the elites – the people in charge – not only do they no longer sort of reproduce. They’re not having their own children, but they seem to think children are the problem, you know?

And so we have all of this non-procreative behavior. It’s abortion; birth control – these non-mainstream lifestyles where children do not happen.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Right.

Neil W. McCabe: And it’s like this end of history because – like, the two greatest impulses, right?

If you go to every human’s motherboard: it’s self-preservation and the perpetuation of the species.

Freud said these are the two motivations. It’s violence and sex.

And so when you try to hardwire that urge, that crazy urge that makes you say and do crazy things, because you want to perpetuate the species you have a problem.

You look in China right now, they had this one-child policy, but they also had free and an open abortion for whatever birth control, right?

And now they’ve gutted their population, it’s going down.

They’ve, they’ve lifted all the rules. The Chinese government is trying to tell people to have kids, and like, nobody’s interested.

It’s just they’ve literally ruined that society.

Same thing – you look at like, say, Japan.

We were told that the Japanese launched their side of World War II because of overpopulation. And so all these New Dealers who went with MacArthur to run Japan – all the stuff they could never get away with in the United States, they did in Japan: birth control and abortion. And they basically, they destroyed their society.

And so the population of Japan is now dwindling. Nobody’s getting married. People are just walking around, and this is what they’re trying to do in this country.

It’s bothered me for a while that the same people who say we have to have birth control, we have to have abortion, and we have to have these non-mainstream lifestyles are the same people who are opening the gates of the border to fill this country with people from different cultures and languages and everything else.

And you know, I think what they want to create – it’s kind of a Nazi word – it’s, I don’t know if you know Herrenvolk – what they want is they want the Herrenvolk.

They want the elites to have democracy and free speech, and they’ll have prosperity and entrepreneurship and all of the things that we talked about for America. There’s a small group of people who will always have that, and then the rest of the people are washing dishes and mowing lawns and babysitting the kids.

And that’s America.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That’s a very interesting analysis, Neil.

And let’s see, will there be enough sort of popular outrage at that tendency to overcome what we know will be the Democrat legal and extra-legal and illegal vote harvesting operations?

Neil W. McCabe: You know, when it comes to the vote harvesting operations, two things.

One, the reason why we love democracy is not because we’re nice people and we want to have a nice system where everything’s fair and nice. We have a democracy because we believe it works the best. The government and the people are lined up. And I remember having this conversation with you after the 2020 election.

The proof to whether or not this thing was fixed or not is, is the Biden administration aligned with the American people?

And it isn’t, and so it just doesn’t work when your government is going one way, and your people are going the other.

The second thing is, if this, if this election system is rigged, like really cooked, they will not remove Biden.

If they’re worried about the voters, then they’ll get rid of Biden. And that’s your test right there.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That’s a very good point. That’s an excellent point. Boy, you are on a roll today, Neil W. McCabe.

Let me ask you this. Let’s look at the GOP nomination.

The polls show Trump at 54 nationally and very up and down in various states.

DeSantis is at 20, or so and dropping.

Vivek is around five or six – maybe 10 and some others, and rising.

But do you see any circumstance in which Donald J. Trump is not the Republican nominee for president in 2024?

Neil W. McCabe: If the Republican Party is still clean and its apparatus is still straight and everything works fine, then the Republican Party will be lined up with Republican voters.

But if it’s not, you know, if it’s rigged, then you know, they’ll figure out a way. I still believe they will – the people will figure out a way.

You know, it’s just one of those things. And you look at this guy, Governor DeSantis, who did such a phenomenal job in Florida, just pushing the conservative agenda. There are plenty of Republican governors who have Republican legislatures, right?

There’s like, I don’t know, at least like 25 states where the Republicans control the whole government.

No one has pushed the agenda the way that DeSantis does.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Very effectively, by the way.

Neil W. McCabe: Yeah. An agenda.

And you’ll recall the word agenda is a Latin gerundive, Michael, for “that which must be done.”

Michael Patrick Leahy: A Latin gerundive – we’ll add that to our lexicon today, Neil.

Neil W. McCabe: That which must be done.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That which must be done.

And on that note, one of the things that must be done for our listeners is every Wednesday at 7:15 AM, listen to the pearls of wisdom of the great Neil W. McCabe.

Neil, thanks so much for joining us today.

Neil W. McCabe: Hey, be good, guys. All right.

Michael Patrick Leahy: We’ll have more when we get back.

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