McCabe Lays Out the Events Leading Up to the Stunning Implosion of Hunter Biden’s ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal

Jul 26, 2023

One America News’ national political correspondent Neil W. McCabe joined The Tennessee Star Report Wednesday morning to break down the very latest twists and turns on the bizarre developments surrounding the Hunter Biden and the attempt by someone to “disappear” a friend-of-the-court brief that hours later, gave the Delaware court pause on accepting the First Son’s sweetheart plea deal.


Michael Patrick Leahy: 7:18 a.m.; John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, is sitting in for Crom Carmichael today.

On the newsmaker line, our very good friend, great national political correspondent for One America News Network, Mr. Neil W McCabe.

Good morning, Neil.

Neil W. McCabe: Hey, Michael; very good to be with you, sir.

Michael Patrick Leahy: So what’s this weird trick that Hunter Biden’s attorneys pulled yesterday – allegedly – with the federal court, that in about an hour and a half is going to hear his guilty plea in that sweetheart deal on the firearms charge and the failure to pay taxes charge?

Neil W. McCabe: Well, you know, when I first heard about an amicus brief, it didn’t seem like that big a deal – like, years ago.

But I’ve just noticed lately that these friend-of-the-court briefs that people submit to judges or the Supreme Court are really quite powerful and they really have quite a bit of influence on Supreme Court decisions.

And it turns out that justices, actually, in the Supreme Court, they’ll take pieces from these amicus briefs and actually, you know, put them into their own opinions.

So you see, with this sentencing, the Ways and Means Committee filed an amicus brief  – friend-of-the-court – and said, “Listen, now you’re about to make this decision, and we just wanted to weigh in on this guy, Hunter Biden.”

And one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers called the clerk of the court, pretending to be a lawyer – or pretending to be a staffer with the Ways and Means Committee – and basically said, “We’re withdrawing our amicus brief. Please take down your filing online, and we’re sorry for your trouble.”

And this ruse was kind of discovered – I guess the Ways and Means Committee staffers were kind of like, “Hey, how come our stuff isn’t posted anymore?” Something reporters go through all the time. And here we are.

This is the latest twist because, you know, conceivably, this judge was gonna rubber stamp the Hunter Biden plea deal, and then it would just sort of fade away until another news cycle takes over.

Now this news cycle has new legs because the judge has no choice but to go after these lawyers, and it just gives all this attention to what’s going on in this Delaware courthouse.

And remember, look, Biden was a U.S. Senator for how long?

Michael Patrick Leahy: Like, 35 years.

Neil W. McCabe: Long time – 35 years.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Well, actually, what he was elected, what, in ’74 – ’72 or ’74, and served in the Senate until he became Vice president in 2008. So yeah, long time.

Neil W. McCabe: Okay.

So, not even counting the influence that he would have on federal appointments for eight years in Delaware, which I’m guessing would be supreme.

People don’t realize that federal appointments in a state are really controlled by the senators, especially if the senator is in the same party as the president.

And so for 35 years, everyone who is working in the U.S. Attorney’s office – all of those judges, every, all of them, were basically appointed by Joe Biden.

He has this state completely wired for sound, which is why there’s a huge complex of Amtrak and Wilmington. That’s why his son Hunter was on the board at Amtrak. You know, and so I think that you’re gonna see something – maybe some of the ice crack on some of this stuff. It just; I don’t know.

Were you stunned?

Michael Patrick Leahy: It’s all piling up.

Well, of course, now, Hunter Biden’s attorneys – this is all sort of developing – they said, no, it wasn’t us. We didn’t do that.

And then apparently, a young attorney who works for a firm tangentially related to Hunter Biden’s firm, apparently says, “Oh, I’m the one who called. But really I wasn’t calling to pretend to be the amicus brief filer. No, no, no. I was just trying to say there’s some elements that we didn’t want in that.”

Nonetheless, the law clerk took it out – rescinded it – and so there’s a big mess in that deal, isn’t there?

Neil W. McCabe: Well, it’s a huge mess. And so, the question is, is this associate taking the fall?

Michael Patrick Leahy: Yeah, my guess is if I had to speculate, this was a plan from Hunter Biden’s lawyers, and they got this young attorney for an affiliated law firm to take the fall on it. They were trying to do it.

That’s my guess. Right? What would your guess be?

Neil W. McCabe:  Yeah, absolutely. It’s sort of like fact, this is the sort of the moral equivalent of the Kennedy staffers who are claiming that they’re the ones who drove the senator’s car into a tree.

Michael Patrick Leahy: That’s very good.

Okay; so what’s the over, under on whether or not today this federal judge will accept this sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden?

Neil W. McCabe: I think a hundred – I think this thing goes a 100 percent for Hunter Biden.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Oh my goodness.

Neil W. McCabe: Hunter Biden has no fear. This is a guy who’s completely got it locked down.

Michael Patrick Leahy: He can break any law in the United States and get away with it, apparently.

Neil W. McCabe: Yeah, exactly. I mean, it’s stunning to see someone who has no concerns when you consider the anxiety I have as I’m driving around and I just see, I just see one police car and then all of a sudden he’s following me. And I’m thinking, “What do I do? Do I just pull into this Burger King and hope he drives away?”

Like, like considering the anxiety over law enforcement and the judicial system that most Americans have, right?

Michael Patrick Leahy: But Hunter Biden is a protected princeling. Like a dictator’s, you know, princeling son. And look, right after all this broke, it was sort of in your face. Joe Biden invited his son to a state dinner honoring the Prime Minister of India.

I mean, that’s very much in your face, isn’t it?

Neil W. McCabe: Yeah. And the president says, ‘He’s the greatest guy I’ve ever known.’

Like, what are you talking about? You’re a liar, right? There is no backing down for Joe Biden on this.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Did you ever see that movie, Gangs of New York?

Neil W. McCabe: No, I should.

Michael Patrick Leahy: He reminds me of, sort of, the Daniel Day-Lewis early mob boss of the Irish – the Irish mob boss who’s got that sort of brazenness in his violation of the law.

And on that note, fellow Irishman Neil W McCabe is Michael Patrick Leahy. Signing off – erin go bragh.

Neil W. McCabe: Be good, guys.

Michael Patrick Leahy: All right; thanks, Neil.

Hey, when we come back, John Harris and I are gonna talk about this disastrous special session coming up on August 21st.

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