Jenny Beth Martin: ‘We’re Getting Very Close to a Banana Republic Territory When It Comes to the Treatment of Donald Trump in This Country’

Mar 21, 2023

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Tea Party Patriots Action Chairman Jenny Beth Martin to the newsmaker line to talk about the unfair treatment against former President Donald Trump.

Leahy: On the newsmaker line, our very good friend Jenny Beth Martin, honorary chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action. Good morning, Jenny. 

Martin: Good morning. It’s so good to be with you, Michael! 

Leahy: Jenny Beth, we wake up this morning and there’s a possibility that former President Donald Trump, he said, may be arrested today on literally trumped-up charges by the Soros-funded district attorney in Manhattan. He’s under attack in Fulton County with a kind of similar trumped upset of charges, and there is a special prosecutor going after him. What’s going on here? 

Martin: What’s going on in New York has to do with Stormy Daniels. Remember that her own attorney wound up going to jail when the Mueller investigation looked into Stormy Daniels, and the Department of Justice did. They never brought charges against President Trump.

They did not think that there were grounds to bring charges against him. They dropped us back in 2019, and yet a district attorney, a Soros district attorney in New York, continued to press and press and may very well wind up with an indictment from the grand jury in New York against President Trump.

Over the weekend, it seemed likely to happen based on the posts at Truth Social that Trump made. And yesterday, we heard that the grand jury is still hearing from witnesses, and there’s not an indictment coming just yet.

So we’re going to have to wait and see what happens. It seems to me this is just a continuation of the witch hunt from the people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They cannot stand him, and they’re doing everything that they can to discredit him and harm his reputation.

Leahy: Yes. That’s pretty much the case. When the former president came out on Saturday and said, I expect to be arrested on these trumped-up charges on Tuesday, that was probably a pretty good PR move on the part of the president. The reaction has been pretty negative towards Alvin Bragg, the DA in Manhattan.

And I saw that the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, has said he wants to have Bragg come in and testify before the Judiciary Committee. Do you think that Alvin Bragg will come and testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the reasons for this potential indictment of former President Trump?

Martin: I just don’t know if he will or not. I do see a situation in which the committee may call him, but whether he responds to that call and actually shows up, I’m not sure if that will happen or not. I’ve heard some people saying things about what Trump said might be more for publicity than not for publicity.

I suspect there’s more to it going on than that. And here’s why. It would be so complicated to arrest a former president who has secret service detail. I would imagine part of what’s going on right now is that his current attorneys are in touch with the DA’s office in New York, trying to figure out and negotiate the terms in which they would arrest President Trump and how that would happen logistically.

I don’t know that he’s really getting over his skis, and I don’t have any proof. I haven’t heard that directly from him or from anyone who worked for him. It’s just what I would imagine might be going on behind the scenes that we’re not seeing. 

Leahy: Yes, exactly. Now you mentioned the secret service protection for the president. He has it because people are concerned about his personal safety. Typically, if somebody is arrested and booked, how could you have secret service protection for a former president if the former president is being arrested and booked?

Martin: Yes. I think that is a real concern. I would imagine they’d have to go sweep the police station or the sheriff’s office first and make sure that the entire place is safe and secure for a president to go inside of it. It just shows the whole world that this is a witch hunt, and it’s time for it to stop. It needs to stop.

Hillary Clinton never went to jail even though she had a problem that they deemed illegal. And how the Justice Department was going after President Trump over the documents that he still had in his possession, which were co-classified documents, in which case the president has the authority to unclassify to declassify.

And yet we now learned that the former vice presidents, both Pence and Biden, had documents in their possession for in, in Biden’s case, for years. It’s been double standards. We’re getting very close to a Banana Republic territory when it comes to the treatment of Donald Trump in this country.

And Michael, I would tell you that having been targeted by the IRS, seeing the weaponization of the government, and being a victim of the weaponization of the government firsthand, I said back then, it’s people who work for the government were not held accountable.

This could happen to other people, and the situation would get worse and worse. And I think that we have seen a worsening of the weaponization of government ever since the IRS targeting.

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