Huey: If Nashville Republicans, Christians, and Libertarians Vote, Republican Alice Rolli Can Win the Mayoral Race

Aug 3, 2023

Digital marketing expert and creator of the conservative Craig Huey joins host Michael Patrick Leahy in-studio on Monday’s episode of The Tennessee Star Report to outline who – among the 12 candidates – has a real chance to win the Nashville mayoral election; who is running the smartest campaign; and who is behind the well-financed efforts to push Nashville – and Tennessee – to the far Left.


Michael Patrick Leahy: It is 6:17 AM; we are broadcasting live from our studios of Music Row.

We’re talking with our very good friend, Craig Huey, the best digital marketer in the country, in my view. Also the author of the Tennessee Voter Guide on the web at

This is the guide for all of the offices up this Thursday here in Metro Nashville, Davidson County.

Craig, before we get into specific ups and downs, I am very concerned about outside influences coming to try to tell middle Tennesseans what they ought to be doing. You’ve documented, I think there’s a lot of that going on.

Craig Huey: Oh, so much. And see, it’s kind of under the radar, Michael, and most of the listeners probably haven’t heard about it. But in Colorado, a Republican town was flipped. In Jacksonville, Florida, a Republican town was flipped. Just recently.

You take a look at what happened in Chicago and; you looked at what happened in Wisconsin.

What you’re seeing in different areas is where the Democrat National Committee and many of these radical organizations – very radical organizations – are training people how to do texting, phoning, and even volunteering outside their state and coming in.

And the fact is – let me just give you an example.

There’s a group that I wrote in my book called The Deep State – my Deep State book talks about a group called Indivisible, which is one of the most powerful groups in America in mobilizing the radical left to take over elections. In this group, they are targeting a race right now in Tennessee, and they say – let me read a note I got from them:

“A year ago, if you had told us that this district would be up for grabs, we would’ve been stunned. However, thanks to the tireless work of activists across the state and the nation. Tennessee 03 – we firmly believe that this district is a great investment for first time activists in a long time.”

Michael Patrick Leahy: Which District’s that?

Craig Huey: It’s Lori Love of District 03.

Now that’s a special election and they’ve got people all over coming in – we’ll see what happens

Michael Patrick Leahy: The Tennessee House of Representatives?

Craig Huey: Yes.

Michael Patrick Leahy: So that District three would be up in east Tennessee?

Craig Huey: That’s correct. And they think they can flip that, and so that’s what they’re doing.

Then they’re gonna concentrate here. If one of the Republicans wins here in the mayor’s race for Nashville, you can expect national attention, national mobilization to make sure this stays a Democrat city.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Well, that’s a good time to segue into your recommendations for the mayor’s race in Nashville Davidson County, voting on Thursday.

Craig Huey: That’s right. And we have probably 20, maybe 30 percent of the people undecided.

We also have many Republicans, conservatives, libertarians,  and Christians who are saying, ‘Well, I’m not sure my vote counts. I’m not sure I should go out and vote; and I don’t really know these candidates.’

Well, The Tennessee Voter Guide has made it easy to see who you can vote your values.

Michael Patrick Leahy: And just a note here, it the way it works here in Metro National Davidson County’s mayor’s race – if you don’t get 50-percent-plus-one of the vote, the top two vote-getters qualify for a runoff on September 14th.

And right now with 12 candidates in the race I think you can get 20 percent of the vote and – 20, 22 percent of the vote and take it to the runoff.

Craig Huey: Well listen, to go back to the last election you had Cooper; then you had David Briley, and there you had Carol Swain.

Well, Carol only had about 3000 votes difference between coming in number two.

Michael Patrick Leahy: She was third in that race. She just missed the runoff.

Craig Huey: Yeah, she just missed the runoff. That’s why people have to get out and vote, because every vote counts –  a couple of thousand votes makes a difference.

Now look at Freddie O’Connell, who’s running for mayor. This union poll that came out that people are talking about. He came in number one with 21 percent – that’s not a lot of percentage.

Michael Patrick Leahy: No, it’s not.

Craig Huey: And incidentally, we gave him a 2 [out of 5] – he’s so bad.

And then Alice Rolli conservative. Not perfect on issues. You’ve had her on your program.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Three or four times.

Craig Huey: But she would be an incredible mayor.

She came in number two with 13 percent, and we’ve given her a 4 rating – almost a 5.

Michael, that would be an earthquake across the United States, among the Democrats saying, ‘What’s going on? How could this Republican get in there?’

And then we got State Senator Jeff Yarbro. He’s got 12 percent. We gave him a 1.

He’s a Cooper guy.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Well, Cooper – I think Cooper endorsed him.

Craig Huey: He did. That’s right. And then Matt Wilshire 10 percent. We gave him a 2.

And you know, this Nashville sheriff, the one who’s suppressing the Christian terrorist killer’s manifesto and, and refusing to put police at the schools and what have you – Darren Hall – he’s endorsed Matt.

But he, Matt, gets a 2 – he’s got 10 percent. And Heidi Campbell now, she couldn’t be a sleeper.

Michael Patrick Leahy: State senator; far-Lefty.

Craig Huey: She gets a 1.

But here’s the thing: from a standpoint of marketing, advanced marketing using data, using modern technology, she’s doing the best – she could be the sleeper.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Really? What are you seeing there from her?

Craig Huey: Oh, I’m seeing, for example, a massive amount of good intelligence in how she’s doing text campaigning. She’s targeting her audience smartly instead of just running TV commercials and hoping people can figure it out.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Which Jim Gingrich tried and blew through.

He burned $2 million .

Craig Huey: Ridiculous.

Today, it’s who gets out the vote.

See, these other candidates, they’re running commercials, they’re doing some direct mail. She’s on the ground going door to door, knocking on doors, getting people to go to the polls. Now if, if she’s successful, she could be number two.

And so really for Alice Rolli, what she has to do is, she has to make sure that she gets people out to vote who say they’re going to vote. She has to make sure the conservatives, Republicans Christians, libertarians, get out and make the changes that Nashville needs.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Well, of all the credible contenders, she’s the only one who’s got 4 stars. In your rating, all the rest are 1 and 2.

Craig Huey:  One and two, yeah. When one snuck in with a 3. But they’re not even a valid candidate. Now here’s the other thing everybody should know, there’s some big money that’s gone into this race.

Yarbro has over $500,000 on hand; Wiltshire $491,000.

You know, these candidates have big money.

Alice doesn’t.

But you don’t need big money to win; you need to be able to get the people out to the polls.

And that means people who are listening, they can send emails, post social media, tell friends and neighbors, get them to the polls.

Michael Patrick Leahy: So, I would say this, you know, I was the emcee at a National Davidson County Republican Party event a couple Saturdays ago, and they did a straw poll.

Alice won 91 to 5 to 1.

So my guess is among our listeners, it would be similar. Ninety percent plus would probably be for Allice Rolli–

Craig Huey: Exactly. And you, the listeners of Michael Patrick Leahy, this program, The Tennessee Star – they have the potential of having her win. If they’re able to mobilize friends and neighbors to get out and vote, not just say they will, but actually get to the poll.

Michael Patrick Leahy: So your recommendation for mayor is Alice Rolli, by a long shot.

Craig Huey: By a long shot. And for the city council, we could have Nashville be the most radical city council in the nation if some of these candidates win. That’s why they have to go to Tennessee Voter Guide. See who we recommend.

Michael Patrick Leahy: We can’t go through all of them right now, but it’s

You lay all of them out.

And frankly, the idea of turning Nashville into Chicago or Seattle or Los Angeles.

Craig Huey: Or Memphis.

Michael Patrick Leahy: This is a very bad idea, folks.

So you gotta go to Read the Voter Guide. See who Craig Huey recommends.

And then also the Mayor’s Race. Just to wrap up.

Who do you recommend?

Craig Huey: Alice Rolli.

Michael Patrick Leahy: All right.

Craig Huey, thanks so much for joining us.

Craig Huey: Thank you, Michael.

Michael Patrick Leahy: Up next, Aaron Gubransen.

Back back after this.

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