Crommentary: The Far-Left’s Full Court Press Is Alienating Its Own

Jul 24, 2023

On Monday’s episode of The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy, Crom Carmichael served up a trio of recent events that illustrate how the far-Left is using its position and power to force Americans to accept its ideas about culture and society – even at the expense of its own.


Michael Patrick Leahy: Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is the commentary for Monday, July 24th, 2023.

Crom Carmichael: Michael. There are three stories in the news that I think are interesting. They’re not exactly related, but they’re close enough to add together.

One is the evolution of of the mayor with the who dresses very, very well and looks great in his suits – the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams who said in 2019, “Make no mistake, New York City will always stand up to Donald Trump and will call out his cynical plots to divide the country.”

And he says, “to anyone in the world, fleeing, hatred and oppression, the ultimate city of immigrants want you to remember you’re always welcome here.”

That was in 2019.

Eric Adams just now sent a flyer to be handed out at the border to immigrants who are coming across our border: “There is no guarantee you will be, we will be able to provide shelter and services to new arrivals. Housing in New York is very expensive, as is the cost of food, transportation, and other necessities. Please consider another city as you make your decision where you want to settle in the United States.”

So Eric Adams needs more illegal immigrants sent his way until he finally can rally the Democrat party. And by the way, there are many other blue states that should be flooded with illegal immigrants until such time as we can have a coherent policy on immigration.

But Eric Adams while looks great in his suit, he obviously has changed his opinion based on circumstances that have affected him personally.

Then the another story, one of the other two stories is, there is a black lesbian with a Harvard degree, who details how even she is being silenced by Big Tech.

Now this is quite interesting, a black lesbian law graduate – the only thing that this particular person is not, is trans. I don’t think she transitioned from a male to become a lesbian. But she does say, her name is Monica Harris, and she wrote a column detailing what happened when she claimed a post.

When she wrote – she [was told] she was violating community standards – and was just simply arguing, “I published an article on Medium” – that’s a capital ‘M’ – “about the impact of transgender inclusion on the rights of women and lesbians. I felt that it was a timely subject, and as a gay woman of color, I have a vested interest in the issue, so you can imagine my shock with less than 24 hours after the article appeared, Medium’s trust and safety team removed it for violating community standards.”

Apparently, you’re not allowed – and this is not apparently – we we now know that you’re not allowed to to transgress, against the transgender community, even though, by the way, there are now news stories coming out – I think Michael, you saw where the adult person is now suing the doctor and the psychiatrist, at least the doctor who committed body mutilation and is also suing the psychiatrist.

You have other trans – people who transitioned – who are now coming out with great regret in saying that the reason they transitioned was was primarily through social media and very poor advice from adults in the medical community who now they believe did it primarily to make money, which is a disgusting reason to do work like that, to even prescribed puberty blockers where the medical profession knows that that fundamentally will change the human body and affect the mind and the bones of the body, by the way.

And then the last one is a fascinating article called, “‘Anti-Racists’ vs. Academic Freedom” in the Wall Street Journal. And it is a story about a professor in California.

Now he has been a professor at the Bakersfield College since 1993. And you say, ‘Well, okay, Bakersfield College, I’ve never even heard of that. Why should that matter?’

And he tells it that three months ago, the California Community Colleges – which serves 1.8 million students at 116 campuses – amended its regulations so that employees must espouse its tenants of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and essentially to parrot what the Left is telling them to say to students in the classroom.

It is pure, unadulterated, forced propaganda.

It reminds you of the worst of the days of Mao Zedong. It reminds you of the worst of the days of Hitler. It reminds you of the worst of the days of Stalin.

But yet, here it is, in the United States. And this man is suing claiming what they are trying to force him to do is against the Constitution.

Now, in addition to being clearly in against the Constitution, the morality of it is just absolutely appalling.

And so what you have is, you have this school where – here’s what it has to do. I’m quoting here, “promotes and incorporates DEI and anti-racist pedagogy; develops and implements a pedagogy and/or curriculum that promotes a race conscious and intersectional lens; contributes to DEI in anti-racism research and scholarship; articulates the importance and impact of DEI in anti-racism as part of the institution’s greater mission; advocates for and advances DEI and its anti-racist goals and initiative.

Now, you know, Michael, I used to think that community colleges were in the business of training students to be able to perform a task so that they are functioning, viable members of society and contributing members of society.

What we now know is, that in California, the governor of California and the elites out there are trying to uneducate average people and destroy their ability to think.

Michael Patrick Leahy: I can’t disagree with you on that one, Crom.

And that’s the commentary for Monday, July 24th, 2023.

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