"Concise, illuminating history...Leahy explains how the modern Tea Party offers a path to recapture the liberties that our constitutional republic was founded to secure." Richard E. Wagner, professor of economics, George Mason University

"No political movement in recent memory has had the immediate impact of the Tea Party. Leahy lucidly explains both the historical and philosophical roots of the Tea Party, providing a useful guide both to his contemporaries and to future historians." Ambassador John Bolton

"In Covenant of Liberty, tea party leader Michael Patrick Leahy shows how the tea partiers have reinjected the ideas and principles of the Founding Fathers into political discourse--and the revolutionary effect they have had." Michael Barone, senior political analyst, Washington Examiner

"An elegantly written and clear-eyed portrait of the centuries-long struggle to constitutionally protect individual liberty from a governing class who would, in the name of of the 'public interest,' harness the power of the state for private gain." Randy E. Barnett, professor of constitutional law, Georgetown Law Center and author of Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty

"Michael Patrick Leahy's Covenant of Liberty is the work of a thoughtful and intelligent figure in the Tea Party movement. Those who support the Tea Parties, and perhaps even more importantly those who don't, will lear a great deal about this new phenomenon from this book." Alan Brinkley, Columbia University

"From an insider's vantage that few can equal, Michael Patrick Leahy explains what the Tea Party movement believes, and what is next." Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Tennessee, a.k.a. Instapundit

"You won't really understand American 2012 politics unless you know what's in this book." Richard Viguerie, Chairman, ConservativeHQ.com

Michael Patrick Leahy is an evangelist for constitutional liberty.

An author, journalist, and grassroots activist, Mr. Leahy organized the conference call that launched the Tea Party movement on February 20, 2009. A contributor at Breitbart News since 2010, he is currently the co-founder of the Real Conservatives National Committee, the conservative ground game Super PAC.

His most recent book, Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement, was released by Broadside Books in 2012. You can order your copy at Amazon here.

Media Appearances

You can see Mr. Leahy's 2012 appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe here.

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About the Book

American citizens are fed up with our politicians. Across the country, we the people do not feel that our elected officials are supporting our best interests, or the best interests of this country. From this sweeping sense of discontent the Tea Party has emerged, revitalizing the spirit of activism in the conservative world. As today's political class-in both parties and at all levels of government-shows blatant disregard for the letter of the Constitution, members of the tea party have taken action to prevent our government from continuing to overstep its role. Concerns about the use and abuse of governmental power are, of course, not new. A similar lack of political accountability is what inspired our founding fathers to embark on this "grand experiment" establishing our country and drafting our uniquely American Constitution.

The founding fathers and the citizens of America spent four long years in vigorous national debate to form the secular covenant -- the Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- which legitimized our American system of federal governance, and narrowly limited the powers of the federal government. Over the past century, however, constitutional constraints on these powers have been so thoroughly removed by an activist judiciary, an over-reaching executive, and a corrupt and complacent Congress, that our personal liberties have been increasingly restricted by an ever more intrusive federal government. Today's tea party activists are fighting to preserve the same governing principles which inspired our nation's founders. Just as the founders sought to remove the "Norman yoke" of English tyranny, the tea party seeks to throw off the "Collectivist yoke" this century of unconstitutional overreach has imposed upon the individual liberty of every American citizen.

In Covenant of Liberty, Michael Patrick Leahy explores the historical origins of the tea party movement, showing that the core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets are deeply rooted in the political and intellectual history of our country, and thus how fundamental these issues are to our republic and to our understanding of what it means to be American.

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