Titans Follow Advice of Dr. K and Michael Patrick Leahy, Trade up to First Pick of 2nd Round of NFL Draft and Select Kentucky QB Will Levis

Apr 29, 2023

Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – On Friday morning, ten hours before the NFL Draft resumed with the second-round picks, Dr. K and Michael Patrick Leahy gave the Titans some advice, which they apparently followed.

Dr. K.: Even the guys in the Titans draft room, they look like, “Oh, okay now what are we gonna do?” I don’t know. But let’s be clear. I love the Titans. I’ve watched them in Memphis. I’ve watched them at Vanderbilt and I’ve watched them in Nissan Stadium. I’ve been a PSL ticket holder from the beginning, but the time at the moment is a little bit discouraging.

Very quickly, and then we can talk about all the possibilities. We have a pick number, 41. And I’m thinking maybe Will Levis will still be around. He’s a good quarterback. I happened to be in Lexington, Kentucky. I happened to be having dinner at a great restaurant here and all the people there thought Will Levis was gonna be the first quarterback chosen.

They acted stunned when they saw that somebody else got picked. Now we’ve got another pick, 41, as I said a minute ago. I don’t know who they’re gonna possibly take. I don’t know. We’ve got another pick at 72 and round three. Another pick at 186 in round five, and another pick at 228.

Leahy: If you’re talking to the Titans right now, if they would follow your advice. Who do they pick in the second round?

Dr.K: I would go get, if he’s available, I would go get a quarterback. I would go get Will Levis if he’s there.

Leahy: Everybody thought Will Levis from Kentucky would be a first-round pick. Apparently, there are some concerns about a toe injury. I think everybody was surprised he didn’t get picked. Why don’t the Titans just trade up and, you know, get the first pick in the second round and pick him? That to me, I think you’re right, quarterback, wide receivers where they should have gone and they didn’t.

Dr. K: I’m sitting in Lexington, Mary Jo and I are, and we were sitting in a pretty darn good restaurant last night with a whole bunch of folks, as I said, from Kentucky. They all thought Will Levis was going number one. And I’m standing there with a bunch of knowledgeable people and they go, well, well, this is gonna be the first choice.

And, and they were stunned. I mean, the place went solid, and then the second quarterback picked, they’re still solid and he’s still sitting at home wondering if he’s gonna get picked by anybody. He’s a good quarterback. He did have a toe injury, but, but you know what? At the end of the day, the Titans have to do something to give speed.

Vrabel says we have to have energy, we have to have action. But most importantly, you know, you better get your fan base excited about your squad. You’ve taken away the stadium. I just hope we’re a contender by the time this new stadium is built.

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Photo “Will Levis” by Kentucky Wildcats.