Roger Simon Talks Tennis and the Psychological Health of Naomi Osaka’s Public Appearances

Roger Simon Talks Tennis and the Psychological Health of Naomi Osaka’s Public Appearances


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon in studio to discuss the game of tennis and the psychological issues facing tennis star Naomi Osaka.

Leahy: In studio, our good friend, the newest all-star panelist on The Tennessee Star Report. My former boss at PJTV. The editor at large for the fastest-growing conservative publication in the world.

The English language world that is. The Epoch Times. Roger, you’re a tennis guy. And I wanted to ask you a question about Naomi Osaka in a bit. But first, let’s talk about tennis. You have been playing tennis pretty much all your life. Tell us how you got involved in tennis and why you chose to stick with it.

Simon: All right. Well, first of all, I want to say right off, I’m a mediocre tennis player. You’re not talking to a Ralphael Dadole here.

Leahy: I can promise you that if we were on a tennis court, you would wipe me out 6-0, 6-0.

Simon: You and I ought to play sometime. It began this way because I’m one of those short people who has no reason to live. Remember the song? (Leahy laughs)

Leahy: You haven’t reached six feet in height.

Simon: No. I’ve been trying. I grit my teeth every morning trying to stretch.

Leahy: You know, like that old Andy Griffith episode where they had to stretch Barney out to make his height requirement.

Simon: I don’t remember it.

Leahy: But you haven’t done that.

Simon: I haven’t been able to make it.

Leahy: So you grew up in Manhattan?

Simon: I grew up in Manhattan, across from Central Park. I love sports as all the kids did in those days in New York. And because we love the place, stickball everything, stickball, the whole nine yards. And most of all, I loved basketball. And boy was I sad because not only could I never slammed dunk, I couldn’t even see the net.

Leahy: But you love sports.

Simon: I love sports. And I took up tennis at a very young age, like six or seven. And basically, with a few years off here and there, I played it all my life. But what I discovered there’s a study that was made in Denmark that of all the sports tennis adds, according to their study, and it’s been backed up by a British study add nine point seven years to your life.

Leahy: That’s pretty good.

Simon: That’s kind of amazing.

Leahy: An extra decade from tennis.

Simon: Yes. And you only get a year and a half from jogging. It’s a very interesting statistic, even if it’s not right if it’s close to right.

Leahy: What do you get for drinking too much coffee? (Laughs)

Simon: Well, I actually do both. So I’m so confused. Here’s the rationale for this is. The movements in tennis are continual in all different directions. So you’re exercising your whole body. Secondly, you’re exercising your mind because, as Robin Williams called it, who was a tennis player. It’s chess at 90 miles an hour.

Leahy: Boom!

Simon: You have to make your decision superfast. And also the third factor is very social. You’re playing with friends all the time or friendly enemies as it happens.

Leahy: Frenemies.

Simon: So it touches a lot of bases, and that’s probably why it gives you all those years.

Leahy: You are really dedicated to playing tennis.

Simon: Oh yes. I do it two or three times a week.

Leahy: That’s great.

Simon: It really does keep me relatively fit because I’m also dedicated to eating.

Leahy: So am I. Didn’t you write a novel about the greatest of all time about a tennis player.

Simon: It’s a fictional version of myself. It’s a Faust-type story about a guy who’s been a mediocre club player all its life, but it gets to play with a doll and the joke of it.

Leahy: I need to get your advice on this. Crom and I had a discussion about this the other day and we were on a little had different views on it. It’s about this really, really good tennis player, Naomi Osaka. She’s about 22. She was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Haitian father. When she was three, they moved to Long Island, New York, where his parents were. And the father kind of brought her up, like the Williams girls were brought up. And she’s an extraordinarily good tennis player.

Simon: I think she’s currently number two among the women. Bart the Australian woman, is number one. And the number one women’s tennis player really inherits the most famous woman actually in the world. Serena Williams is, of course, for so long the greatest woman’s tennis player and possibly of all time.

Leahy: Here’s my question for you about Naomi Osaka. She was at the Us Open that she won three or four years ago? She beat Serena. And after at the press conference afterward, she apologized for beating Serena. She seemed to have to me I don’t know, like really honest psychological difficulties with beating her idol.

Simon: I was a better player than my father, and I think I beat him when I was around 12 or 13, and I felt weird about it. It goes on. Kobe Bryant was better than Jellybean.

Leahy: His dad.

Simon: And there are issues with that, but that’s minor compared to the issues that Naomi has.

Leahy: Naomi I think she does seem to have some very severe psychological problems, although it doesn’t appear to have any impact on her play on the court. Here’s the thing. Now of late she is refusing to go to the press conference afterward. It’s a big, big deal.

Simon: It’s a big deal in the tennis world because the tradition has been for years that the winner and sometimes the loser goes and sits in front of the press and deals with questions that may or may not be nasty. It’s certainly not like a press conference that Donald Trump had. It’s more like, how come you missed that backhand?

Leahy: But apparently, now she said she refused to attend one of these press conferences and she apparently continues to refuse to attend them. She says she’s struggling psychologically is how she’s presenting it.

And the questions make it very difficult for her to maintain a certain level. The World Tennis Association is saying, tough luck. We’re paying you lots of money. You gotta show up. Crom agrees with the World Tennis Association.

Leahy: I’m a little bit more conciliatory because I do think she’s got some very serious psychological problems. I told Crom this. I said, Crom, if I were heading up the World Tennis Association, I would give her, like, a six-month reprieve to kind of figure it all out.

Give her a break for a bit. But I’m not the head of the World Tennis Association. And Crom said that’s a very good thing.

Simon: I hate to be diplomatic, (Leahy laughs) but I’m somewhere in between you guys. There are so many people who have psychological problems in the world. I mean, everybody’s got a little bit of it.

And this is a woman making more money than 99.99 percent with the eyes of the world on her. And I have some sympathy for her. But I have more sympathy for a lot of people out there on the street who can’t handle life. It’s a relative issue. I mean, maybe she should just suck it up and deal with it.

Leahy: If you were advising her, if she called you up and said, Roger, what’s your advice? What would you say? If she did call you, you’d say…

Simon: Well, first of all, I’d say, get yourself some therapy, but she probably already is.

Leahy: I would guess. If it’s this big an issue.

Simon: She didn’t come from a deprived environment.

Leahy: Not now.

Simon: Oh, no. And probably never really did.

Leahy: I think you are probably right.

Simon: It’s an interesting situation. The reason I’m being a little diplomatic is I don’t know this person.

Leahy: We are reaching out to interview here by the way. So I think the odds are not good at all that we’ll get her. (Laughs)

Simon: I think you’d have a better chance interviewing Putin.

Leahy: Or Mayor Cooper. I don’t know which one.

Simon: Maybe one of those difficult ones that want to hide from you.

Leahy: We’ll have to play which one is most likely to accept an interview with us, Vladimir Putin, Mayor John Cooper, or Naomi Osaka. I think they’re all about the same level.

Simon: Vladimir Putin. (Laughter)

Listen to the full third hour here:

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Roger Simon and Andy Ogles Discuss the Power-Mad Hypocrisy of Left-Wing Politicians

Roger Simon and Andy Ogles Discuss the Power-Mad Hypocrisy of Left-Wing Politicians


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles to the studio to redefine the term elites like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as hypocritical power-mad people.

Leahy: Let the party begin! In-studio with us, my former boss at PJTV, and now the Senior Editor-at-Large for The Epoch Times, Roger Simon. Good morning, Roger.

Simon: Good morning.

Leahy: Well, we’re going to actually have to turn your mic on there, Roger.

Simon: No kidding. Now, I have to watch what I said.

Ogles: Speaking of party, I think Gretchen Whitmer had one.

Leahy: That’s Andy Ogles, mayor of Maury County.

Leahy: So in honor of your presence here, Roger, because you are, of course, the newest all-star panelist at The Tennessee Star Report. We’re going to lead with a story at The Epoch Times headline. Andy this is so funny. Whitmer administration acts as COVID-19 rules she violated at Michigan bar, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitner, the administration. rescinding her rule of restaurant parties of six people on Monday, two days after she was caught violating the restriction herself.

Simon: What hasn’t she violated?

Leahy: It’s a long list of White, Liberal progressive hypocrisy.

Simon: There has to be a new word for hypocrisy, because hypocrisy You know, I’ll be pretentious and go tell your audience the old definition of hypocrisy from Francois de La Rochefoucauld, this old friend French dude long dead. His definition was hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue.

Leahy: Oh, I like that.

Simon: That’s very fancy, but it doesn’t really do it for these people who are a lot worse than that.

Leahy: So the story, of course, was she had a rule, probably an illegal rule Andy, I would guess, because the governor just passed the rule. It wasn’t passed by the legislature as the Constitution of Michigan and the Constitution of the United States require.

But restaurant parties could only be six people and they had to be wearing masks and they had to social distance. They had to wear masks still, under her rule that she just implemented on Monday got rid of. She was caught in a photograph that Breitbart News obtained.

And my friend and colleague Kyle Olson, who was up in Michigan got this picture. And it was a picture of, like, 13 people, including Gretchen Whitmer herself right in the middle of it, crowded, elbow to elbow at a restaurant with no masks. Hypocrisy thy name is Gretchen Whitmer.

Simon: It’s been that name for a long time. What’s really kind of interesting is that people will elect a person like that. What’s going to happen in the next gubernatorial election in Michigan? That’ll be an interesting thing to see. It will be a big test for those there.

Leahy: The police chief of Detroit, Black guy, very conservative is apparently thinking of running for governor against Gretchen Whitmer.

Simon: What’s his name again? He’s fantastic I’ve seen him on TV.

Leahy: I think it’s David James. I’ll check out the name of the guy. Andy, you’ve been tracking all these things, and in Michigan. Michigan is not Maury County, Tennessee. Maury County, Tennessee has been a bastion of freedom.

Ogles: That’s right.

Leahy: A great phrase. Since the beginning of this. Michigan has been the exact opposite. Unless your name is Gretchen Whitmer. Right?

Simon: Well, she’s a regular Gavin Newsom. (Laughter)

Ogles: It’s just this whole idea of do, as I say not as they do. We know the elites and they’re fabulous at this to issue edicts, whether it’s global warming as they hold a press conference in front of their jet. (Leahy laughs) When you look at COVID and you look at the way some of these governors have managed or mismanaged, you hate to make it personal, but she comes across as a bit nutty.

Leahy: A bit?

Simon: A bit? An interesting word that we’ve been inundated with is elites.  We use it as a convenience term.

Leahy: what is so elite about them? They have power.

Simon: Power-mad people.

Leahy: Power-mad people who don’t have a lot of common sense and don’t seem to care.

Simon: They may have common sense. It’s just they don’t want to use it.

Ogles: You think about Nancy Pelosi when they were passing Obamacare and you need to pass it to see what’s in it. Just trust me, because I know better than you do.

Leahy: Oh, my goodness.

Simon: Well, they’re kind of like, like 18th-century French aristocrats.

Leahy: It didn’t end well for them. (Laughter)

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Simon, Ogles, and McCabe Discuss the Upcoming Hunter Biden PowerPoint and the CCP’s Global Loan and Debt Scheme

Simon, Ogles, and McCabe Discuss the Upcoming Hunter Biden PowerPoint and the CCP’s Global Loan and Debt Scheme


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon and Mayor Andy Ogles to the studio and welcomed Neil McCabe to the newsmakers line to discuss the up and coming Hunter Biden PowerPoint and the Chinese Communist strategy of loan and debt in their strategical takeover of the global economy.

Leahy: In studio a good friend, Roger Simon, the newest all-star panelist and the Senior Editor-at-Large at The Epoch Times, Andy Ogles the mayor of Maury County. We’ve been talking about a lot of things having a party.

We’ll get to our good friend and Washington correspondent Neil McCabe in just a minute. I want to set this up, Roger, for you with the following. Os Guinness is a great writer. He’s written A Suicide of the West.

He’s a Christian philosopher who has an understanding of politics. He’s the guy behind the concept that the United States was founded on the Golden Triangle of Freedom. And in essence, it says, freedom requires virtue.

Virtue requires faith. Faith, in turn, requires freedom. We’re in trouble in all those areas right now in the United States. And his argument is we are suffering from the rise of the left. He was a kid, he is 70 years old and he was born in China.

His parents were medical missionaries. He’s English. He was there in 1949 when the long March began and with the rise of Communist China, his argument is that here in the United States, we’ve seen a long March of Marxism through the institutions. And he thinks we got to fix that. Roger, you had some thoughts about that. Will we be able to fix it?

Simon: I have a piece coming out later today on The Epoch Times, in which I essentially say that what we used to call the Silent Majority is about to go un-silent. And the reason that’s happening is that the moms are finally getting upset, really upset because of the infiltration of Marxism into the educational system in our country.

It may be almost a biological thing of don’t fool with our children. Do what you want but you start to fool with our kids. And it’s over. And we’re going to say something. And I think in a hard way, we got three guys sitting here at the table but the women are going to lead the way in this a bit. I mean, there are a lot of men speaking out, too, but, I mean…

Leahy: The moms are not happy.

Simon: They’re not happy. And there’s a good reason not to be happy.

Ogles: Anecdotally just the other night in Williamson County, you have Moms for Liberty through together an event. And basically, in a two-week, 16 day time period, you had almost 400 upset mothers show up at this event and recoiling against the school system in Williamson County.

And I’ve been traveling to the state here aggressively these last few weeks. People will book me last minute, seven days out. And on a Tuesday night in Lenoir City, and you have standing room, only 120 people show up because they are frustrated. They are angry. And I can only speak for Tennessee. But there’s the potential for a wave election to come up.

Leahy: I want to bring in our good friend, the Washington Correspondent for the Star News Network, and The Tennessee Star, Neil McCabe. Neil had a breaking, exclusive story about sort of institutional hypocrisy having to do with Hunter Biden.

Simon: No kidding?

Leahy: Yeah, no kidding. I know what a shock. Neil McCabe, welcome to The Tennessee Star Report. You’re early this week, but it’s an important story, and we wanted to get you in early and you’ll be on tomorrow as well. But tell us about your breaking story.

McCabe: What’s happening is Fisher who was for a while he was the producer of Steve Bannon’s War Room-Pandemic, and now he’s a senior staffer on Capitol Hill. But he’s also the vice president of New York City-New York Young Republicans Club, which is founded in 1911.

It’s one of the oldest Republican clubs in the country. And he will be giving tonight a full-frontal expose of the Hunter Biden laptop with PowerPoint slides that aren’t like your usual PowerPoint slide presentations. (Leahy laughs)

People complain about your death by PowerPoint. I think people are going to be focused on what’s going on in this PowerPoint slide.

Leahy: Mayor of Maury County Andy Ogles has a question for you.

Ogles: When you say Hunter Biden in full frontal in the same sentence, it makes me nervous. (Laughter)

Simon: Are they going to put this online, by the way?

McCabe: I don’t know if it’s going to be online, but it’s actually going to be a fundraiser for the New York Republicans Club at their clubhouse in Manhattan. And Vish was one of the first guys who did the deep dive into the hard drive because he was working for Bannon when Rudy Giuliani brought it to Bannon.

And Jack Maxey, who for a long time was Bannon’s co-host on War Room. So Bish and Jack Maxey really the ones who went into the folders and all the different files, and they’re still digging through it. But rarely what comes out is there are policy problems, because to what degree was U.S. policy being crafted to profit the Biden family?

But there’s also this thread all through the laptop hard drive of Hunter Biden as a son, craving his father’s attention and craving his father’s love. And his father’s only interest seems to be to just keep Hunter in the game because Hunter is the bagman for all the other family operations.

Simon: Sounds like H.L. Mencken all over again. That famous quote when somebody says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

McCabe: (Laughs) Yeah, it’s scary and it’s sad. And they’ll be going through some of the crazy relationships that Hunter had. And really, there’s the business with the Chinese. I talked to Vish, of course, for my Tennessee Star article and he really made the point that Ukraine was almost a distraction, that it could have been the Chinese who actually set him up in Ukraine. But China was where the real money was, and that’s where the real sort of policy perversions were.

Leahy: And then also related to that, I don’t know if you saw this story. Alex Marlow, editor in chief of Breitbart, has a new book out called Breaking the News. One of the revelations is that while his father was Vice President and subsequently Hunter Biden flew out of Andrews Air Force Base  23 times as a private citizen.

McCabe: Hunter was sort of operating in that sort of dual space where he’s almost like an emissary from his father. And we’ve seen other family members do that. Usually, there are times when even George W. Bush was the one who told Sununu to resign as his father’s chief of staff sort of in the shadows kind of operator.

But Hunter Biden was just about the money, and he was really going after he was going around the world trying to vie for the Chinese, Mexican oil fields, Romanian oil fields. It’s really outrageous.

Simon: That’s the method of the Chinese Communist Party who is no longer really strictly Communist in the old sense. They’re more like powerful oligarchs trying to buy the world with their belt and road system. And they’re doing a good job because we’re all suckers for it.

McCabe: They’re buying up all the coal and all the oil, and then they’re telling us to have solar cars. (Laughter)

Simon: Exactly.

Leahy: Victor Davis Hanson had a great commentary about that we publish at The Tennessee Star. Basically, they’re really about the elite, shall we say, the oligarchs, they want to basically make a lot of money for themselves and do whatever they want. But tell you that you’ve got to have solar cars and do all that kind of craziness.

McCabe: And you talk about old Chinese techniques. It’s a very old Chinese technique to allow someone to run up incredible amounts of debt that they have no means of ever repaying. And then finally reaching a point where you take their house and take their farm. And with the belt and road loans, we saw.

Simon: Or you take their ports, which is what are the things they are really trying to do.

McCabe: Yes. In Africa, we see it where they come in and they say, okay, now we lend you the money for the generator and a generation plant. Now that plant is ours. We lent you the money for the port, and now the port is ours. And I think we owe a lot of money to the Chinese, too.

Leahy: It’s a little bit like the old mercantilism of the 16th and 17th centuries that America revolted against.

McCabe: And we laughed at them when they said they were going to build an industrial society. We laughed at them and we said, we’re so smart, we’re going to be an information economy. And now they make three times as many cars as we do.

– – –

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The Epoch Times Senior Editor-At-Large Roger Simon Talks Golden Globes Cancellation and Reflects on Being Nominated for an Academy Award

The Epoch Times Senior Editor-At-Large Roger Simon Talks Golden Globes Cancellation and Reflects on Being Nominated for an Academy Award


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon to the studio to weigh in in the Golden Globes cancellation and reflect upon what it was like to be part of the Hollywood scene as an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter.

Leahy: In studio with Roger Simon, my former boss at PH TV, now a Senior Editor-At-Large for The Epoch Times. Roger, you made a good suggestion to me off-air and I’ve been plugging shamelessly to all the coffee shops out there when I say we have a nice cup of radio station coffee. It’s sort of like Army intelligence right? (Laughter) It’s an oxymoron. A nice cup of radio station coffee. But I’m shamelessly, and Scooter our producer is going, yes we need to get some really good coffee in here.

Simon: You could give somebody a tip on it.

Leahy: Our listeners, like to listen in to our conversations. We’re having a cup of coffee. They’re having a cup of coffee at home. We just need to get a coffee shop that will say, yes, I like Conservatives and I like your conversation and I’m going to provide some coffee. So if you’re out there, just give us a call. 615-737-9522.

Simon: And add a lot of caffeine.

Ogles: Well, it should be noted. It’s coffee. It’s cold. (Leahy laughs) It’s bitter.

Leahy: What more could you ask for?

Ogles: But I had to get up at four o’clock in the morning to be here.

Leahy: It’s a reward. It’s a reward.

Ogles: Will work for coffee.

Simon: It’s your combat pay.

Leahy: Roger, you are the Hollywood guy here in town. You were right in the middle of Hollywood. An Oscar-nominated screenwriter. That’s very impressive.

Simon: Yes. But now excommunicated for my awful views.

Leahy: Because you think independently. Speaking of, I don’t know entertainment industry views on politics. I got to tell you this. You’ll crack up. Our lead story at The Tennessee Star. The AP Government Test Asked How a Taylor Swift Instagram Post Illustrated Structural Barriers to Voting by our own Corinne Murdock.

Last week’s AP U.S. Government in Politics Exam asked how a Taylor Swift Instagram post illustrated structural barriers to voting. It appeared on the May third version of a free-response question. The college board explained to The Tennessee Star that Swift’s post as an example of a key concept for AP students how one’s knowledge of voter registration laws and procedures influences the nature and degree of vote turnout. My goodness.

Simon: Well, I have a rule that my rule is, anyone who pays attention to anybody in entertainment on anything serious loses eight IQ points per time.

Leahy: (Laughs) I think that’s a good rule. Taylor Swift is, let’s say we congratulate her on her great success as an entertainer.

Simon: Yes.

Leahy: However her far left-wing illogical posts are another matter entirely. They should not be featured on AP Government text.

Simon: Laura Ingram years ago had a good title on that thing. What was it? Shut up and sing. And for the actors, it is shut up and act. But that’s the sequel book that was not written.

Leahy: Now give us some insight into why the politically correct Golden Globes now have canceled themselves.

Simon: Oh, no, they didn’t cancel themselves. They were canceled by the network NBC at which there is no more woke.

Leahy: What are the Golden Globes?

Simon: The Golden Globes are like one of the phoniest awards ever created. They’re given by something called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Leahy: Is there, like a foreign press in Hollywood?

Simon: Yes. And then there are a bunch of stringers from countries, mostly some countries that you’ve never heard of, or places like Montenegro that are sent over by the Montenegro Times as a part-time job usually to report on the latest gossip about Brad and Angelina or something.

Leahy: That’s the Golden Globes. The foreign press association.

Simon: Anyway, these people are the ones who vote on the Golden Globes. Now the woke idiots at NBC that put this thing on the air have discovered that there were no Black people among the 25 or so of these people this year.

Leahy: There has been in the past right?

Simon: Yes. Sometimes they are from Nigeria. There is always somebody. But this year, no Black people. Uh oh, this is the year of the woke. So goodbye. Now the Hollywood Foreign Press, of course, has gotten on its knees and promised that they will have some Black people next year.

Leahy: None this year though.

Simon: They’re quickly wiring the Nairobi Times to send their one and only. The whole thing is a farce. So that anybody who actually watched this thing is watching kind of the silliest thing that they will watch. It’s another kind of phony Hollywood display. It’s even more fake than the Oscars. But by the way, I’m gonna say something in public that I was gonna put on The Epoch Times first. I happen to be an Academy member. They’re 8,000, 0 of us. A vote counts for more than it does most elections actually. For the first time, I did not vote this year.

Leahy: You didn’t vote.

Simon: Not only that, but I didn’t watch the award ceremony. The whole thing is so pointless and boring.

Leahy: So Let’s talk about the Academy Awards. In 1989, 1990, when were you nominated?

Simon: ’89.

Leahy: Enemies, A Love Story.

Simon: It’s a serious movie. It’s a very good movie.

Leahy: It was a good movie.

Simon: They don’t make good movies anymore.

Leahy: They don’t. But I’d like you to tell us about your experience attending the Academy Awards back then and tell us what that was like.

Simon: Oh, well, first of all, it was very thrilling because I was a young guy and I wanted to write and direct movies. That was my big ambition and I was getting closer to it. And to go to the Academy and first of all, I was so nervous it was ridiculous even though I knew I wasn’t going to win but I was being nominated. And they will say, well, being nominated is like winning.

Leahy: How did you know you weren’t going to win.

Simon: I was nominated against in my category, Driving Miss Daisy. Do you remember that that movie? That movie won like every award. I’m not saying that I was better than that or worse.

Leahy: I can say that.

Simon: I said it to my wife. It was a more interesting movie. It was a more serious movie, but nevertheless the experience  I think for writers, because writers in Hollywood are, like, lower class.

Leahy: At the bottom of the totem pole. So you get the nomination. How do you learn that you were nominated for Academy Award?

Simon: The story of how I learned about it will make you laugh because the Academy Awards nominations are announced at six am. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe for world media time or something.

Leahy: Six a.m. Pacific? That’s 9 a.m.

Simon: Exactly. It has to do with all that. Anyway as I normally am at six am was asleep and got a call from my ex-wife.

Leahy: This is a Hollywood story. Hold it! Let’s do a little role play here. You be Roger Simon at six am in the morning on the day you’d learn and I’ll be there’s the telephone right now. Ring ring ring. You pick it up and what did you say?

Simon: This was pre-cell phone.

Leahy: This is your ex-wife?

Simon: Her name is Diane.

Leahy: And she says what?

Simon: You were nominated. And I said holy…

Leahy: You added an expletive and you can’t say on air. So then what did you do?

Simon: Well, I got up, drank about as much coffee as I could find in the house. I was single at the time and I sort of danced around I think. I can’t really remember.

Leahy: On the night of the awards, how did you arrive? Did you have a limo?

Simon: Everybody arrives in a limo. It’s vulgar and awful.

Leahy: Oh come on. You are in a limo. Did you come by yourself or did you have a guest?

Simon: I had my then-girlfriend who was then gorgeous. She was a Chinese-American woman named Pamela.

Leahy: So you had a date.

Simon: I had a date and I went with the man who directed the movie Paul Mazursky and his wife. It was four of us in the limo. And actually, I lived very close by where they have the Academy Awards.

Leahy: Did you walk on the red carpet?

Simon: Of course.

Leahy: Were there people taking pictures or something?

Simon: Yes. All of that.

Leahy: Did you take a bow?

Simon: They are not all that interested in writers.

Leahy: They want stars.

Simon: You are dressed in a penguin suit. (Leahy chuckles) In my case, it was a rental because I didn’t have that many opportunities to wear them. But I went for the expensive rental. You go to these places and they ask if you want the cheap penguin suit or the expensive penguin suit?

Leahy: So you walked down and all the press is there and you got your picture taken. And when they made the announcement of the winner, did the camera pan on your face, and did you deadpan it?

Simon: As a loser did I weep?

Leahy: Yes, did you weep?

Simon: I can’t remember.

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All-Star Panelist Roger Simon on Federal Bribe Money to Implement Critical Race Theory in State K-12 Public Schools

All-Star Panelist Roger Simon on Federal Bribe Money to Implement Critical Race Theory in State K-12 Public Schools


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon to the studio to discuss his recent article suggesting Donald Trump 2.0 become the education president and questioned whether or not Tennessee will stop the federal bribe money encouraging critical race theory in the K-12 public schools.

Leahy: We are joined in studio by the newest all-star panelist for The Tenessee Star Report, my former boss at PJTV, and also an editor at large for The Epoch Times, the fastest-growing newspaper and website in America, Roger Simon. Roger, we’re talking about education. Our lead story at The Tennessee Star. Williamson County School System Officials Deny They Are Pushing Critical Race Theory, Critics Call it Marxist. You have a terrific column at The Epoch Times. You suggest that Donald Trump 2 0 should be the education president.

Simon: Yes. Principally to fight this stuff, to get rid of it, because it’s almost a cancer on our country. I mean, I hate to be so grim because when I come here in the morning…

Leahy: Yeah, but, Roger, you’re being honest.

Simon: I’m being honest and truth of the matter, as Michael and I have discussed here in the morning and drive time, we should be a little bit upbeat.

Leahy: We should be. We try to be, but we have to be honest.

Simon: Exactly. And this is a red line for anybody. Because imagine trying to teach a six-year-old the most important thing about his or her life is skin color.

Leahy: It’s crazy.

Simon: That’s what critical race theory is all about. It’s about the subversion of the United States because it’s a replacement for the old Marxist line of class struggle. It didn’t work. So some eggheads in Europe decided oh, well, let’s make it about race now which is actually, in my view, worse.

Leahy: It’s all about race from the Democrats. It looks like the Democrats at every level, with help from mainstream media and Big Tech, are trying to create a race war in America. That’s what it looks like to me.

Simon: Well, they’re doing it. They’re not trying and in part succeeding. The fact that critical race theory is now and, you know, it’s in our schools and it’s in our schools because the Department of Education puts funding on it. Hello, Governor Lee. Don’t take their money. This is a bribe. The states are being bribed to teach this stuff. It’s a pretty scary thing.

That’s why I’m recommending in the article that if there’s a Trump 2.0 or a DeSantis 1.0, that the first thing they do is change the Department of Education, which maybe should be obliterated altogether. But you’ve got to make a transition and take someone like the great Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College and come in there and right the ship. Then you can destroy.

Leahy: Great minds think alike, Roger, because tomorrow morning at six o’clock on this very program, Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, will be our guest to talk about these things.

Simon: Well, I’ll have to get up early. I know Larry pretty well, but I have to get up early to listen to that one because he’s a great person. When you talk about a great American, he’s a great American.

Leahy: So you were talking about the nefarious Department of Education becoming even more nefarious under the Biden-Harris maladministration. There is a regulation now being considered by the Department of Education, and they’re promulgating it. Meaning they’re getting comments on it before they finalize it. And they’re jamming this thing down. What they’re doing is they are going to make available to teachers around the country grants to teach critical race theory and be the false tenants of the discredited 1619 Project from The New York Times.

Simon: Yep.

Leahy: Money is coming to Tennessee teachers. Now, having said that, your point is…

Simon: Don’t take it.

Leahy: Governor Lee should lead the way.

Simon: He’s the one who has to do it. I know he’s probably suffering somewhere with DeSantis envy. (Leahy laughs)

Leahy: Hold on, DeSantis envy? Did you just coin that phrase right now?

Simon: Just this second yes.

Leahy: I love that phrase. And apparently every Republican potential national figure apparently now has DeSantis envy.

Simon: Well, they should. He’s shown himself to be the guy, but it’s not so hard to do what he’s doing. And all you have to have is little guts. And just remember the famous phrase of H.L. Mencken the journalist from Baltimore years ago. “When somebody says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.” And that’s what’s going on here, as you just said. They’re presenting the states with bribes, essentially, to teach this pollution.

Leahy: And directly the money under this regulation, which I expect will be approved. They’re just going through the motions on these commentaries.

Simon: They put up a phony thing like that, and then they do it.

Leahy: So my guess is within the next 60 days, the Department of Education will announce the availability of grants to teach critical race theory and the 1619 Project. The premise of the 1619 Project, discredited, by the way, by all real historians, is that America was based upon slavery from the very beginning.

Simon: It was even walked back eventually by The New York Times, where it was first published. And The New York Times doesn’t walk back much of this stuff anyway.

Leahy: So what’s going to happen is we’re at the end of April, probably in July of this year the Department of Education will send out a missive to every public school district in America, including 145 of them here in Tennessee. And every teacher of government, history, and civics, and even math and other areas will be allowed to apply for grants that will enable them to have materials to teach critical race theory. And the 1619 Project. What is the state of Tennessee doing right now to stop that, Roger?

Simon: Well, we don’t know. I mean, it’s sitting in the lap of the governor, and I think and of course, the legislature. I think every single one and we have to watch everybody because everybody depends on this. If this stuff goes through across the country and in Tennessee is the last place that it goes through. The electorate here in Tennessee is more to the right than it is in Florida and yet and DeSantis has already put a blockade against this.

Leahy: Yes, he has.

Simon: He made a statement.

Leahy: We are not teaching critical race theory in Florida’s K-12 public schools.

Simon: A high percentage of the people are listening to this now like a parent and or grandparents or whatever. And everybody has a stake in this. This is not minor. This is not one of those things where you shrug it off and they say oh global warming, they’re making me buy an electric car. Well, this is the brain.

Leahy: Our reporter who’s covered this, Chris Butler, has put numerous requests for comment about the actions Governor Lee will take to stop the teaching of critical race theory in K-12 public schools in Tennessee. And the only line that I’ve stolen from a good friend, Howie Carr, in Boston, the Boston radio talk show king. When the phone didn’t ring, we knew it was Governor Bill Lee. (Laughter)

Simon: Well, that’s a pretty tough line. But, you know, he has an opportunity to show that, I mean, look, it’s going to be remembered. This is something that is not going to be forgotten because it’s going to be in the schools come the next primary.

Leahy: We’ve talked to several state legislators, and they are putting something together. I don’t know if they will have it together in a timely manner before the Tennesse General Assembly adjourns this session. Probably by next Friday.

Simon: Ding, ding, ding. This is an emergency more than most things.

Leahy: I think every listener to this program, Roger, would agree with you that stopping the teaching of critical race theory in K-12 public schools right now in Tennessee is an emergency. And we’ll see if the governor and the legislature are up to the task on that one.

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