Davidson County GOP Chair Jim Garrett Weighs in on Metro Nashville Public Schools Mask Mandate Pushback and 2022 Election Year

Davidson County GOP Chair Jim Garrett Weighs in on Metro Nashville Public Schools Mask Mandate Pushback and 2022 Election Year


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  guest host Ben Cunningham welcomed GOP chair for Davidson County Jim Garrett to the newsmaker line to discuss why they are pushing back now on Metro Nashville Public Schools’ attempt to mask mandate students again and how 2022 will be an interesting election year for the Fifth Congressional District of Davidson County.

Cunningham: Jim Garrett is the chair of the Davidson County Republican Party. Jim is on the line with us this morning. Jim, good morning.

Garrett: Good morning. Good morning, Ben. Good morning, Andy, and good morning, Grant. How are you?

Cunningham: We are doing great. Thanks so much for calling in this early. I’m telling you, it puts a new perspective on the world when you get up at 4:00 am in the morning. Actually, I got up at 3:15, so that really was a new perspective.

But thanks so much for calling in this morning, Jim. You guys have just sent a letter to the Metropolitan Nashville School system as the Republican Party of Davidson County. What did you say?

Garrett: We felt it was time that we stand up against this rhetoric that we hear coming from the left. Basically, we outlined that we were against masks and we would encourage the school system not to enforce a mask mandate. And we gave them five or six factual reasons to support our argument there.

I think the left that uses emotion, we like to use fact. And we use factual reasons and studies. And there are so many conflicting studies, you don’t know who to believe. And I think that’s by design on their part to keep us all confused so that their rhetoric seems to be dominant. And it should not be.

Cunningham: Why now? Why at the end of July, first of August – of course, school is about to start. But what motivated you to do this?

Garrett: We had heard several of our members had seen a petition that went out by a group. And I won’t say a left party. But it went out by a group associated with them calling for the schools to reinstitute the mask mandates.

And because of that petition, and they’re advertising in The Tennessean, and they had 1,800 signatures. Because of that, we felt it was important for us to say something.

Henry: Jim, Grant, Henry, here with Americans for Prosperity. Have ya’ll received any kind of response yet? Good, bad, or otherwise to this letter you sent out?

Garrett: I am not aware of any response yet. The people who are monitoring this with us, our communications people told me that there’s not been any feedback. And I personally have not received any. Although I did, again, a call last week from a lady who was a school teacher.

And she kept talking about the Republican Party was so vile in her school by her students and how she didn’t introduce politics to the school. But yet she only let them listen and watch PBS and CNN television shows.

Cunningham: (Laughs) Oh, boy, that’s objectivity. Isn’t it? I’m telling you, it’s crazy. Well, thank you so much for stepping out. And even in a blue county like Davidson County, the Republican votes represent 40 percent plus of the electorate. So they should listen and they should respond, and they should give you some kind of feedback back on this thing.

Garrett: I think the Republicans, our members feel like if we don’t stay in that often, we probably don’t. Conservatives tend to be individualists. We let the individual make the decision like we think parents should be making the decision about masking in schools and not the school board. But they think we don’t say enough. And our executive committee felt it was time on this subject to stand up and shout out our opposition to it.

Henry: Jim, let me ask here as well. Yesterday, Speaker Cameron Sexton was quoted saying the following: “And I sure hope that a school system in this state after this data is released does not shut their schools. If they do, I’m going to ask the governor for legislation to allow these parents in those school districts to take their money through school choice and go to wherever they deem they need to go.”

Is that kind of message resonating with any of the state Republicans in Davidson County?

Garrett: I believe it is. Yes. We believe in the voucher system. It’s been battered back and forth in the General Assembly. I hear it from our members who – some who would like that and some who wouldn’t.

But I do hear it. And so I think we’re supporting that stance. I heard that yesterday and was surprised that he came out with a statement about what he did.

Cunningham: Jim, on another topic, just politics that we’re interested in and I’m sure the audience is interested in is you’re keeping up very closely with the redistricting process. Every 10 years when they do a new census, they have to come out and redraw the political districts.

And, of course, a lot of people are very interested in Davidson County, in the Fifth Congressional District, and what’s going to happen there and how the districts might be drawn. Give us just a quick timeline of how one of the major decision points in the future for that. And when will we know what the new districts will look like?

Garrett: We have talked with Senator Jack Johnson. We’ve talked with Representative Lambert. Members of our group have talked with them about that same question. They tell us now is the time to get involved.

We have a meeting next week with Speaker Sexton to discuss redistricting specifically. And there’ll be another subject in their meeting with Speaker Sexton. But primarily the meeting is about redistricting. We are working on a map of where the Republican voters are in Davidson County, and we’ll have some ideas about what we would like to see.

We don’t need a major change. We just like to have some districts tweaked a little bit to pick up five or six points. And if we get a fair chance, I think we can pick up seats. But we don’t need a slam dunk in say a half a dozen districts or so. But we need some help here in Davidson County.

Cunningham: It is the enclave of Democrats that stay there year after year. I don’t know how long Jim Cooper has been there. Of course, Jim’s got a challenger from the left also this time, a pretty strong challenge. I think AOC has endorsed his challenger. So lots of things going on.

He’s got to worry about the challenger from the left first. But hopefully, we can have a competitive district where Republicans can have a shot. At least running a good, solid campaign and presenting a great alternative.

Garrett: I think Cooper’s been there – I’ve heard – 32 years, and he’s run basically unopposed for most of those, unfortunately. But yes, this year he seems to have a good shot at it. I would actually like to see Kelly win the primary for Starbuck because I think she would be a better opponent to run against than Cooper is.

She is so socialist and so much to the left, I think she would make a good opposite candidate. 2022 is going to be an interesting year. We have got two or three candidates right now that have announced running for that seat. There are going to be more that show up.

I’m sure that there’s one or two more. I’ve talked with them and they’re still in the decision process. So I think 2022 is going to be an interesting year for the U.S. Congress seat here in Davidson County.

Cunningham: And how do people get in touch with the Davidson County Republican Party?

Garrett: They can always get us through the gopnashville.org website. And there are buttons here for volunteering for contributing. But if you go to the volunteer button and put your name in, there is a place where you can ask questions. We get questions through there all the time.

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GOP Candidate for Nashville’s Fifth Congressional District, Robby Starbuck Explains His Top Legislative Priorities

GOP Candidate for Nashville’s Fifth Congressional District, Robby Starbuck Explains His Top Legislative Priorities


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed GOP candidate for Nashville’s Fifth District, Robby Starbuck in studio to discuss his top two priorities if elected to Congress in 2022.

Leahy: In the studio with us, Republican congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, running for the Republican nomination in the Fifth Congressional District. We asked you this question before the break, Robby. If elected to Congress and sworn in January of 2023, what would be your number one legislative priority?

Starbuck: I’ve written two already that would be immediately put forward. Number one would be banned Critical Race Theory, not just in public schools, but also if you want a government grant, you want a government contract, you cannot train your employees with Critical Race Theory, and you cannot impose it on anybody within your business.

Leahy: Now that is a very good idea, number one. And what you’re combining, it’s interesting, the way you’ve structured. It’s not just banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

But what you’ve done there is you have incorporated in the legislative proposal Donald Trump’s executive order that banned federal funding for contractors that taught critical race, of course, the legal but not legitimate occupant of one those hundred Pennsylvania Avenue to Biden. One of the first things he did was to reverse that executive order.

Starbuck: And every other executive order.

Leahy: That particular idea, I think, is very, very interesting. And so that would be the bill that you would introduce.

Starbuck: That I would introduce right away.

Leahy: That would be your number one priority.

Starbuck: It’s essential to freedom. Education helps define what our national identity is. And so if we’re educating our kids to hate our country, then guess what? In 20 years, our national identity is going to be hating our country.

Leahy: By the way, that’s what public schools are doing right now.

Starbuck: 100 percent.

Leahy: They’re teaching kids to hate America, and your tax dollars are paying for it.

Starbuck: And we’re the adults and it’s our job to step in and stop it. And so that’s why that would be the first thing. The second thing would be a very simple immigration bill that says if you come here illegally, you will never, ever be allowed to become a citizen of the United States, and you will never be entitled to benefits.

Obviously very small caveats to that. If you’re being hunted down by your government or something along those lines, then maybe we have a different path.

Leahy: Well, there’s existing law for allows for asylum,

Starbuck: For true asylum. But there’s a process.

Starbuck: Exactly. There has to be a process. Merit-based. But our big problem with immigration is we’ve changed everything from incentivizing legal behavior to incentivizing illegal behavior.

When you have the Democratic candidates, now the person occupying the White House saying, we’re going to give you free health care, free this free that free everything. And then they act shocked when you have the borders getting flooded on a daily basis.

Obviously, they’re not shocked. They knew what that was going to do. We have to incentivize legal behavior again, which means saying, hey, if you ever want to be in America legally, you need to do this the right way, because if you do it one time the wrong way, you’re not going to be able to ever become a citizen here.

That will change the migration patterns right away. I’m not saying it’ll stop it, but it will change that pattern.

Leahy: Let’s talk a little bit about how successful such legislation would be. Now in the current makeup of Congress, where the Democrats have a nine or 10 vote margin and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, such legislation would go nowhere. She wouldn’t even bring it forward.

Starbuck: She wouldn’t bring it forward or allow it to be.

Leahy: If Republicans maintain a majority, that legislation would have a chance. What do you think the odds are that the Republicans will win back the House of Representatives in November 2022?

Starbuck: We are going to win back the House in 2022. The Senate, I’m not making any promises, but the House I feel 1000 percent that we are going to take the House in 2022.

The energy on that level and just the wind is in our sails in many ways in terms of redistricting happening. And you saw a bunch of blue states lose districts as part of the census consuming New York. And people have fled their States.

Leahy: California lost one district.

Starbuck: And New York lost one or two. I don’t remember if it was one or two. I’d say it was I think seven states that lost seats were blue states and they went almost entirely red.

Leahy: We kept the nine congressional districts, but probably were right on the edge of adding a 10th.

Starbuck: Yeah, we right on the edge. And I would guess that in 10 years we’ll add another one.

Leahy: I think you’re probably right about that. Now, our listeners looking at this could say, you know, if a Republican won the fifth congressional district in November 2022 that would be a plus one for Republicans and increase the likelihood that Republicans win a majority of the House. And I think your argument would be…you can do it, right?

Starbuck: Absolutely. I’m a different candidate than we’ve ever had in this district before. And where has it gotten us running the same people from the same schools with the same backgrounds? We haven’t won this district.

It hasn’t done any good for the people here. We have to think outside the box. I’m an outside-the-box candidate. I’m fully, fully cognizant of that. But I can win this. We can flip Independents.

We can take a message in about freedom, especially after COVID. And with the background my family had fleeing Cuba and Marxism to be able to say, did you enjoy this free trial over the last year and a half of Marxism and socialism?

Leahy: We had a 15 month free trial of Marxism.

Starbuck: You got a free trial and I think a lot of people are ready to make the return. And you saw how the Coopers treated you like they were Kings and you were just their pawns that had to do whatever they told you to do. That’s not what America was founded on. We’re supposed to be free.

Leahy: First, would you engage in a debate if I don’t know, The Tennessee Star were to host it between you and any other candidates who are seeking the Republican nomination?

Starbuck: Absolutely. I will always debate people.

Leahy: Okay. So if we had one in-studio here at five in the morning and or six in the morning, we could do a two-hour debate from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Starbuck: Absolutely. I’ll just pray for them beforehand.

Leahy: We’ve got enough room in the studio. We will start identifying other candidates and we’ll start putting that out here. We might even, like, do it on a monthly basis.

I’ll have you in here from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and all the Republican candidates, and we’ll just have a nice conversation. And then after the August 2022 primary, we’ll invite the incumbent, Jim Cooper.

Starbuck: I’m not so sure Jim is going to be the person in a general election.

Leahy: Now, that’s interesting because he does have an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes type challenger.

Starbuck: He does. AOC backed a socialist to run against him. And if we’re being perfectly honest, the energy on the left in Nashville is the Progressives. It’s not the Blue Dog Democrats.

Blue Dog Democrats are being pushed out of their party. So who is his constituency? Especially after the last year and a half. The far left and the groups that have all this grassroots energy on the ground, they’re going to be backing AOC’s candidate.

They raised $100,000 in a week, which is, you know, they’re going to make him spend money. They’re going to make him spend a good deal of money if he decides to run. I think after redistricting it’s not a foregone conclusion that he even doesn’t retire.

Leahy: He did kick off his reelection campaign.

Starbuck: He could always quit.

Leahy: He also has had some personal problems with his wife who passed away.

Starbuck: I was very sorry to hear that.

Leahy: And again, our condolences to Representative Cooper about that, and we criticize his policies.

Starbuck: But he’s a human being. It’s terrible. I can’t imagine losing that person you love the most.

Leahy: Now the challenger on the left is Odessa Kelly. She did play ball for Tennessee State University. But she’s worked for the city government most of her career. That’s her main accomplishment.

Starbuck: And she would like a bigger government.

Leahy: And she’s not Jim Cooper. That’s her other accomplishment.

Starbuck: You know what? On that one, I will say that’s gonna help her out. I don’t understand how anybody can work in the government and then at the end of it, go, you know what’s going to fix things? More government.

Leahy: Well, that’s how they think. Whoever wins, whether it’s Odessa Kelly or Jim Cooper, or whoever their Democratic nominee is, we will invite them to a debate with the Republican nominee. Will you attend?

Starbuck: Oh, I definitely will. I think the question is, will they attend?

Leahy: I don’t think they’ll attend because they don’t believe in a free exchange of ideas, because their ideas are so very bad.

Starbuck: Absolutely.

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Craig Huey Explains the Election Modernization Technique That Odessa Kelly Will Use in Her Campaign to Defeat Jim Cooper

Craig Huey Explains the Election Modernization Technique That Odessa Kelly Will Use in Her Campaign to Defeat Jim Cooper


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed creator of the Huey Report and direct mail expert, Craig Huey, in-studio to discuss (TN-4) Congressman Jim Cooper’s Democratic opponent and how she will angle and tackle her campaign for his dynasty seat.

Leahy: In the studio with us digital marketing expert, well renowned around the country and moved here from California a year ago, loves it here in Tennessee, Craig Huey. Craig, during the break, you said something very important about how the left is creating the impression that they are sort of the majority. And there was a clue here, by the way, in Democratic challenger Odessa Kelly’s campaign announcement.

She’s going to run against Jim Cooper. Jim, by the way, the show’s been on the air for two and a half years. We’ve invited him to come in. He’s never come in. Odessa Kelly, Miss Kelly, you are welcome to come in. We’d be happy to talk to you about your socialist, progressive agenda for Nashville and your campaign themes. Now, I’m a little bit selfish in that regard, Craig, because I think she would be easier to beat in the general election to Jim Cooper. That’s my thinking.

Huey: Well, you know, here’s the thing. Maybe somebody listening lives in that congressional district and they could be running against her or against Cooper in the upcoming election, they need to be able to understand that they can win. The fact is, Kelly is going to be running using modern marketing techniques to be able to beat an incumbent. And she can do it. She doesn’t even have to have as much money.

Leahy: Well, she’s probably going to get a lot more money. She’s going to use Act Blue and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will be out there with all of her campaign statements and asking all of her pals to give money to Odessa Kelly.

Huey: Yes.

Leahy: The people who live in Los Angeles and San Francisco and guilty liberals. (Chuckles) Boston, New York City, Maryland. They’re going to give money to Odessa Kelly.

Huey: I would say she’ll probably have a million to a million point five.

Leahy: Probably more than that.

Huey: Maybe. And she probably needs at least two million to win.

Leahy: In the primary?

Huey: In the primary. So few people vote in the primary. Michael, that all you have to do is mobilize a very small group of people and make sure they get out the vote. She’s a community organizer. She understands digital marketing to be able to identify her right voter. She understands how to do modern election mobilization.

Leahy: Her team does just like Democrats. They use it to get Alexandria Ocasio Cortes to beat an old White guy in the Democratic primary.

Huey: That’s right. And it’s happening to several other congressional races and it’s happened throughout different states.

Leahy: Now, there’s a clue that you caught, and I want to talk about this right now. In her opening statement the challenger to Jim Cooper, the Justice Democrats, the national version of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez. “My faith has taught me that our fates are tied together.” Now, what does that statement tell you?

Huey: That tells me she understands in her district one of the key voting blocks is the church. And she’s probably targeting the Black church where many of the pastors are pro-Democrat. And they basically are violating biblical principles on marriage and abortion and on freedom, caring about the persecuted church and about Israel. And basically, these pastors compromise on those issues because of history. Because of pressure from other pastors. And Michael, they have a thing called souls to the polls.

Leahy: Souls to the polls. A little rhyming there.

Huey: Exactly. And on Sunday before the election, they mobilize people in the church to go to the poll.

Leahy: So the Black churches here are almost certain to be supportive of Odessa Kelly. She’s gay.

Huey: They are going to overlook that.

Leahy: They’re not going to care about that.

Huey: They should, but they will overlook it.

Leahy: Okay, so there’s that. Also, we have a story that’s relevant. So another Reverend used his faith to become elected. He’s basically a Communist progressive. His name is Raphael Warnock.

Huey: It’s a heartbreak. Yes.

Leahy: So this guy barely won the runoff election in Georgia. There’s a story at The Georgia Star News. You probably heard this. Raphael Warnock, Easter Sunday Tweet Unsettled Christians Who Call it Blasphemous. Let me read the now-deleted tweet. The meaning of Easter is more transcendent than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you are Christian or not, through a commitment to helping others, we are able to save ourselves. Now, I am not a theologian, but to me, that seems exactly the opposite of the Orthodox Christian faith.

Huey: The core of Christianity is Christ dying on the cross and rising from the dead for your sins and forgiveness. And the fact is, he’s denying this. He’s just saying it’s more of a philosophical politicized type of issue. You talk about Republican in name only. This is Christian in name only.

Leahy: Yeah, exactly.

Huey: And he was able to fool the Christians in Georgia to vote for him, and where he stands on the anti-biblical platforms.

Leahy: Well, I didn’t stop him from getting elected Craig. (Chuckles)

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California Refugee and Direct Marketing Expert Craig Huey Weighs in on Davidson County’s Congressional Election Strategies

California Refugee and Direct Marketing Expert Craig Huey Weighs in on Davidson County’s Congressional Election Strategies


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed creator of the Huey Report and direct mail expert, Craig Huey, in-studio to discuss possible campaign tactics that Odessa Kelly may use in the fight for Davidson County’s congressional seat.

Leahy: Our guest in studio, our good friend Craig Huey. So let’s talk about this congressional election in Davidson County. There is a primary challenge. Odessa Kelly, I guess the Justice Democrats are trying to make her the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Nashville. Jim Cooper, I want to look at Jim Cooper’s electoral history.

He’s a Harvard grad. He’s about in his mid-sixties. He’s represented this district in Congress since 2002. He won in 2002. He beat Robert Duvall, who has been the chairman of the Davidson County GOP, 63.33 percent. In 2004 he had 69 percent. In 2006 he had 69 percent, 65 percent in 2008. In 2010, his closest challenge ever in the general election. That was the Tea Party year.

Huey: That was.

Leahy: He got 57 percent to David Halls 32 percent. Okay, so that tells you something right there. In all of these cases, the Republican was far outspent. Now, what’s interesting if you look at Cooper’s vulnerability in the primary last time, Keeda Haynes challenged him and lost 57 percent to 40 percent in the primary. Now, Keeda was underfinanced compared to him.

And I think she had sort of an unusual background. I think she had several run-ins with the law as a younger person, became a public defender. I think that’s the case. We’ll double-check on that. So now she has not been selected by the Justice Democrats to run. So they picked Odessa Kelly. We think she is likely to get quite a lot of money from around the country. And we think she’s got a good chance of beating them in the primary.

Huey: I think she can because she knows how to organize and mobilize. And that’s the key. I’m hoping a really great candidate steps forward to run against Cooper or against Odessa Kelly whoever wins that race.

Huey: On the Republican side.

Leahy: On the Republican side. And you’ve got some suggestions for how they could win. Now, remember, I would think that an underfinanced Republican, the high watermark, lost 57-42 in the general.

Huey: Yes.

Leahy: But you think it’s possible that either running against Jim Cooper or Odessa Kelly in the general of 2022, a Republican could win if a, they start now and b they start thinking in terms of digital marketing. Tell us what would work.

Huey: Sure. So, Michael, 2022 is going to be a great year because you have people upset and angry about what’s happening in Washington, and they want to change it. And just like with the Tea Party, I think this will be a Tea Party on steroids, the reaction. And the key to this is that the candidate running understands they have to raise the money. If they don’t have the money, they have to raise the money. They can’t run just because they have better ideas.

Leahy: What! Let me just stop for a moment. A lot of our friends think I’ve got the answer. A lot of our conservatives. A lot of our Tea Party friends.

Huey: I see it all the time.

Leahy: I’ve got the answers. I’ll just go out and say those answers, and people will realize just how correct my answers are.

Huey: It doesn’t work.

Leahy: It doesn’t work?

Huey: It does not work. You’ve got to communicate and you have to mobilize.

Leahy: Now I’m disappointed. (Chuckles)

Huey: Oh, I’m sorry, but it’s the reality. But here’s the good part, Michael. Even in a Democratic district that has that advanced registration and a built-in Democratic vote, a Republican challenger can come in there and upset that election in 2022. But they have to be able to raise the money.

Leahy: How much money are we talking?

Huey: I would try to raise about four million.

Leahy: Four million? Have you ever run for Congress?

Huey: I have.

Leahy: Back in 2012? Was it 2012?

Huey: 2011 in a special election. And I ran in a district, that was 22 percent higher percentage of Democrats. And I shocked everybody with no name recognition. I ran against the mayor of the largest city. I ran against the California Secretary of state. I ran against the most powerful county of Los Angeles, a City of Los Angeles City Councilperson. I beat these people in the primary, which shocked the nation.

Leahy: So you won the primary?

Huey: I won the primary. I shouldn’t have. I won the primary.

Leahy: Yes, you should of. (Huey chuckles) Because you use your marketing techniques.

Huey: Yes, I’ll tell you about that. So, Michael, what happened then was that Obama brought in his Organizing for America and used my campaign as his test campaign of using data and digital marketing to tie it to get out the vote. And so I saw what was happening and he was out-marketing me. And it was unbelievable what he had developed.

I needed to switch 2,000 votes, and I would have won that race. I was outspent eight to one. And I could have won it. But here’s what needs to be done and what my opponent in that race and what Odessa will be doing. They will be marketing by developing data. They will have petitions. They will have petitions to parents about schools. They will have petitions about better roads.

They will have petitions about some issue in Washington, D.C. identifying their voters. They will create digital ads where once somebody signs a petition or goes to our website, the ad will follow them around wherever they go, whether they’re on Facebook or Google. And so there will be a campaign to be able to market and build that database.

Leahy: Why are they building the database?

Huey: They’re building it so that they can then communicate with those people that they have on the database to get them to the poll. It’s get out the vote. They make sure that they have identified enough voters to overwhelm Cooper. And that’s what she’s going to do. And not only that, she’s going to use techniques like geo-fencing. She’s going to geo-fence every church. Anybody who goes to a church on Sunday, she collects the data to send them a video or a Facebook ad. That’s just one of the techniques. And are the Republicans going to do this?

Leahy: So let’s step back. First, you need a candidate. Second, he needs to raise he or she needs to raise four million dollars. Okay, then what do they need to do then? This is for the Republican to win the general election against either Jim Cooper or Odessa Kelly.

Huey: I recommend they don’t hire a Republican consultant. (Laughs)

Leahy: Now, first, you said something very important. I think that’s good. And why should they not hire Republican consultants?

Huey: Because they’re marketing as if it was 20 years ago.

Leahy: They’re doing TV ads.

Huey: They waste money on TV ads. They don’t understand how to get out the vote or even training. Michael, what Odessa will do is she’ll have somebody coming to the door saying, hey, I see on this petition, you believe in better education. Well, so does Odessa. Now, I want to make sure that you go to the poll on Tuesday. Can I drive you to the poll? Oh, I can’t drive you to the poll? Well, maybe what I can do is come back. I’ll come back after Tuesday. I’ll knock on your door, and I’ll say, how did it go at the poll? It increases turnout by 10 percent. These are the tactics that these people use and we have to use too.

Leahy: Well they are clever. And, by the way, Odessa Kelly, we’re just telling the world your campaign strategy here based on experience. You’re welcome to come in and tell us if we’ve got it wrong. (Huey chuckles)

Listen to the third hour here:

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