Crom Carmichael Weighs in on the Left’s Unethical Nature and Anonymous Bribery of Hunter Biden’s Art

Crom Carmichael Weighs in on the Left’s Unethical Nature and Anonymous Bribery of Hunter Biden’s Art


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to discuss the unethical practices of left-wing historian Jon Meacham, the Democrats, and undisclosed purchasers of Hunter Biden’s straw art.

Leahy: We are joined in studio now by the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael. Good morning, Crom.

Carmichael: Good morning, Michael.

Leahy: Well, lots going on today. The news is filled with – what can we say? Irony. Is that the right word?

Carmichael: That’s a good word.

Leahy: That’s a good word. And Michael Avenatti was sentenced to two and a half years in prison yesterday. Because he was trying to extort $25 million. from Nike and basically threatening them with bad publicity unless they paid him $25 million.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that. But apparently, he was sobbing in court. Crying tears. Tears, tears, tears. Just dribbling down his left-wing liberal face.

Carmichael: Was he apologizing?

Leahy: I didn’t hear any apologies.

Carmichael: I didn’t know if he was admitting that he did wrong or was he just blubbering?

Leahy: I just saw the blubbering. What’s interesting about this guy is you go back to some media clips a couple of years ago Crom. You sent me one of the Bill Maher, which basically he lionized the co.

Carmichael: Yes, all the people, all the people in the media from Brian Williams, who’s just a disgrace and discredited liar. But he’s back on the air because that doesn’t matter.

I don’t know what Jeffrey Toobin had to say at the time. I’m sure if he had anything to say, he lionized him because the people at CNN got down on their knees and prostrated themselves before Avenatti on how great he was.

Leahy: How great he was!

Carmichael: Our friend Jon Meacham actually referred to him as the savior of the Republic.

Leahy: One of the preeminent historians or biographers of the left.

Carmichael: Of the left. He’s preeminent of the left.

Leahy: Yeah, I would agree.

Carmichael: He’s no longer a great historian because of his own words. He also said in an interview that the Constitution is there to protect us from demagogues, but yet he supports Joe Biden. I think he was a speechwriter for Joe Biden.

Leahy: He was a secret speechwriter and then he wrote about it.

Carmichael: Extolling how great the speech was.

Leahy: He secretly wrote the speech. He may or may not have gotten paid for it, but he did get paid for his commentary about the speech.

Carmichael: On how great the speech was on MSNBC without acknowledging that he wrote it.

Leahy: He failed to disclose it.

Carmichael: Here’s the problem with all this. You have Hunter Biden now, who I think you mentioned to me as I walked in the door and we talked about this is the person who knows how to both take into his body stuff through a straw and blow stuff out through a straw.

Leahy: That’s interesting because he has experience with straws and his nose.

Carmichael: Yes.

Leahy: Apparently he’s using a straw again.

Carmichael: Yes.

Leahy: But for a different purpose. Tell us about how what he’s doing.

Carmichael: He’s doing paintings by blowing paint through a straw through his nose.

Leahy: Is it through his nose or his mouth? We don’t know.

Carmichael: I think it’s through his nose.

Leahy: That’s where his experience is.

Carmichael: Let’s just say it’s through his head on one of them in his head. And he’s selling the paintings for $500,000.

Leahy: And it takes him how long?

Carmichael: I don’t know. A few hours.

Leahy: A couple of hours. And they look like kindergarteners.

Carmichael: Well, they looked like the COVID-19 virus. (Leahy laughs) I think I saw somebody compare it to that on TV. The gentleman from Canada, Mark Steyn was referring to it and said, let’s show the picture of the COVID virus.

Let’s show the picture that Biden makes by blowing paint. But it’s really a very serious matter because when Hillary was the presumptive nominee for the Democrat Party, she raised money in her foundation and raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

And these are people who wanted access to the president. Well, if you want access to the president now you just buy Hunter Biden paintings.

Leahy: Or you could do like former FBI director Louis Free did, who gave, like, $100,000 to a foundation to support the education of Biden’s grandchildren. You saw that, right?

Carmichael: I did not.

Leahy: I’m just telling you.

Carmichael: Louis Freeh did that?

Leahy: You’re almost stunned.

Carmichael: I am stunned.

Leahy: The brazenness of it.

Carmichael: I actually thought Louis Freeh was a pretty straight-up guy.

Leahy: Think again.

Carmichael: Oh, it’s just terrible. But so what I’m saying is that this gets back to the French Revolution when you have two different systems of government and two different systems of applying the law.

Leahy: Yeah, that’s where we are right now.

Carmichael: That’s where we are right now. So will the Democrat members of Congress, will their children start doing finger painting? And I’m being very serious here.

Will it be legal for their children to sell their finger paintings for $50,000 a piece right before the lobbyist wants to come in and get a bill passed?

Is that legal because there is no difference. The Biden administration says, well, they won’t know who paid the $500,000. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Leahy: It’s a joke.

Carmichael: That is more insulting than Biden claiming he hit a baseball 368 feet. It’s just a big lie.

Leahy: The ethics people in the White House.

Carmichael: There are no ethics people.

Leahy: I’m using the purported ethics people in the White House are twisting like Pretzels to figure out…

Carmichael: No, no. This is the way Democrats think. And this is what’s unfortunate. Jon Meacham doesn’t isn’t sad about what he said.

Jon Meacham truly isn’t. Jon Meacham is an intellectual power, there’s no question. He has no ethical compass. He has none.

But then he’s no different than the rest. He really isn’t. And this is just absolutely just frightening. As I was driving in.

Leahy: Chuck Fleishmann.

Carmichael: I did not remember that Congress passed that and President Trump passed an appropriation for $2 million. The Supreme Court has ruled previously…

Leahy: To build the wall.

Carmichael: Thank you. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that when a bill is passed to spend money they must spend the money.

Nixon tried to do that line-item veto. He tried to do that. And the Supreme Court set them down, said, no, you can’t do that. And so Biden is thumbing his nose at the Constitution.

The Democrats are thumbing their nose at the Constitution, and they’re thumbing their nose at any pretense of being ethical.

Leahy: Well, not at a pretense. I want to come back to that.

Carmichael: Oh, no, they pretend to be ethical because they say, well, we won’t know who gave the $500,000. And Clinton said there wasn’t anyone giving me $100 million.

Leahy: It has nothing to do with a government influencing government policy.

Carmichael: That didn’t influence government policy. I mean, that it’s so preposterous on his face. But then our news media goes along with it.

Leahy: So if you’re a lobbyist right now and you have a bill that you want to promote or policy, even a policy at a regulatory agency, whatever it might be…

Carmichael: That’s another good point. Go to the regulators and say, gosh, can’t your child just do a stick figure for me? I’ll pay the child $25,000.

They’re even in a lower tax bracket than you are. (Leahy laughs) So, in fact, if you have five children or three children, you know what?

I understand you have two dogs. Do a paw print. Do a paw print. I’ll frame it. I’ll put it up in my house. I’ll pay your dogs $10,000. a piece.

They don’t even pay taxes. Dogs don’t pay income taxes. (Leahy chuckles) And we’re laughing about this one.

Leahy: Does Hunter Biden have a dog? Maybe they give the money to it.

Carmichael: We know that Biden had a dog that bit people in the White House.

Leahy: He’s no longer with us.

Carmichael: I think he died. Maybe hit bit the painter. We are reaching a point where the greed and avarice of the Democrat party, and I’m not saying Republicans are Puritans.

But I can’t find an example where Republicans have just essentially sold their souls like this and done it publicly and been applauded. And then to be applauded by the media.

Leahy: Well, I want to go back to this idea of the lawyers in the White House twisting in pretzel-type shape in order to justify essentially the bribes of half a million bucks or so that will be going to Hunter Biden and will obviously be for the purpose of influencing governmental policy. It’s plain as the nose on your face basically is what the intent is.

Carmichael: It’d be interesting to find out if the Mexican cartels by the paintings.

Leahy: Of course they will. Carlos Slim.

Carmichael: He’s not a member of the cartels directly. I’m talking about the ones who are doing the coyotes and making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Leahy: Well, the cartels, which are the biggest beneficiaries of the Biden administration’s failure to enforce our immigration laws. They want to continue it.

Carmichael: Why should they pay?

Leahy: The logical thing for them to do would be to buy up for half a million as many of these paintings that Hunter Biden has done to keep those illegal policies of the Biden administration rolling.

But just to see how pretzel-like they are and void of morality they are. This idea that it would be anonymous is just a joke.

Carmichael: It is. I want to give a quick shout-out to my friend George. We had dinner last night. He’s heading to Idaho in a car. 23 hours. He needs to stay awake. My friend George needs to stay awake.

Leahy: George need be safe on your travels, George, and travel safely to Idaho. By the way Crom, we’re going to be opening up a new title in Idaho in the next several weeks.

Carmichael: Oh, really?

Leahy: We’re going to call it…wait for it. The Greater Idaho Star. There’s a story about that.

Carmichael: I want to hear about it.

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Crom Carmichael Talks Mo Brooks, Affordable Care Act, the Texas Grid, and Hunter Biden the Straw Artist

Crom Carmichael Talks Mo Brooks, Affordable Care Act, the Texas Grid, and Hunter Biden the Straw Artist


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to discuss Mo Brooks’s wife being served by a trespassing investigator, the severability of the Affordable Care Act, Hunter Biden’s straw art scheme, and the instability of Texas’s grid.

Leahy: Crom, what’s going on today? What’s on your agenda to cover?

Carmichael: Michael, there are three little stories here, because hopefully, we have Jim Roberts coming up at 7:15 to talk about where that referendum stands. But some people in the audience may already be aware that Eric Swalwell hired an investigator to try to serve some kind of a lawsuit on a fellow congressman named Mo Brooks. And this investigator finally ran down Mo Brooks’s wife in her home. And that’s all on videotape.

Leahy: I saw the video.

Carmichael: He chased her into the garage because she pulled into the garage in her car. And he pulls into the driveway, jumps out of his car, and runs into the garage to serve her.

Now there’s a warrant out for that investigator’s arrest for trespassing. Here’s what’s going to be very interesting about all this. And that is Nancy Pelosi says no one is above the law.

Well, let’s find out whether or not you can rush into somebody’s home and a garage is part of somebody’s house, and find out whether or not this investigator who breached the privacy of somebody’s home to serve a warrant without even knocking by the way.

There was no knock on the door. There was nothing and he just raced in. He broke into the house and served the warrant. There’s an arrest warrant out. The second story that I want to cover is the Supreme Court has left the Affordable Care Act intact.

If you recall, when Amy Coney-Barrett was up for her nomination in front of the Judiciary Committee, it was all the Democrats could do to claim that Amy Coney-Barrett was Trump’s attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Amy Coney-Barrett voted with the majority to make this particular part of the Act severable, meaning that Congress has said that the penalty for not carrying insurance shall be zero.

And then Texas sued and some other states sued to say now that that part of the Act, now that that’s been removed, the whole Act is unconstitutional. And the Supreme Court ruled that you can sever that part of the Act.

Maybe you can sever another part of the act. I don’t know, but at least that part you can. Here’s what’s interesting about that. I’m reading a book and I will bring the title, and I forgot the title of the book.

It’s some convoluted book, but it’s written by a doctor and his brother who’s a philosophy professor. And I’m guessing that the doctor is the one who gathered together most of the information and his brother is the one who actually wrote it because that’s pretty much what you get from the beginning.

But he gives examples. There was a guy on a bicycle who got knocked off his bicycle and got a gash on his head. He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. He waited two hours, and they put in five stitches, and he went home. How much do you think the bill was?

Leahy: $20,000.

Carmichael: $31,000.

Leahy: (Laughs) What would be the most outlandish possible bill? It’s more than that.

Carmichael: $31,000. It turns out he was not insured. He was able to negotiate it down to $18,000 which is still ridiculous. Okay, five stitches. Now, think about that per stitch. That’s a little over $3,000 a stitch.

Leahy: Pretty crazy.

Carmichael: That’s the only one who gets more money for moving something around is one Hunter Biden on his artwork who paints with a straw. Now, that’s kind of interesting. He blows paint through a straw, and then he sucks something else through a straw.

Leahy: I don’t even want to go there.

Carmichael: Well we know that. That’s not an allegation. There are pictures of it. So he loves straws. Guess how much they’re selling his artwork for?

Leahy: $50,000.

Carmichael: $500,000.

Leahy: That’s basically a bribe.

Carmichael: Of course it is. And the day, Michael, the day that he announced he was going to do art, I said this is just the Biden family way of letting people who want to get something from Joe Biden pay money. So that’s what it is.

Leahy: The very best thing you could say about it is that it has the appearance of impropriety. That’s the best thing you could say about it. It’s more than the appearance.

Carmichael: It’s more than the appearance Michael, I’m sorry. I don’t buy the appearance. It takes maybe a couple of days to blow paint through a straw. Then there is an art director in New York who probably has Washington connections and puts it on sale for $500,000.

So that’s kind of interesting. The last little thing I want to talk about is that Texas and California have really gone green. In Texas right now the weather is hot. It gets that way in the summertime.

So this is not unusual. But Texas is now telling everybody to set their thermostat at 78 degrees during the summertime because their grid is so unstable.

Now, I’m not saying that all green energy is bad but if you’re going to rely mostly on it, your grid is going to be unstable inherently.

Listen to the full third hour here:

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