Mayor Andy Ogles Discusses the Incremental Marginalization of State Governors by the Federal Government

Mayor Andy Ogles Discusses the Incremental Marginalization of State Governors by the Federal Government


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in the studio to discuss Governor Bill Lee and 26 other Tennessee state Republican’s letter to Joe Biden regarding Afghan refugees and the administration’s bias against southern states.

Leahy: And that is Behar County Sheriff Javier Salazar commenting about the border crisis. Andy Ogles Mayor of Maury County, there’s a story sort of related to that at The Tennessee Star. Right now, Governor Bill Lee has joined 25 Republican governors and requesting a meeting with Joe Biden regarding the border crisis.

The letter reads, as chief executives of our states, we request a meeting with you at the White House to bring an end to the national security crisis created by eight months of unenforced borders. Do you think Joe Biden is going to take that meeting Andy?

Ogles: (Sighs) Who knows? But even if he does, what does anyone really expect to come out of it? That proclamation, that announcement is nothing more than a campaign soundbite. It doesn’t have any action attached to it.

What I would love to see is governors across the country refuse services to illegals or migrants settled in states without the state’s permission.

Don’t give them any state Medicaid or dollars or those sorts of things and put it back on the federal government.

Leahy: This is interesting because Governor Lee has signed this letter, along with 25 other Republican governors. Say, pretty, please, Mr. President. Meet with us so we can complain about what you’re doing, which will have zero zip nada effect.

And yet at the same time, he appears to be welcoming with open arms, a wave of unvetted for security or health purposes Afghan refugees. Already over 400 have arrived in Tennessee.

More than 300 apparently have been resettled in Tennessee. Governor Lee has said, well, gee, I’m not so sure I like this, but he’s doing nothing to change it. Your thoughts on that?

Ogles: Well, keep in mind, those numbers are just for Nashville. And we have documented cases in Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville now where Afghan refugees have been resettled there, so one can only guestimate.

There’s not a lot of clarity here that that number could be closer to 1,000, if not more. But again, I appreciate their service for those that actually may have helped us.

Leahy: Well that’s a very, very limited number. The reports are 95,000 Afghan refugees are coming to the United States of America. A very small percentage of them were the interpreters that helped us.

Most of them are unvetted, possible terrorists, and certainly possibly unvaccinated. (Chuckles) And they’re going to be paid with all their social welfare. In the beginning, I think it will be covered by the federal government. But after eight months, it’s all on Tennessee taxpayers.

Ogles: Yes, that’s right. Look, again, I appreciate your service. But for those that helped us in Afghanistan, why didn’t we help resettle them to Kuwait or Jordan, the UAE, or somewhere else like that?

And at the end of the day, you have to be a fool if you don’t understand that Islam and Christianity, just don’t mix. Islam and a free Republic don’t mix.

And so we now have imported hundreds of thousands of people who at the end of the day, the religion hates America.

Leahy: That’s interesting because now we’re about maybe two percent of the American population is Muslim. My view is that there are those of that background who assimilate to America.

But there are quite a few whose general worldview is not consistent with the American concept of a constitutional Republic. They want to have a caliphate.

Ogles: And that goes back to the whole unvetted problem. And that is you have so many of these folks who are truly unvetted. We have no idea who they are.

All they came with is scraps of paper. And so who they claim they are, it may not be who they actually are. There’s no way to know. And we’ve just opened the door. Come on in.

Leahy: We have a law called the Refugee Act of 1980, which set standards for the legal admission of refugees in the United States. It’s a lengthy process, and they have to be reviewed and vetted.

I have yet to figure out why these 950 Afghan refugees are not going through that legal process. Apparently, the Biden administration is bigfooting American governors and bringing them all in. Here’s the story.

Andy, from Eric Lender at The Tennessee Star. We have only one story that says 26 Republican governors sent a letter to Biden. Please meet with us so we can talk about the southern border.

But 18 Republican governors apparently support Biden’s Afghan refugee settlement plan. Last week, the White House declared that at least 360 Afghans will be resettled in the US across 46 different states.

The only states that will not be receiving refugees or Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.

Ogles: Again, why is Tennessee not in an opt-out position? When I look at this and you mentioned the federal government kind of pushing the governors around, I think this is part of a larger problem and a larger agenda where you have the federal government overstepping its authority and forcing the states to become co-opted into a program and co-opted into a policy.

And so it’s incrementally marginalizing our governors in our states. And keep in mind, we are a free Republic. We have the 10th amendment.

And whether it’s COVID or refugees or whatever, these governors have to stand up and start fighting. And playing footsie with a President who does not like us is not getting us anywhere.

Leahy: Yeah, it’s and it seems to be pretty transparently not liking the southern states.

Ogles: It’s blatant.

Leahy: Here’s an example. This is a story from Fox 17. Distribution changes in monoclonal antibody treatments may cause shortages in Tennessee hospitals. Did you see this story?

It seems to be a blatant political punishment of his opponents by the Biden maladministration. Here’s the story from Fox 17. The demand for the monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 patients has led the federal government to change the way it allocates its supply. This is a very kind of neutral reporting from Fox 17.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced they are distributing the antibiotic treatment doses based on state and territory, instead of allowing hospitals to directly order the number of treatments they need. And, yeah, a week and a half ago, if you wanted it, they distributed it to you. What’s wrong with this picture?

Ogles: They’ve kind of danced with this idea that they’re going to ration it to the states that don’t have the highest vaccine rates. It’s a dangerous position they’re putting themselves in. They being the federal government.

And so I think they’ve walked that back a little bit. But what you’re seeing, what they’ve done is you have a time of increased demand for the monoclonal antibodies.

The federal government is stockpiling a reserve, which is creating a choke point in the distribution. And so that they’re making states feel the pain through a kind of a stockpiling measure knowing, at the end of the day, you’ll start refusing treatment.

You’re going to have anarchy on your hands when you have someone who is sick. There’s a known treatment and they’re not able to get it.

I did see a different kind of on the idea of COVID that Israel is now beginning to recognize a natural immunity. It’ll be interesting to see if other states, businesses, et cetera reacts with a treatment that’s available.

You have the vaccines that are available. Where does natural immunity fit into this dialogue? And that’s, I guess, yet untold.

Leahy: Interestingly enough, last week, the entire Republican congressional delegation, all seven members, sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

And basically, they said, why are you changing the distribution policy, and why are you limiting it to Tennessee? They haven’t gotten an answer yet. I kind of like what Ron DeSantis said.

He said, okay, you want to ration the distribution of this stuff to us? We’re going to go out as a state and buy it from another vendor. I like that idea.

Ogles: Absolutely. And kudos to Ron DeSantis on this whole COVID vaccine virus issue, he has truly been a leader.

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Mayor Ogles and the Freedom Matters Tour Brings Out Large Crowds from Around the State

Mayor Ogles and the Freedom Matters Tour Brings Out Large Crowds from Around the State


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  guest host Ben Cunningham welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in the studio to discuss migration to Middle Tennessee, record-breaking growth, and the Freedom Matters Tour’s unusual large amount of attendees.

Cunningham: My name is Ben Cunningham and I’m sitting in for Michael Patrick Leahy. Joined in studio this morning with Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles and Grant Henry with Americans for Prosperity.

Guys, good morning. Thanks so much. You were just commenting, Andy, about the traffic. I saw the same thing coming in from Gallatin. I don’t know. Maybe that’s a good indication that things are picking up.

Ogles: I don’t know what was going on this morning. I don’t know if we all left three minutes late and it created this log jam, but, it takes me about an hour to get here, give or take, but it took me an extra 10 minutes or so just because the traffic getting to the interstate was heavier than normal.

Cunningham: I saw the same thing. And of course, Middle Tennessee is booming anyway, I saw where you guys had, like, $4 billion in new investments in Maury County. I mean, you all are just killing it down there. New battery plant. People are moving. They’re moving everywhere in Middle Tennessee. It’s an amazing phenomenon in –

Ogles: I think when you look at total investment for the last 12-month period, we’ve had about $4.5 billion investment in Maury County per capita when you look at per-capita growth. So that’s a percentage of the population with the fastest growing county in the state of Tennessee.

Cunningham: Oh, you are now?

Ogles: Yes. And number one in manufacturing job growth. So we’ve become one of those economic engines for the state. So we’re a small county that punches way above our weight class.

Cunningham: You’re doing a great job in Middle Tennessee in general. I saw where FedEx was going to hire 1,000 new people in Middle Tennessee. And, of course, Amazon can’t get enough people. They’re just begging for people to come work for them. It’s an amazing time to be in Middle Tennessee.

And I get on the Nashville Tea Party Facebook page. I get almost daily messages of people saying I’m in upstate New York or I’m in Ohio and Illinois.

And what can you tell me about good areas to live in Middle Tennessee? And I tell them, heck, any area you choose, except you might want to stay out of Davidson County. Haha. (Laughter)

Ogles: I was thinking, I just wasn’t going to say it.

Cunningham: And so many things going on. You’ve got an event coming up. You, Tennessee Stands, and Robby Starbuck have been going around the state.

Ogles: Freedom Matters Tour.

Cunningham: And you’ve got an event coming up tonight.

Ogles: That’s right. So we’ve been traveling the state. The first one was up in Kingsport and had a little over 400 people. And then last week, we were in just outside of Knoxville and the Tellico Village retirement community.

Again, we had about 420 show up there. Then tonight in Mount Juliet, I’m expecting 450. I don’t know. 550. It’s kind of hard to tell sometimes.

Cunningham: Can people just walk up and walk in? Is it general admission?

Ogles: Yes. It’s a free event. You can go online and get tickets. We have ample space. (Inaudible talk) So we do have room. Of course, we’ll register you at the door. Whereas, like Tellico Village, we had to cut off registration about two weeks prior to the event because we’re just out of space.

And, but there’s just a lot of pent-up angst. You guys are talking about the Senate budget and these bills that are coming forward. When you look at Critical Race Theory and kids being out of school and all these Covid restrictions and impingement on freedoms, people are frustrated.

And I think that you see that manifesting itself. When was the last time you have a town hall in previous years, and you’d have 400 people show up?

Cunningham: Right.

Ogles: It’s crazy. And I’ve been doing grassroots for a long time. We all have. And to have 400 people show up to an event on a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon is insane. And like I said, Tellico Village, if we would have had another two weeks, we would have had another 100, 200 people there.

Cunningham: What is resonating with people? Why are they motivated to show up?

Ogles: I think for different people, it’s different issues. And some of the aforementioned, like Critical Race Theory. You knew the scores were going to be bad, but now you see them with the school testing and the numbers coming out. I don’t know, the election.

I think a lot of people, myself included, know that there was election fraud and feel that the election was stolen and they want to know that they still have a voice. And that’s what the Freedom Matters tour is about. Tonight we’ll be in Mount Juliet. And then on Thursday, I’ll be up in Greenville – so, Upper East Tennessee again.

Cunningham: Wow. That’s great. You’re right. I don’t think I’ve seen this level of angst amongst the electorate in a long, long time, maybe ever. I don’t know. There are so many things that got people really angry, and they’re just very worried about the future of the country.

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Host Cunningham, Ogles, and Grant Discuss Indoctrination of Children, Purpose, and Salvaging a Generation

Host Cunningham, Ogles, and Grant Discuss Indoctrination of Children, Purpose, and Salvaging a Generation


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  guest host Ben Cunningham welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles and Grant Henry of Americans for Prosperity in the studio to discuss the increasing indoctrination of young children, the desperation of generations to have a purpose, and the waking of the silent majority.

Cunnigham: It’s great to rant and rave in front of the big Michael Patrick Leahy microphone for a day. And I appreciate Michael letting me come in and sit in for him. He’s out expanding his huge media empire, going to state after state. I’m telling you, the guy is just unstoppable.

And thank goodness, because the media has been taken over by the liberals, just like most of our other institutes. And we’ve got to fight back. Andy Ogles, Maury County mayor, is with us in-studio this morning, and Grant Henry with Americans of Prosperity, also sitting in.

A triumvirate of hosts this morning to fill in the big shoes of Michael Patrick Leahy. All right, guys, I got a culture update for you this morning. It turns out that in the Baby Muppets TV series, and frankly, I don’t even know where the Baby Muppets are shown. But this last episode, apparently, Baby Gonzo decides he wants to go to a ball, a dance, a royal ball as a Princess and as a female.

And so the transgendered agenda is being pushed even to our children. This show is aimed at kids four to seven years old. And this is from a Fox News article. It says a fairy rat father grants Gonzo his wish to become a princess. And later in the show, the piggy character tells Gonzo we met the most amazing princess.

And this gushing kind of affirmation of transgender to our kids. If there’s any tendency of some poor kid out there to be confused, who has gone through some kind of emotional wounds, this will give them an avenue to go into the transgender role just as easily.

And we see this so much with young kids these days. You guys have probably seen this Libs of TikTok. There’s a Twitter account called Libs of TikTok, and the guy goes on TikTok and takes the most outrageous videos on TikTok.

And it is just amazing how far into this delusional world the young kids have gotten. And the left is pushing this transgender and basically saying to anybody who comes out against it and who doubts it that you are a bigot. You’re a hater. And that really is where we’re going.

Ogles: Well, I’ll come out against it. It’s a bunch of crap. I’ve got a six-year-old son.

Cunningham: I like that.

Ogles: And I’m offended by this. This transgender, which is a mental disorder. We’re pandering to less than one percent of the population. When you have a six-year-old boy or six-year-old girl, but they don’t understand the world, they don’t understand their boundaries.

And so they’re gonna ask questions like, you might have a boy say, hey Dad, can I have my nails painted? And the answer is no, because that’s what girls do, right? Or a girl may want to do something that is overtly masculine. And there’s nothing wrong with boys being boys and girls being girls.

And we’ve got to stop pandering to these lunatics on the left. There was a time and day that a kid could turn on Saturday morning cartoons and the parents didn’t have to be worried about what’s going to be forced down your children’s throat.

And now you’ve got a screen, everything, even the content for your four or four, five, six-year-old child. And I’m offended by that. And it’s time that we take this country back, which is why we’re doing this freedom tour. We are a conservative state and it’s time we start acting like it.

Henry: So speaking purely as myself here, not on behalf of AFP or any other organization, just Grant Henry. You said it before, Ben. This is a program that’s targeted primarily towards the ages of three to eight. Pregnant pause for effect.

I think that’s kind of the answer. Can kids just not be kids today? Is there not an availability anywhere in the nation anymore to just allow the innocence of a child to remain? And part of it speaks to me in this, Ben. I’m reading through Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning right now.

Cunningham: Great book.

Henry: Here’s a quote: Man searches for meaning is the primary motivation of his life and not a secondary rationalization of instinctual drives. This meaning is unique and specific, and that it must and can be fulfilled by him alone. Only then does it achieve a significance, which will satisfy his own will to meaning.

That to me, screams that humanity itself is yearning for purpose. Meaning. There is motivation behind that like there is nothing else in our lives. A little bit of what this is right now is this desperate search to find meaning in something.

And I’m telling you, all right, now it is incumbent upon conservatives and primarily Christians, to start presenting a better alternative to some of the stuff that we’re seeing out there.

Cunningham: Absolutely. And we’ve seen this in other totalitarian states. The children are the first thing they go after. And it happened in the Soviet Union. It certainly happened in China. It happened in Cambodia, with Pol Pot.

In Cuba. The first thing they will do is to change the education system and the culture so that these kids are targeted with big government and authoritarian orthodoxy.

And that’s exactly what this is part of. And they’re basically saying to us, if you disagree with this, you’re a bigot and you not only will be silenced, you should be silenced. That’s the scary part. This is a quote from Victor Davis Hanson, who I love, and his analysis. He was writing an article about this process, and he says now, with the money and institutions in its hip pocket and cool popular culture on its side, the left would not just damn American institutions but infect them.

Alter their DNA and reengineer them into revolutionary agencies. And that is precisely what has happened. They’ve infected them with their far-left DNA and they’ve re-engineered them. Another guy that I love, Leonidas Johnson, who is one of the great black conservatives on Twitter.

He says, we’re now faced with a situation where cowardice is called courage. Failure is called success. Men are called women, abortion is called health care. Racism is called antiracism. Fascism is called antifascism. Opinions are called facts. Facts are called hate, and regressive is called progressive. And we have these poor kids that you see on TikTok that are just so deep into this delusion.

I don’t know if in our lifetime, certainly not in my lifetime, whether or not they’re salvageable and whether the culture is salvageable. We just got to take our own little Baileywick, our own little sphere of influence, and try to do what we can.

Henry: I do find hope, though, in some of these statistics that I look at with Generation Z, which I believe is the most recent generation, is the most conservative portions of it. Portions of Generation Z are the most conservative generation to have existed in American history. At least in the last 800 to 150 years. Now someone’s going to have to fact-check me in that. But the point I’m making here, Ben, is that I think that pendulum swings in both directions.

As widely as it swings left, it’s swinging that far to the right as well. There will be a point where it settles back down. We’re in this time of over 10 windows shift this time where what settles back down to a state of normalcy and what we accept as commonly accepted principles. That’s the real fight. That’s what’s so fun about being alive right now. Now is the time to actually have principles, stand on principles, and make your virtue known.

They matter now more than ever in American life. And I’m telling you one more time, free-market being what it is, let’s start responding with choice here. Let’s start responding with, hey, if you don’t like this show, turn to a different show, man.

Ogles: That’s right. If you don’t like it, move along as people get upset about some of my posts on social media. And it’s like, then why are you reading it? But to your point, Grant, it’s like again, anecdotally – Kingsport 400 people. Tellico Village, which is just outside of Knoxville, 400 people showed up.

Tonight I’m expecting, say, 500 people. And it’s this undercurrent of frustration. And people want their voices heard. This ‘silent majority.’ And I looked at this story on Breitbart we’re just talking about. The Internet Celebrates the Collapse of a Left Woke Olympic Icon. So you have people who love America. I love the Olympics.

Henry: Me too.

Ogles: You anticipate watching these. We’ve got three children, and you’re going to watch these things with your kids, and you’re going to pass along these traditions. And there’s more leftism and transgender in it. The dude weightlifter pretending to be a woman who competes in the weight lifting, and then he totally chokes. But I’m glad. Because that’s not what the Olympics is about.

Cunningham: Absolutely. There is one thing we’ve learned and that’s culture is just as important as politics. And exerting a cultural agenda. Like you say, Grant, is that is: a counter to this leftist orthodoxy is just as important as asserting an alternate political agenda.

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Andy Ogles Weighs in on Tennessee Department of Health Mature Minor Doctrine and Parental Consent

Andy Ogles Weighs in on Tennessee Department of Health Mature Minor Doctrine and Parental Consent


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in the studio to weigh in on the uncertainty of the mature minor doctrine by the Tennessee Health Department and the right of parental consent with administering the COVID vaccine to minor children.

Leahy: Well, we’re enjoying some good coffee. It’s just, we’re enjoying this good coffee. And, of course, what I’m afraid of, Andy – No, I’m not afraid of – I know this is coming. Round two of lockdowns from the authoritarian Democrats establishment media. It’s coming.

You can see it. It’s like a Big Mac truck coming down the highway right at you. That’s what I see. I think you are involved in a little bit of pushback. The Freedom Matters Tour is coming to Tellico Village tomorrow night. Tell us about that.

Ogles: Yes. We launched The Freedom Matters Tour. Tennessee Stands is helping coordinate it. You can go to You can see our dates.

Leahy: And it’s And Tennessee Stands, this is Gary Humble’s group.

Ogles: That’s right. Gary is doing a great job. A lot of the lawsuits that have been filed against Williamson County, Davidson County, against the governor on freedom and liberty as it pertains to COVID, his group, either directly or indirectly, has been involved with.

And so really kind of tip of the spear as far as trying to get this adjudicated, through court. And one of the things they’ve been fighting is the whole issue of standing and the AG dodging the question. But oddly enough, there was actually legislation passed by the Tennessee legislature as introduced by Casada.

Leahy: Glen Casada.

Ogles: And Harwell was the Speaker at the time, which says, and I’m going to abbreviate here and summarize that any Tennessee citizen has the right to challenge the action of their government in court. So they by default have standing.

Leahy: Standing is that excuse that courts use when they don’t want to deal with a difficult issue. People who are lawyers spend their lives finding out about who has standing and who doesn’t?

And often as a nonlawyer, I’ll look at a case where it looks like, obviously, this plaintiff has standing, and the courts will say, no, you don’t have standing. And I try to figure out, how do they determine that? It defies logic to me sometimes. What’s the prospect of that particular law being passed.

Ogles: So the law is actually already passed.

Leahy: The law is passed and has been signed into law.

Ogles: Correct. This goes back to when Beth Harwell was Speaker and Glen Casada. And I forget who the Senate sponsor was? And forgive me for that. Mike Carter recently passed away of cancer – was co-sponsor.

He was an attorney by trade. The court ruled there was an issue of standing. So they have since appealed, and they’ve gone back to the General Assembly’s actual recordings. They’ve hired a stenographer and created an official transcript.

And my understanding is they have documentation from Glen, Representative Casada himself explaining the intent that would give any citizen to sue the actions of the governor or, say, a County Mayor for doing some of these mandates as it pertains to COVID.

Leahy: We’re going to go back to this so-called mature minor doctrine. What a mess that’s been. Go ahead.

Ogles: It epitomizes government overreach and this idea that suddenly you’re going to have health care professionals and the government talking to your child without your permission, giving them a vaccine – 14-year-olds a vaccine. But when you go back to the original actual facts of the case, it was a unique decision.

Leahy: Here’s what’s interesting about what happened about this. I’m gonna tell you something new. Something new about the mature minor doctrine.

It’s a legal doctrine that was codified in the 1987 Tennessee Supreme Court decision. It was called Caldwell v. Bechtel. It had to do with a 17-year, 7-month-year-old girl.

Ogles: She was almost an adult.

Leahy: Almost an adult who presented herself as an adult to an osteopath, the chiropractor who treated her. And there was some negative consequences. They sued.

And the Tennessee Supreme Court said that although we’re a common law state, in this particular instance, the presumption is there’s a standard in other states called the rule of seven.

In essence, it said, for anybody age 14 to 18, there’s a rebuttable presumption that they are mature, asterisk. But they applied it to that case and they said, well, a 17-year-old and 7-month-old woman/girl who presents herself as an adult, the doctor could expect her to be mature.

It’s very different to apply that legal doctrine – not upstate policy – but legal doctrine to a situation where you’ve got a 14-year-old who is clearly not capable of analyzing the risk associated with taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

How it became ‘state policy,’ interesting, the mature minor doctrine. We did some research on this, Andy. And it did not appear on any Tennessee Department health website until May 21st of this year. How about that?

And Janice Bowling in testimony when the Commissioner of Health appeared, said, look, you’re making a mistake about this doctrine. It’s not a policy of the state. This is simply a legal doctrine to be applied by judges in the case of litigation. Totally different.

Ogles: That’s right. Again, you have a situation where you have a young woman, who’s literally three months away from her 18th birthday, who is seeking medical treatment for excruciating pain.

And again, that’s oversimplifying the facts. Now you’re going to have a state agency going out and hocking a vaccine to 14, 15-year-olds without their parents’ consent.

Leahy: Not just hocking it, administering it.

Ogles: That’s right.

Leahy: Without parents’ consent. And by the way, last week, Governor Lee made a kind of loosey-goosey statement in which he implied that the state government of Tennessee would not be delivering vaccines to kids age 14 without parental consent. The very next day, the commissioner of health said, yes, we are. Does he know who’s running the show?

Ogles: (Chuckles) I think it’s part of a pattern with this administration. They try to be on both sides of an issue. If they do something, they only do enough so that he can campaign on it, but not enough to actually affect change.

That’s why we still have universities in the state of Tennessee that can allow men to compete as women in college sports. Whereas in Florida, Ron DeSantis said enough was enough.

And so in Tennessee, we haven’t figured out that a dude in a dress is still a dude. (Leahy laughs) So here we are on both sides of an issue.

Leahy: So true.

Ogles: Where there’s a clear definition. If you’re a guy and you’re wearing a dress it’s your business right? But then don’t show up and try to go to the women’s restroom. Don’t try to enroll yourself into women’s sports right? You’re a guy.

Go be a guy. All right? You just happen to be a guy in a dress. That is plain and simple. And now you have this vaccine issue, the mature minor doctrine. And the governor is trying to be on both sides of this issue when clearly this is up to parents and parents alone. The government should not be trying to dictate my child’s health care.

Leahy: But see, what I think happened here is that the left-wing bureaucrats in the Department of Health, because they’re looking at this 38 percent vaccine adoption rate in Tennessee.

And they’re thinking, how do we get that up? And they say, oh, well, look at all these 14-year-old, 15-year old, and 16-year-olds. Look at all these teenagers.

We can force them to take this vaccine. How can we legally force them to take this vaccine without parental consent? Well, they can’t legally do it, actually.

But they have used this idea. They found this 1987 decision, they’ve misinterpreted it, and they’ve cast it as a state policy. And they’re using that as an excuse to administer the vaccine to 14-year-olds without parental consent.

Ogles: What everyone needs to understand is that the Tennessee Department of Health was created by the General Assembly. It’s not a constitutional department, and they work at the will of the people.

Leahy: And when you say that like the attorney general, that’s a constitutional office.

Ogles: That’s right.

Leahy: But the Tennessee Department of Health is not a constitutional office.

Ogles: These folks have gone off script and I would say today they should all be fired, period. But this governor doesn’t have the courage to do it.

And the General Assembly should call a special session and protect our children instead of sitting on the sidelines the way they have through most of COVID.

Leahy: Well, they have. And part of it has to do that they were very busy in their first session. But I think it would be a really good idea to have a special session to really figure out what the state policy is.

Is it what the governor says it is or is it what the commissioner of health says? Hmm, inquiring minds want to know.

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Mayor Andy Ogles Discusses the COVID Vaccination, Data, and the Right to Choose

Mayor Andy Ogles Discusses the COVID Vaccination, Data, and the Right to Choose


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles in the studio, who weighed in on the weaponization of COVID, a person’s right to choose whether or not they want the vaccine, and lack of testing at the border.

Leahy: We just brewed some fresh coffee for Mayor Andy Ogles. How did we do? How did the coffee do?

Ogles: It’s fantastic.

Leahy: Is it good?

Ogles: It’s good coffee.

Leahy: It’s good coffee.

Ogles: It’s hot off the press. It’s got a bite to it. It’s a good, rich, dark cup of coffee. And it’s not two days old and stale. I nuked it.

Leahy: My status has moved up in your eyes, Andy?

Ogles: That’s it. Last week I was actually concerned we do get food poisoning from the coffee. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but if it had been possible, it would have been last week.

Leahy: So when Grant Henry comes in at seven o’clock, we’re going to try. What I did is I went with, I’m sorry to say, the very low-rated on the 2nd Vote website, one point seven, meaning almost as lunatic liberal as you can possibly get, Starbucks.

I went with the standard Starbucks house blend, mostly because that’s what I typically drink. And so I think I did a decent job on it. It seems to me to be a little bit weak. But then again, I like strong coffee.

Ogles: Well, I’m looking forward to the Tri-State blend.

Leahy: There we go. I think that’s what we’ll do next. When Grant comes in at seven, I’ll make him some Tri-State blend. It’s called Tri-State.

It’s made by BROASTTN out of Cookville. And the Tri-State blend is a salute to the three areas of Tennessee, three regions of Tennessee, west, middle, and east. I think it’s Guatemala, Brazil, and Ethiopia that are the three countries.

Ogles: That’s right. I just read the package.

Leahy: Very good. So we’ll try that. Grant, as you come in, you’re going to have the Tristate Trio from Tennessee. And by the way, if you’re out there listening and if you are a coffee roaster here in Tennessee or anywhere in the United States, call us! 615-737-9522.

And we will test out your coffee on the air. And if it’s great, we’ll say it. And if it’s not great, we won’t say anything. How about that?

Ogles: We won’t criticize.

Leahy: We won’t criticize.

Ogles: We’ll lift up the ones that are great.

Leahy: We will lift up because we are positive people here.

Ogles: In the age of COVID we need some positivity. And I just shake my head before the break. We’re talking about Andrew Cuomo and some of the things he’s doing. It’s insane that we’ve gotten to this point where COVID is now weaponized.

Leahy: It totally is. Let me read this and get your reaction to this. This is from the Breitbart story about Governor Andrew Cuomo and his totalitarian authoritarian statement. He’s going to force people to take the vaccine. Go to their houses, put them in cars, and put that jab needle in their arm.

Hmmm. Here’s from the story. Recent surveys suggest unvaccinated Americans remain firm in their decisions not to get a Coronavirus vaccine. Many of them cite concerns related to vaccine development.

As Breitbart reported, 81 percent of Americans who have not received the vaccine yet say they will probably or definitely not get the shot. President Biden has also floated knocking on doors to pressure Americans to get the jab. Your reaction, Andy?

Ogles: Let’s put all this in context. The tale of two states. You have New York versus Florida. It was Cuomo who ordered nursing home patients back to nursing homes with a fatality rate that was off the charts.

Leahy: As if to illustrate how crazy the Biden maladministration is, earlier this week, the news broke of the highly partisan Department of Justice announced they will not continue the investigation into those terrible policies in four blue states run by Democratic governors who did exactly that. New York, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Ogles: And so now what you have – the media has totally erased this error. Again, we knew from the beginning that it was serious. I mean, let’s be honest. You have those out there, they get it. They get ill. And in some cases, right now, I think the 30-day case death rate is about point six-tenths of a percent.

But so there is some risk there. If you are high risk, go talk to your doctor. If you want the vaccine, it’s a free choice. And that’s key. But now you have over at CNN, the liberal news network. Don Lemon, the news anchor.

Leahy: Let’s be clear, as Tucker Carlson says, Don Lemon.

Ogles: (Laughter) Lemon. And again, I’m quoting from the news, the unvaccinated should not be allowed in supermarkets or ball games. They should not be allowed to work. Now, wait a minute.

We now have two classes. We have two economies, two sets of people within a society. We’re going backward, folks, not forwards.

Leahy: Also, the issue of unvaccinated. I mean, you get into a lot of these details. Because I’m 66 years old and that’s in the high-risk category just by my age. I looked at the downside, and I looked at the upside, and I concluded for me, I’m getting the vaccine. But that was me.

Ogles: That’s right. The people – if you for instance, if you’re 66 and you’ve had COVID and you have the antibodies, there are some reports that say you may be at greater risk if you get the vaccine than if you don’t.

So somebody who’s had COVID, just because they’re not vaccinated doesn’t mean that they’re at higher risk of getting it if they’ve already had it.

Ogles: I have people in my immediate family who’ve gotten vaccinated. And who I encouraged because they were in high-risk categories, right. Their health history, their medical conditions, their preexisting, their age, or whatever the circumstances are, it made sense for them. I choose not to.

And so when I’m in a crowd, I social distance. I use lots of hand sanitizer. I take those precautions for myself and for others because it makes sense for me. And that’s a personal choice not to get it. But at the end of the day, this is about freedom and liberty.

And we have too many politicians who have abused their authority. They declare people essential or non-essential. They shut down businesses, they limit access to worship. And now we have politicians thinking that they’re doctors, giving us medical advice, telling us to – and not to – do things.

You know what? If you have a question, go talk to your doctor. It’s between you and your doctor. And the politicians need to go run their state, run their counties, and quit trying to give medical advice.

Leahy: But they want the power. It’s all about power. They want the power. They want to tell people what to do. You can see the argument that the higher percentage of vaccinated, the less likely it is that there will be a spread of COVID. And you can see that argument asterisk.

There’s a lot about this that we don’t know. A lot about COVID we don’t know. I think Tennessee is among the states, the vaccination rate when I last saw was low.

Ogles: 38 percent.

Leahy: All other states are like 50 percent. And I think there are some arguments that there’s the recent uptick in COVID cases is related to the percentage of vaccinated. In other words, the lower the percentage of vaccines, the more upticks. I think I’ve seen something on that.

Ogles: I think the counterargument that is at least one of the vaccines is only 38-39 percent effective against the Delta variant.

Leahy: Exactly. I think I read that about the Pfizer vaccine.

Ogles: That’s right.

Leahy: And what’s concerning is the spread of the Delta variant and how that happened. My theory is it’s a million illegal aliens who have been tested for COVID, who may have it, who have been transported around the country by the Biden maladministration. My theory is that may have had a lot to do with the rise of the Delta variant.

Ogles: This is just us speculating, right? When you look at the rise of the Delta variant out of India, I do believe that you’ve had across the United States and elsewhere, quite frankly, who would represent the greatest number of outsiders?

Outsiders being from outside the United States in this last period of time, three months, six months, or whatever. It’s clearly going to be our southern border.

Leahy: Illegal aliens.

Ogles: We don’t have a wave of people from India or Europe or such traveling into the United States because of all the travel restrictions.

Leahy: Right.

Ogles: Except the Southern border.

Leahy: No travel restriction if you’re untested for coronavirus and you illegally enter the country south of the border. And in fact, the official policy of the Biden maladministration is to allow you to become a vector to spread whatever you have.

Ogles: And to put a fine point on it, it is documented now that if you’re coming across the Southern border and you’re being transported by the U.S. government, they are not testing people for COVID.

Leahy: They’re not testing them. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong?

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