Cardoza-Moore: We Have a ‘Biblical Responsibility to Engage in the Political Process’

Cardoza-Moore: We Have a ‘Biblical Responsibility to Engage in the Political Process’

Live from Music Row, Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed PJTN’s Laurie Cardoza-Moore in studio to talk about the guest speakers and activities attending Sunday’s Taking Back America’s Children-Tennessee Summit.

Leahy: In studio, our very good friend Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who’s the founder and CEO of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations – A big event that you can go to and sign up for this Sunday. It’s called Taking Back America’s Children. It’s a summit.

A lot of fantastic speakers, including Laurie. And if you’re a parent and you’re thinking, oh, my goodness, it seems like it’s an endless uphill battle to fix our K12 public schools. At this conference, you’ll learn a couple of strategies and language used by left-leaning education “reformers.”

The power of social media in vocalizing your concerns and ways to motivate other concerned citizens to take action. Sounds like a good agenda. Tell us about the speakers, Laurie.

Moore: Absolutely. Stephanie Meyer is going to be coming to do a speaker training. She’s going to help us lay out our strategy for victory. Now, remember, this summit is solely focused on flipping school boards across the state. We’ve got people coming in from across the state. Robert Arnakis is coming from the Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C.

Leahy: And let’s talk about that for a moment. The Leadership Institute, they’ve been around for about 50 years. Morton Blackwell. That’s a name to remember, you know, Morton.

Moore: Oh, yeah.

Leahy: Morton Blackwell. This is a guy who back in the 60s basically got a lot of young people involved. Now in 2023, although he’s not a young person, he thinks young and he thinks organizationally.

Moore: That’s right.

Leahy: And he is actually he has been a Republican National Committee chair committeeman from Virginia for about 40 years, and he’s been very prominent. The Leadership Institute has done an awful lot of training, and I think Robert Arnakis has been there for a long time, hasn’t he?

Moore: Yes, absolutely. And so he’s coming in to do this training also. I’m going to be speaking about our biblical responsibility to engage in the political process and who we should be electing as leaders.

Leahy: Let me just stop for a moment. And if you talk about whether you’re a Christian or Jewish or whatever your faith is, there is a duty to engage in the political process.

Moore: Absolutely.

Leahy: Some Christians think, well, if you go back historically here in Middle Tennessee, way back, David Lipscomb, his belief back in the late 19th century was that Christians should not be involved in the political process. That has been roundly rejected by most Christians. Although some don’t engage, need to be engaged.

Moore: Yes, absolutely. And some pastors won’t encourage their congregation. If you remember the Black Robe Regiment, the pastors were leading the charge. And it’s very few pastors across the state here in Tennessee. I can count them on one hand that will that are willing to get involved in this battle and encourage their congregants to become part of it.

We have the government we have because we have elected these people. And if we didn’t elect them and we stayed home and didn’t vote, well, guess what? Silence in the face of evil, Deeja Bonhoffer says itself evil not to speak is to speak. And I always add, not to vote is to vote.

Leahy: This is a theme that you’ve had for some time that Eric Metaxas has been talking about. He’s got a letter to the American Church where he says, look, you got to get involved.

Moore: That’s right.

Leahy: You got to get involved. Another very compelling speaker, former Sheriff Richard Mack. Tell us about him.

Moore: Richard Mack is also known as America’s Sheriff. And Sheriff Mac is coming to talk to our guests about the role of the sheriff, the local sheriff. Michael, you know this, but the role of the local sheriff is to uphold the constitutional rights of the citizens within the county that that sheriff exists or is serving.

We know that we’ve got sheriffs across the state who are committed to conservative principles, and the Constitution, but Sheriff Mack is coming in to help train and equip the local citizens to understand who their sheriff is.

And for example, some of the garbage that we have in these school libraries and in the public libraries, Michael, is in violation of state statute. And it’s the citizens who should be bringing this to the attention of the local DA and the local sheriff because this is against the law.

The pornography that we are subjecting our children to under the guise of sex education and these people are getting away with it. Well, you know what? We, parents and tax-paying citizens, have said enough is enough. You are not going to use our tax dollars to continue to indoctrinate our children and subject them to this garbage.

Leahy: During one of the breaks you said, one of the motivating factors you had for putting this event together this Sunday, which is really going to be a full-day event here in Williamson County, and it was interesting the way you phrased it, and I agree with that.

Parents, if you are not paying attention to the curriculum in your K12 public school right now, you are in essence, throwing your children to the wolves.

Moore: Yes.

Leahy: Do you want to expand on that a little bit?

Moore: Absolutely. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, there arose a generation who knew not Israel, knew not the Lord and what he had done for Israel. Well, I would suggest to our audience, there has arisen a generation in the United States who does not know the Lord and what he has done for America.

And it’s so critically important. Our children, if we don’t understand where we came from, our past, and our history, we cannot fulfill our destiny as a nation, as a people, and as an individual.

And it’s critically important that we give our children accurate tools, and accurate information so that they will, when we hand the baton to them of this constitutional Republic, they will be able to take that baton, seize it, and carry it forward to the next generation through their generation.

Leahy: One of the things that I’ve noticed is and this is, I think, going to be part of your training is the dismissiveness that parents get when they deal with local education agency officials. They just don’t pay attention. They kind of say, yes, very nice. Now leave me alone. That’s something people are going to learn how to deal with here.

Moore: That’s exactly right. We cannot take no for an answer. It’s up to us. Our children are our responsibility. We need to remind these elected officials that they’re voted and elected to represent we the people.

It’s not their agenda or their political agenda or the left-leaning education initiative that these different school boards and school districts are forcing our children to learn. It’s up to us to take a stand.

Leahy: And the event this weekend, on Sunday, all day, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Taking Back America’s Children.

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Photo “Laurie Cardoza-Moore” by Laurie Cardoza-Moore. Background Photo “Tennessee State Capitol” by Reading Tom. CC BY 2.0.


Civil Rights Icon and Head of 1776 Unites, Bob Woodson Sees Evidence of Hope for Race Relations in America

Civil Rights Icon and Head of 1776 Unites, Bob Woodson Sees Evidence of Hope for Race Relations in America


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Bob Woodson founder of The Woodson Center and 1776 Unites to the newsmakers line to discuss the success of his program and his optimism for race relations in America.

Leahy: On our newsmaker line, Bob Woodson, civil rights leader, founder of the Woodson Center, and the head of 1776 Unites Project. Good morning, Bob.

Woodson: Good morning to you.

Leahy: First, congratulations. Last month you received the Freedom Leadership Award from Hillsdale College. You delivered a lecture on campus conservatism and race a positive path forward. Boy, do we need positive paths forward, Bob.

Woodson: Yes. As conservatives, I think we’ve got to on offense in the cultural wars and not just defense. And by offense I mean, reaching out into those communities, particularly the Black community that are suffering most because of this assault on our values as a nation. For instance, 60 percent of Black Americans do not support defunding the police.

60 percent do not believe racial discrimination is a principal barrier to their future. But you would never know this if you listen to mainstream media when they bring on to these race hustlers and they are purporting to be the legitimate representative of so-called marginalized people. But when you give the people suffering the problem an opportunity to speak for themselves, you hear a different message.

I think the conservative movement has to do and what we’re trying to do is seek allies and be supportive of people in these communities that share the values of self-determination, family, and of faith. And so that’s what we’re trying to do. Our goal is to de-racialize race and de-segregate poverty.

Leahy: That sounds very worthy. You are also heading up the 1776 units project.

Woodson: Yes.

Leahy: I think that project focuses on education mostly. Tell us a little bit about what’s happened on that project since the last we spoke.

Woodson: Since last we spoke, we have gotten inquiries every day from school boards. Some teachers. But not teachers so much but some parent associations were upset that Critical Race Theory is beginning to be required teaching in their systems. And they’re looking for alternative content. And so we, through our scholars, develop an alternative curriculum that it’s just an accurate description of our past.

And we had a press release about four weeks ago. We have 10,000 downloads. The 1619 Project only had 4,000 in a year. We had 10,000 in a few weeks. So we are issuing every month more curriculum. We testified before the Ohio School Board and as a result, they scrapped the 1619 program and instead inserted 1776.

So that’s a minor victory. What we’re doing with 1776 is offering an exciting, alternative, pro-American, pro-founders values curriculum. It’s really just an accurate curriculum.

Leahy: is the website. You can go there and download the curriculum now. Very important, Bob you mentioned that you’ve had 10,000 downloads, mostly parents. What success have you had getting this curriculum adopted and taught in public schools so far?

Woodson: You might have heard about the Texas victory or two parents who challenged and now they’re on the school board. And as a consequence of this victory, we think this is a watershed moment and that other parents are running for the school board and celebrating the success. So I think that in Ohio, they are adopting it, and other school systems see a lot of parents when they hear Critical Race Theory is really intended to teach racial sensitivity. It is not that. It’s teaching racial hatred. Anti-White bigotry is as bad as the old bigotry. The new bigotry is as bad as the old bigotry. (Chuckles)

Leahy: Are you suggesting that there must be political victories in school boards all around the country?

Woodson: Yes.

Leahy: And from that will come to the adoption of the curriculum?

Woodson: Absolutely. We need to push back. Our military is now being polluted with this Critical Race Theory. How can you have a military imbued with the notion that they are representing a racist country? And then how can you expect people to want to fight and give their lives to defend something you’re teaching them as racist? This is a national security issue, too.

It isn’t just some abstract cultural war that is being fought on talk radio. The left has really insinuated itself into almost every aspect of our culture. And we really have to push back. But the principal way to resist it. And the people who are suffering most are low-income Blacks. By this assault on police, it means that homicide rates are soaring in these communities because the police are engaged in what they call the Ferguson effect.

They’re not going to be as aggressive in obeying and enforcing the laws in these communities for fear of being accused of racism. What we’re trying to do is bring together a multi-racial coalition, both across race and class lines, to really push back against this assault on our nation’s values and principles.

Carmichael: Bob, I have a quick question for you in regard to the military. This is Crom Carmichael. I actually think it’s even more sinister than what you have said. And what you said is pretty bad. But I think they’re actually trying to turn the military into a quasi-wing of the government to be used against the American people and not to defend the American people.

Woodson: I agree. We had a situation where one of our constituents, her daughter was confronted by eight girls who came to her house to assault her. And the mother had to come outside with a gun. And the only thing that saved her was that she was armed. And told them that she is not going to stand by and see her daughter assaulted. If the progressive left had their way, they would have removed the mother’s gun and they would remove the police.

Carmichael: Yes. The only people, according to the Democrats, who deserve police protection and military protection, are Democrat members of Congress.

Woodson: Yeah, that’s true. And also the head of Black Lives Matter. She lives in a $1.3 million dollar mansion in a secure White community guarded by police.

Leahy: A little bit of hypocrisy there. Bob, you are an icon of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and here we are in 2021. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of race relations in America?

Woodson: I am optimistic primarily because of the response that we’re getting throughout the country. We had a session with J.D. Vance in Middletown, Ohio, and Cincinnati, Ohio, with Clarence Page, who was a Liberal journalist but a sensible, patriotic American. And we had a powerful webinar attended by maybe 1,400 people where we were talking about how the elites in the country are trying to divide low-income Blacks and low-income Whites.

And so we are building bridges so that we can stop this division that people are weaponizing race. And the way you push back against it is to empower those in whose name the left say they are speaking low-income people and let them speak for themselves. And so we have some major plans to expand that multiracial coalition.

And we have 2,500 low-income leaders that we have relationships within 39 States. They’re Black, they’re White, Hispanic, and Native American. In the 40 years that the Woodson Center has been around, we have had many forums and retreats. Racial division has never come up in not a single one of those meetings.

And that’s because these low-income people are seeking upward mobility. And when they come together, they share strategies for overcoming brokenness in their lives. Some of them were drug addicts. Some of them were predators. To God’s grace, they have been delivered from that. So we really think that the elites purport to be speaking for them, but when you give them an opportunity to speak for themselves, you hear a different message.

And that’s why I’m hopeful. We really need a kind of reformation and a moral bushfire. And brushfire’s burn from the bottom up.  And that’s what we’re igniting, a push back against this onslaught and assault on our values and our constitutional principles.

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Jill Simonian of Prager University Talks About Their New PREP Program for Parents and Teachers and Fighting Against Critical Race Theory

Jill Simonian of Prager University Talks About Their New PREP Program for Parents and Teachers and Fighting Against Critical Race Theory


Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the Director of Outreach for PragerU Jill Simonian to the newsmakers line to talk about their new PREP curriculum for parents and teachers and critical race theory in public and private schools.

Leahy: We are joined on our newsmaker line by a native of Fresno, California, and the director of outreach for Prager University. Jill Simonian. Good morning, Jill.

Simonian: Good morning, Michael. I love that you found my Fresno, California roots. I love it!

Leahy: My kid brother lives in a suburb of Fresno right now. He’s a pharmaceutical sales manager for the West Coast for somebody, and he loves it out there.

Simonian: Nice. Anytime someone mentions Fresno, I smile. I live in the Los Angeles area now, so it’s a little bit different. But I’m out here in California.

Leahy: You’re the director of outreach for Prager University, a great gig, and a great organization. Tell us what PragerU’s PREP program is about.

Simonian: PragerU, most of your audience I’m sure is familiar with PragerU and Dennis Prager and the idea of free videos and free minds. We like to promote diversity of discussion. And PragerU has just launched well, I don’t know if I could say just launched anymore because it’s been a few months, but we’ve launched a new program specifically for parents and educators called PREP. PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents.  And it’s a group that is encouraging parents and like-minded teachers to find kindred spirits in uniting to celebrate our American values, hard work, equality under God, responsibility for the individual. All of those American values that we share and we want to celebrate for our children.

Because what’s happening in our schools right now, public and private across the country is a very divisive implementation of critical race theory, gender identities, political narratives, and things that are really inappropriate for school curriculums that are being pushed, and PREP seeks to offset that by offering families, educational and entertaining videos and resources that we can share with our kids. To reinforce our American values and to unite us, that we really are one here in America through our differences. And that’s what PREP is seeking to do.

Leahy: Jill Simonian is the director of outreach for Prager University. We’ve been hearing lots of stories from parents and teachers around the country that critical race theory is permeating K-12 public education. Are you hearing those same stories at PragerU?

Simonian: Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s really disturbing. And I’m smiling, talking with you because I’m thrilled to be able to talk about this and to raise awareness and really open parents’ eyes as well as communicate with teachers who see the danger in doing this to our kids. But it really is disturbing, and it’s not funny at all. And it’s happening in some of the most expensive, elite private schools. I mean, the past few days, we’ve seen articles about the Brearley Schools and Dalton Schools in New York, but also it is permeating into public schools.

And last week, there was another piece yet out here in California from the Santa Clara County Office of Education describing the types of curriculum that they are trying to push into public school classrooms making children, and this is a quote used by the author of the article, Christopher Rufo, making children as young as kindergarten, merchants of revolution, trying to teach them that the group is more important than the individual.

It’s really trying to incite Marxist ideals. It’s really scary. And in our PREP group anyone who donates $25 a year to Prager U, automatically can become a PragerU PREP member. And what that includes is a private Facebook discussion forum. We’re on Facebook right now but we’re moving to an app in the summer. But a private discussion forum that consists of parents and teachers sharing stories from across the country because we always hear about California and New York.

But there are things happening in Middle America and some of the most rural parts where parents are writing into this discussion forum saying, I never really thought that this was going to be in my kid’s classroom. But here was the sign that was posted when I walked in. Here was the survey question that my third-grader was given. Here was the class discussion that my middle school was obligated to take part in, even though it goes against American ideals. And parents are sharing stories with teachers. And our PREP group in just a few months has amassed to 10,000 members.

Leahy: Jill Simonian with Prager University, the author of that article about the parent leaving the Bearley School because they’ve been pushing this critical race theory down the throats and he is in the studio with us Roger Simon, editor at large with The Epoch Times. Roger has a question for you.

Simon: Well, what you’re saying is terrific, and I’m a big admirer, and I’m an old friend of Dennis’s actually when I lived in LA. I fled LA. My condolences to you. You still have to live there. (Simonian chuckles) I think we ordered a find critical race theory for our audience. What it really is is the upending of Dr. Martin Luther King who famously and quite courageously told us we should judge people by their character. Critical race theory says we should judge people by their race.

Simonian: You’re absolutely right. And I’m glad you brought that up because here I am, day in and day out and I’m constantly talking about this, and I assume that people know what critical race theory is. But the reality is is that a lot of people do not know the dangers of it. And you said it exactly and perfectly. Critical race theory in schools teaches children all subjects through a lens of race.

Simon: And everything about them is dependent on race. It is a truly fascistic and reactionary idea that comes out of failed Marxism, where the Marxist originally thought everything was about money essentially. They failed with that and the working class didn’t buy it so they came up with critical race theory in Europe. It came from the Frankfurt School to America.

Leahy: Jill, let me ask you this question, what happens to teachers who raise objections to the teaching of critical race theory either in public K-12 schools or private K-12 schools?

Simonian: The pattern that we’re seeing in our PREP group and then, of course, also with articles that are sprouting up daily is that teachers who express any kind of concern or descent or just simply say hey, I don’t know about this. This seems strange to be teaching a second grader to recognize someone’s difference by the color of their skin. This is wrong. This is neo-segregation.

Any teacher who may bring this up is chastised and possibly punished. Also, I heard some cases of teachers being told by their principals or administrators this is why you’re part of the problem, and this is why we have so much work to do because you don’t understand how important this work is. And that is the most frightening thing of all.

And another note about critical race theory is one would assume that critical race theory is only prominent in history lessons or social settings. No! Critical race theory is prevalent in math now, in science, and things that were dependent on right or wrong answers. Topics that focus on facts, math, and science, are also being taught through a lens of racism, which is so absurd.

In California, there is one school district that said with math, you have to get the right answer. And they said that the pressure for students to obtain a correct answer for a math problem is rooted in fear which is rooted in racism. And if that doesn’t sound the alarm, I don’t know what else does.

Simon: I think Xi Jinping is very pleased to hear that. (Laughter) We’re raising a generation of ignorant people. That’s it.

Leahy: Tell us again now, for parents that are upset with critical race theory, I guess the options are to take their kids out of the school as the Bearley private school father did. Can a child in a K12 public school where they’re teaching this critical race theory actually get a fair education and not be ruined?

Simonian: I don’t know how to answer that question truthfully, because it really is a tough question. I don’t know if they can get a fair education. But what we as parents and teachers can do is to inoculate them to the best of our ability and to continue to speak up in the class with and continue to speak up, write letters, express concern, request one on one meetings with the teachers, administrators, principals, school districts, and school boards. We have to remember in public schools, the schools work for us. Those schools are funded by taxpayers.

Leahy: In theory. Jill Simonian Director of Outreach for Prager University. Thanks so much for joining us. Will you come back?

Simonian: I will come back! Join us at We’ve got all new kids’ videos. Check us out. You are going to enjoy them with your families.

Listen to the full third hour here:

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Special Guest Candace Owens Talks About Becoming a Nashvillian and Her New Show ‘Candace’

Special Guest Candace Owens Talks About Becoming a Nashvillian and Her New Show ‘Candace’


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed conservative political commentator and host of the new show ‘Candace’ to the newsmakers line to talk about becoming a Nashvillian and her new show “Candace.”

Leahy: We are joined on our newsmaker line by that great conservative Candace Owens who’s moved to Nashville and has a new talk show coming called “Candace.” if you’re driving into Nashville today, you can see the Billboards announcing the program. Welcome, Candace.

Owens: Hi!

Leahy: We are delighted that you’ve moved to Nashville. How do you like it here so far?

Owens: Oh, we are so thrilled. Actually, my husband had always wanted to move to Tennessee and this just ended up lining up. The stars lined up so we couldn’t be happier to be here. And what a perfect place to start a family.

Leahy: It is a great place. And of course, we love and I’m sure you’ll love the no state income tax. How about that?

Owens: That’s the best thing especially coming from Washington D.C. So that is what we call a perk.

Leahy: It sure is. So tell us, Candace, you are now part of the folks at The Daily Wire. I was over there a couple of weeks ago and had lunch with Jeremy the CEO. Great guy, great group. You’re launching a new talk show tell us about it called “Candace.”

Owens: Yes. I’m so excited. I’m actually going to be the first girl to join the guys over at The Daily Wire. So I get to break that up a little bit. And it was really such a creative process. Jeremy and I came together and said what sort of missing from the media spectrum. There’s a lot missing first and foremost. Obviously just allowing conservatives to be in culture has always been problematic.

But we also felt like we were losing sort of the late-night talk show greats. It kind of feels like it died with Jay Leno and now it’s sort of everything is so politicized and so polarizing at the expense of the conservative. So we thought why not actually do a live studio audience show that has a late-night vibe and sort of brings something unique to the culture at the same time. And bam! Candace was born.

Leahy: What a great idea I cannot watch any of the other late-night shows. They’re just unwatchable, unbearable. I turn it off within like two seconds of seeing it.

Owens: They’re also just not funny anymore. It’s like they’re trying so hard to be offensive and to do everything at the expense of more than half of America. They just sort of lost their touch and they seem to be angry all the time. And that’s not to say that my show is going to be all humor. Obviously, I think that I sort of sit somewhere in the middle.

I think humor is the best way to deliver it. Sometimes you just need to deliver the message. And we have so much going on and so many people that feel are unheard. and so to also deliver monologues that are meaningful and hopeful I think is also probably the most important adjective. Because a lot of people are feeling hopeless in today’s circumstances. But there’s plenty to be hopeful about.

Leahy: I like that hopeful angle. and you’re very right. These other late-night talk shows are just not funny. They’re just bad to watch. I think your program will be a big big hit. Now, you said something very important. You’re going to be taping this before a live audience here in Nashville. Is that right?

Owens: That is correct. And that is something that I think is so exciting.

Leahy: Just you and me here talking now. How can I get tickets?

Owens: (Laughter) You know what? I don’t know. I’m telling you there are so many things at The Daily Wire the other day. I was walking through the offices and a girl had on a Candace t-shirt, and I went where do I get one of those? The marketing department knows more than me about these things. But they will be announcing I think this week, you know, the first episode that we’re shooting is obviously a smaller crowd.

And then I think that by the end of next week, they’re going to launch a link live on the website where you can grab tickets. And now I guess we will be the required stop for every party coming in, every bachelor party, and every bachelorette party will say they’ve got to go for a live taping of Candace.

Leahy: Oh absolutely now, so this is going to come out once a week on Fridays, is that right when it comes out?

Owens: That is correct. And then we might scale up. We just have so many ideas right now that we’re so excited about. We’re already in our heads were 10 episodes out. We’ve already written so much content that we think inevitably we’ll end up scaling up the show but we are going to start with just once a week.

Leahy: So the late-night shows have writers do you have a group of writers working with you? So actually I write my own monologues. I am a writer obviously a published author and majored in English and journalism. So I love to write. But it is a collaborative process. They brought in some other writers to kind of go back and forth on ideas.

And that is just such an exciting process. I mean to be in the room and be talking about the topics that I say to them hey, I want to make this entire episode regarding this specific topic. And then we sort of you know, fit in the room and throw around a ball and laugh and come up with funny jokes. Just at one another. So it is a collaborative process but it’s being largely led by me.

Leahy: So Candace, here’s what I think. I think this is going to be such a big hit that you won’t be able to just do it once a week.

Owens: From your mouth to God’s ears.

Leahy: Take a look at me right? So I’m 66 years old. I remember listening to Johnny Carson. I remember listening to Jay Leno. I can’t listen to any of these other folks. I will watch your program and I will find it interesting and amusing. My guess is it’ll be informative but hopeful and funny. That’s what you need. That’s what you need.

Owens: Right. We just need to not take ourselves so seriously. And at the same time, there are obviously incredibly important issues that are going on. I’m so hopeful that we’re going to bring something really unique to listeners. And once again to just sort of say to the world that we’re not ashamed to be conservative. I think there’s this sort of this feeling that’s definitely like being pushed upon us by the mainstream media that we’re somehow not allowed to exist.

Leahy: Right.

Owens: And there’s so many of us. So it’s going to take a little bit of courage. And I want to always inspire that courage amongst my listeners and my followers to say, you know, I’m here, I’m Candace, I’m doing this unapologetically and you should too.

Leahy: So your Twitter account is @RealCandaceO. How can people get your program? Is it part of the daily wire subscription or is it going to be free for a while? How’s that going to work?

Owens: Yes. And you definitely want to subscribe to the daily wires? You can go to You can use my code, which is CANDACE of course. And you are correct that you can follow bits of the show. We have an Instagram handle and a Twitter handle so you can follow me as you mentioned at @RealCandaceO. But you can also follow @thecandaceshow. And of course, if you follow me on social media, I’ll be pushing out so much content that it will be very hard for you to miss.

Leahy: So the first show is coming a week from today. It’s going to be released a week from today?

Owens: That’s correct.

Leahy: So what we’ll do is just you and me talking here. We’ll talk to Jeremy about this. Just send us a few clips of it like, you know before and we’ll play them on the show so people on the radio show will have an idea of the fun that’s coming.

Owens: So people have an idea of the fun. This coming absolutely will give you guys a little bit of an exclusive Tennessee deserves the exclusive everything’s happening in this state. so we can definitely make that happen.

Leahy: Why is it do you think that so many conservative media outlets and people are moving to Nashville, Tennessee and in Middle, Tennessee?

Owens: Because they’re being chased out. (Laughter) The policies of New York and LA are no longer desirable. It’s not a place to raise a family. Look at the crime rates that are skyrocketing. What you’re really seeing in these coastal cities is just a manifestation of these socialist policies. The socialist thuggery as I like to say that these Democrats come up with and people realize that you just can’t live like that.

It doesn’t work when you’re incentivizing criminality. It doesn’t work when you’re punishing people as law-abiding citizens. It doesn’t work when everything becomes an expense to the law-abiding taxpayer and everything becomes free to people that don’t want to pay taxes. People that don’t want to have borders and that don’t want to have rules. And so the people are fleeing. I think I read the other day that the top two states that people are running to are Texas and Tennessee. And we were itching to get to one or the other and here we are. I’m a Nashville resident and that just feels amazing to say.

Leahy: You are a Nashville resident and we are so happy. And you have a baby. You just had a baby.

Owens: I do. Yes, it’s crazy to think that. My son who is half English and half American is going to be raised in Tennessee. It’s just an amazing feeling. We always talk about that just being raised around people with good morals and people that I love this country. His name is Georgie. And he is only eight weeks old and he’s already a Tennessee resident. How cool is that?

Leahy: That’s very cool. You’ve been out there as a prominent Black conservative woman who’s just not taking any guff from the liberals and you’ve become a target. And you masterfully punch back in a way that is fun to watch. And that’s why one of the reasons why you’re so popular and why I think your show is going to be such a success. What has changed in your life now that your mom?

Owens: People ask that question and I think that the correct answer to that is that all of these topics just bear more weight to them. And what I mean by that is that you can obviously debate political topics just on the merit of the discussion. But when you have a child you realize that how we decide these debates.

You know who ends up winning these debates is really determining the future of how your children are going to be raised. I often ask myself is my son going to be raised in the same America that I grew up in? And really with the Democrats at the wheel, the answer is no. And so everything becomes so much more severe and you just want to give it your absolute all when it comes to informing listeners and saying to people this is really not okay where we’re headed.

And we need to sort of stop this train which is falling off of the tracks at the moment. So I definitely think these discussions have just become so much more real to us. And I definitely want to give it my absolute all to make sure that we don’t lose America and we don’t lose this country.

Leahy: When we come back after the break with Candace Owens we’ll ask the big question, which is did she watch the Joe Biden event last night, and what was her reaction? So Candace, think about that over the break. I’m sure you’ve thought about that quite a bit.

Listen to the second hour here:

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Co-Founder and Director of the Prague Strategic Studies Institute Roger Robinson Outlines China’s Threat to America’s U.S. Capital Markets

Co-Founder and Director of the Prague Strategic Studies Institute Roger Robinson Outlines China’s Threat to America’s U.S. Capital Markets


Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Roger Robinson, co-founder and director of the Prague Strategic Studies, Institute to the newsmakers line.

At the top of the second hour, Robinson described the myriad of threats facing American values and individuals’ financial portfolios due to the lack of our government to perform due diligence with the Chinese participation of U.S. capital markets. He later outlined how a Biden administration could undo President Trump’s Executive Order 13959 on military companies being excluded from American investment and that he would then be painted as being in the pocket of Wall Street and Chinese leadership.

Leahy: We’re joined now by our good friend Roger Robinson. He’s currently the co-founder and director of the Prague Strategic Studies Institute in Washington D.C. He served as the Senior Director of International Economic Affairs in the Reagan NASA Security Council Council from 2001 to 2006. He was chairman of the Congressional U.S. China Economic Security Review Commission.

And now he heads up a group that provides its data services research and risk management information to those looking at assessing Chinese and Russian risk factors particularly with regards to their presence in U.S. capital markets. Welcome to The Tennessee Star Report, Roger.

Robinson: Thank you, Michael.

Leahy: So you’re going to tell us about something that our listeners will be scratching their head when you tell us the details that currently our capital markets allow special privileges to Chinese companies where they don’t have to comply with our securities and financial reporting information and giving them a comparative advantage. Describe what they currently do and what you have done to help create the background for these executive orders that the President has put in place and that are now in jeopardy.

Robinson: Well Michael, it’s a very sad case really of neglect and malfeasance. For over 20 years China has enjoyed unfettered and unimpeded access to our stock and bond markets, and our so-called capital markets. And they have been able to raise in that period in the trillions of dollars from unwitting American investors. And many of them listeners on your program.

And there are probably 160 or so million Americans who are in this unknowing category of holding with their investment and retirement dollars in Chinese companies that are known to be involved with the people’s liberation army. Advanced weapons manufacturers. Those companies that are equipping concentration camps in Sinkiang China holding over a million Muslim minority Uyghurs and other beleaguered religious minorities.

And I think the American people would be stunned to learn that we as a government have not taken any steps to screen the types of companies that are enjoying and raising money in our capital markets to bring back to the Chinese Communist Party to strengthen it. And there hasn’t been as I say any so-called due diligence performed and worse still as you pointed out not one of those companies is compliant with U.S. federal security’s laws.

None of them have been through government audits like that of the public company accounting oversight board activities and diligence that is required of American companies. But the Chinese are in violation of those laws that are designed to protect our investors. And yet we’ve turned a blind eye and we’ve given them this preferential treatment.

It’s just inexplicable. But on top of the investor protection problem, as I say you have major national security and human rights concerns as well. And all of this is being financed by average Americans because of Wall Street greed and unwillingness on their part to even look at these categories of material risk.

Leahy: Tell us about the president’s executive order designed to address this and where that stands now.

Robinson: Well, the president has done a couple of very important and even historic things in this connection. For example, the federal thrift savings Plan back in March of this past year was going to add a number of these malevolent Chinese companies to the portfolios of 5.7 million federal employees in their retirement plans.

Anybody that was going to in anything international would automatically be invested in these Chinese companies because of the index that they were going to use that contains them. So luckily we worked on this with the president for a good nine months and two weeks before it was to be enacted and in effect complete, he stepped in and stopped it dead in his tracks and said this isn’t happening on my watch. Later on, there was a unanimous passage by the Senate and the House to stop this preferential treatment and to basically tell the Chinese companies and their Wall Street supporters that they were going to be delisted from the U.S. exchanges if they didn’t comply with federal securities laws.

(Commercial break)

Leahy: Roger, there is a report in Reuters on December 31, and I just want to read it to you and get your reaction. The New York Stock Exchange is starting the process of delisting securities of three Chinese telecommunications companies after President Trump last month barred U.S. investments in Chinese firms Washington says are controlled or owned by the military. What’s your reaction to that Roger?

Robinson: Well, this has been an extraordinary case. The president, fortunately, took us sweeping action in November by issuing an executive order that basically said that those companies that are on a list generated by the Pentagon as having ties to the Chinese military. It’s the People’s Liberation Army would not be permitted to receive any American investment from individuals or institutions anywhere in the world beginning January 11. Which is coming right up of around the corner and that they need to be fully divested of such Chinese military companies by November 11 of this year.

Which gives folks a chance to wind down the portfolios without undue losses. Now when that happened Wall Street finally reacted after sloughing this off and ignoring presidential concerns for the better part of a year and a half. You see that the New York Stock Exchange first decided to divest these three big telecom companies that are on the New York Stock Exchange and listed there.

Then they listened to Treasury whisper in their ear and then reversed it if you can believe it and said that they were going to relist them. And finally, the White House intervened and they made a third decision to delist them again which is where things stand now. That’s the level of resistance on Wall Street to this kind of thing. Other funds are delisting some of these companies but very very slowly.

And they’re waiting to see if the treasury can basically emasculate or otherwise negate this presidential order which they’re working very hard to do I’m sad to say. And also that the Biden administration could come in and try to reverse this and give China the kind of free lunch program with hundreds of billions and even trillions of our dollars to help support the Chinese Communist Party, human rights abuses, and its Advance weapons Systems and military buildup.

Leahy: Roger. What is the likelihood in your opinion that Joe Biden is going to basically revoke the president’s executive order on this?

Robinson: Well, just remember this. I mean normally I would be extremely concerned and I am to be sure because of this soft on China reputation that he’s shown in the South China Sea when we permitted those illegal islands in the South China Sea to be built and terrorized by China on the Obama-Biden watch.

So he has a very poor track record with China as you know. Not to mention his family connections which are a big problem there. So there’s a lot to be concerned about. But on the positive side, this anti-China feeling which is earned by Beijing richly is now a bipartisan feeling in America. It’s almost quite unique in that regard. We witnessed the unanimous House and Senate actions trying to protect American investors from these malevolent Chinese companies.

So I think that if he were to rescind the president’s order and if he tries to dilute it and basically water it down so that it’s no longer effective he is basically saying or would be saying that he is in effect supportive of the American people unwittingly funding. For example, ICBMs targeting their families and the building of those.

Leahy: Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Robinson: Correct. And he would be for owning the shares of Chinese companies that are equipping and making possible concentration camps that are holding over a million as I said beleaguered Uyghurs and the surveillance state. All of those human rights abuses. the repression of Hong Kong. These are the things that they’re doing with our money. And it would be an utter outrage if the new administration comes in and has basically says that’s okay with me in order to placate and protect Wall Street fees and greed and the vital interests of Beijing and not our own.

Leahy: Let me ask you this. Has Chuck Schumer who’s about to become the majority leader in the Senate it looks like depending on the outcome. Kelly Loeffler has conceded. So that makes it what 52-49. And right now Perdue hasn’t conceded but he’s behind significantly against John Ossoff. Let’s say they’re both in and it’s a 50-50 Senate on January 20. And Kamala Harris is named vice president. Do you have any indication that Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi agree with you or do they agree with the Chinese on this?

Robinson: They have to watch their step very carefully because this is not an abstract issue. This is literally the hard-earned retirement and investment dollars of roughly 170 million Americans including any of your listeners with an investment portfolio. So when they turn a blind eye to this they are implicating indeed half or roughly half of our country in this kind of funding of activities perilous to our well-being and the undermining of everything we hold dear.

So I think that they’ll be careful about this. They’ll use technical means. they’ll do watered-down loopholes. They’ll do dilutions. And I don’t put it past Senate majority leader Schumer if this comes to pass. And further he is from New York after all and Wall Street has tens of billions trillions of dollars on the line here that are implicated in this China portfolio. There’s going to be the most ferocious lobbying and more money spent trying to negate our efforts on the capital markets because Michael this is the area of China’s single greatest vulnerability, which is dollar financing.

And our single greatest strength, our capital markets are the size of the rest of the worlds combined. we have over 60 percent of the world’s liquidity. Our dollar is the world’s reserve currency. We have an utter dominant position in global finance. China on the other hand has a non-convertible currency. They need our dollars desperately. And without it, the CCP can’t function.

Leahy: So let’s pretend you and I are little flies on the wall, and we’re in the conversation. Joe Biden has been named president. They have a little conference. It’s an hour after he’s been nominated. They’re back in the Oval Office. He’s got Chuck Schumer in there. He’s got Nancy Pelosi. They’re going through the list of executive orders they are going to they’re going to change.

And he comes up to them and he says, okay give me your recommendation. I’m thinking of canceling this executive order that would cause all this delisting of these bad actor Chinese companies. What is your advice? What does Chuck Schumer say to him? What does Nancy Pelosi say to him at that time? Well, I can’t speak to Nancy Pelosi because it’s she’s a hard one figure on this. (Leahy chuckles)

And she’s she has been both a supporter of Tibetan freedoms on the positive side, but she gives China a pass elsewhere as we’ve found out. Chuck Schumer, I can tell you this. He should understand and say candidly to the president if you think you’re known as Beijing Biden now and if you cancel or rescind this presidential executive order 13959 on military companies being excluded from American investment you are going to be painted as being in the pocket of Wall Street and Chinese leadership.

And that’s all there is to it. I mean nobody’s going to basically see a more nuanced view of this than that. So that is going to be what Schumer should say. The question is will he do so. And that’s going to depend on how much concern he has over his own donor base on Wall Street and so forth. I mean American values are on the line here and not to mention our security and our financial well-being because of these tremendous risks of non-transparent Chinese companies that don’t disclose their financials that aren’t audited.

That have no scrutiny of who they are or what they do with our money. Whether they’re going as I say to the Peoples Liberation Army or who these folks are. So we would never permit American companies to be in our markets with such an opaque non-disclosure attitude. So there we are. And I can tell you that they better think carefully because as I say, this is going to be an enduring legacy for anyone who tries to reverse course on this. It is bipartisan. It is an American issue. It is not just a republican Democrat thing as you know. And it’s a time for us all to come together. And as far as your listeners, they need to go to their brokers and fund managers and insist on knowing if I am holding Chinese companies in my investment portfolios.

Leahy: Roger Robinson is our China expert and a very good friend. Perhaps the leading expert on this topic and clearly articulate and knows his stuff.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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