Roger Simon: The Root of All Evil Is the Three-Letter Agency Called FBI

May 11, 2023

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in studio to discuss why the FBI and Metro Nashville Police Department will not release the Covenant Killer Manifesto in the name of public safety.

Leahy: Roger Simon, I have a question for you. Roger Simon? Oh. All-star panelist.

Simon: Is this 20 questions? What form is this? Jeopardy? And how much can I win?

Leahy: It’s a why question. Why is it that only one media outlet in Tennessee has gone to court to request to demand the Covenant Killer Manifesto in federal court from the FBI and in state court, from Metro Nashville Government?

Why is it that it’s yours, truly right here, Michael Patrick Leahy, and our company, The Star News Digital Media, Inc. of which I’m the CEO and majority shareholder, why are we the only media outlet in Tennessee demanding that the FBI and Metro Nashville actually comply with the law and release these important documents?

Simon: I don’t know the answer to that. I praise you for doing it. I think part of the answer is that Tennessee and despite being a very red state, has very little decent conservative media other than your show.

I know that’s a ridiculous situation when you think about it because it doesn’t serve the public at all. News Channel Five is a joke because basically speaking, they don’t have any connection at all with the people of the state.

Leahy: Phil Williams, the much-lauded liberal propagandist who pretends to be a journalist at News Channel Five. Where is he? Where is he demanding the release of this document? They have a big company there. Scripps owns about 100 television stations around. They’ve got a big budget. They’re not spending a dime on this.

Simon: That’s flogging a dead horse. (Leahy laughs) But look, what about our governor? Why isn’t the governor getting behind this? There are more deaths that could be caused because this information is not coming out. Particularly the toxicology report that is the root of the possible real evil because we don’t know what that 28-year-old woman had in her body to dress up like a Hamas terrorist and go and kill all these people.

That’s not normal, is it? No matter what happened to her as a child, all of those things are irrelevant compared to what’s pumped into her and taken over her body and made her absolutely insane. We have to know that. But where is the governor on this? Why doesn’t he want us to know? Is he? Doesn’t he have the courage to get behind it? I don’t know.

Leahy: About two weeks ago today. Governor Lee put out a statement saying that he believed that the information and documents related to the Covenant killer would be released very soon. Two weeks later, the Metro Nashville government is hunkering down and refusing to release any of those documents. The governor’s call turned out to be inaccurate and ineffective.

Simon: The root of all evil is the three-letter agency called FBI. They’re the ones who are squelching this. That’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me unless someone else comes up with another one. Something is causing this silence. And the FBI’s reputation for honesty does not exist.

Leahy: Does not exist. I was thinking the same thing. The FBI, who we’re suing, by the way, to release this document in federal court was filed yesterday morning and here in the middle Tennessee federal district court.

They have also refused a subpoena to produce certain documents related to the investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances. They were subpoenaed by the Congress of the United States.

Simon: I know they do this regularly.

Leahy: They’re defying that.

Simon: They are the great center of Stonewall in our culture, and it’s gone on probably since the days of J Edgar Hoover. All praise to those candidates for president now that wants to totally dismantle the organization because it is a plague on our country.

Leahy: You look at this situation now where we filed a FOIA request with the FBI to release the Covenant Killer Manifesto. It’s a series of documents. They have it in their possession, as does Metro National Police Department. They denied our request.

We filed an appeal through the administrative law judge. The administrative law judge denied our request on the grounds that it would interfere with ongoing law enforcement activities, which is a ludicrous claim.

Simon: Yes. Because the assailant is dead.

Leahy: And what else could they be looking at?

Simon: The judge involved here should have his or her head examined.

Leahy: That was an administrative law judge.

Simon: Because what they’re not thinking about is preventing more murders of this sort.

Leahy: A very good point.

Simon: And Bruce Bauer has a wonderful article on the FrontPage a few weeks ago detailing all the rage killings that are connected to the transgender movement, and they’re all over the country for the last two or three years.

It’s a blood-curdling article to read because what it indicates is that pumping male hormones into women and vice versa is not something that anybody understands. No doctor really gets this yet.

Leahy: Governor Lee now has called for a special session of the Tennessee General Assembly to address “public safety issues” on August 21st and yet the members of the Tennessee General Assembly have said, look, you’ve got to release the Covenant Killer Manifesto in its entirety and the toxicology report.

Simon: And the toxicology report, that’s most important.

Leahy: In part because of our discussions here, we’ve submitted a request specifically for the toxicology report to Metro Nashville Police Department. It’s in our lawsuit to get that toxicology report.

Metro Nashville Government they don’t want to release it. And when you are in a situation where there’s information that’s being hidden,  what happens, Roger? People speculate, right?

Simon: Endless speculation. I’ve heard so many rumors it is ridiculous. I try to dismiss them because it’s not fair to the people involved at all. Also, it’s a bunch of bologna on some level because we can imagine a lot about that manifesto because it is the ravings of a mad woman.

There is probably hatred toward Christians. There’s probably all this kind of stuff in it, and it’s not it that’s not gonna tell us nearly as much as a toxicology report would, unfortunately, because you couldn’t imagine what kind of person like that would rave about.

You might be wrong in many details, but there’s some of it you could probably guess. Bringing up that special session that that’s supposedly going to happen. How in the world are our members of the Tennessee Assembly supposed to make decisions on this matter without the information?

Leahy: They can’t?

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