Roger Simon: Nashville Police Must Release the Toxicology Report of Covenant Killer

Apr 27, 2023

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in studio to discuss the importance of a toxicology report for Audrey Hale, The Covenant School shooter.

Leahy: In studio, all-star panelist and very good friend, Roger Simon. Roger, it is April 27th, 2023. One month ago today, March 27th, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a woman who identified as a transgender male, shot out the windowed doors of Covenant Presbyterian School about a mile and a half from our studios.

Simon: Closer to my house.

Leahy: And killed three adults who are part of that Christian school staff and three beautiful nine-year-old children. And then, the Metro Nashville Police Department arrived on the scene quickly and bravely and, in a very brief number of minutes, identified the killer. That was a month ago.

Now there was a text message she sent to a friend of hers about a half an hour before she went in and killed these six innocent Christians at the school. And in that text message, she said when you watch the news tonight, you’ll know that I’m dead.

I’m paraphrasing. And I have left behind enough information so you’ll know why. That was out there. It’s a month later, Roger.

Simon: And we don’t have the information.

Leahy: And what happened, Roger, in that case, is the Metro Nashville Police Department got search warrants for the car she used to drive there from her residence; she lived with her parents, and they got out tons of written materials, journals, et cetera.

We put them together. We call them the manifesto. At The Tennessee Star on Monday of this week, because it’s been a while, we sent a public records request to Metro Nashville Police Department to get the manifesto. They declined it on Tuesday.

Simon: That’s fast.

Leahy: That’s fast. We’ve also found the FOIA request with the FBI to get it because the FBI has it, as well as the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Simon: That’s like going to the dead letter office.

Leahy: Yesterday they kind of released this statement from Metro Nashville Police.   I’ll read exactly what they said, and it’s one of these, we’ll get it to you when we have it. “The investigation is now at the stage that we are beginning to close the review preparation process for the public release of written material.” This was a statement we got yesterday afternoon from Metro Nashville Police. In other words, we are not going to release anything. So keep trying.

Simon: Pound sand.

Leahy: Yes, exactly.

Simon: The thing that’s most important to release, it seems to me, I would bet there’s crazy anti-Christian rhetoric in the manifesto. I accept that. I’m a Jewish guy. I’ve seen it with Jews. It’s an awful thing. I’m 100 percent pro-Christian. It’s just ridiculous and awful.

But the most important thing that’s missing is the toxicology report because we have to know what was administered to this woman in the great fad of gender dysphoria that’s going on in this country, which is reprehensible. And if it’s testosterone, we have to know what, how much it was, and what that did to her female body that made her engage in these rage killings.

And if they happen to know because that is the one thing that can be found out right now that can save lives across this country and across the world. This gender dysphoria epidemic is going on all over the world right now. It’s insane.

Leahy: It is entirely insane. It is mass insanity. Let’s be honest. That’s what it is.

Simon: Totally. And so we have to know, and the human being, the homo sapiens existed on this planet, they say recently, for 300,000 years. And before that, there were Pentaceratops and all the other ones. And somehow or other, evolving through all that is a certain level of testosterone in men and a certain level in women.

And fooling with that, whether it was there by intelligent design, was God’s work or evolution, or both. Who knows, it doesn’t matter for this. You got to know that you don’t monkey with this stuff at will.

You’ve got to look at it really carefully and it’s a very old thing, to say the least. And we’ve got to know. And I think the police department should pay real attention to that. This is the most important information that is in their hands at this moment.

Leahy: On the day of the shooting or shortly thereafter, the police chief here said that the killer Audrey Hale self-identified as a transgender male and also pointed out that she was under the care of a doctor for an emotional disorder.

Simon: That person clearly knows what was in her bloodstream too. I believe in confidentiality, but this is beyond that. If you look at the way she was dressed when she went in and shot those people, she looked like a Hamas terrorist in drag. You couldn’t be more macho looking.

Leahy: Yes, exactly. What’s interesting about that, Roger, is I think you’re absolutely right in that knowing what medication she was taking, is critical to understanding and the amount is critical.

Simon: And the amount.

Leahy: Now you mentioned a toxicology report. Our request was for broadly speaking, the manifesto, which was every document related to the investigation which would include a toxicology report. Now we didn’t specifically say toxicology report in our request. We will probably modify our request and specify a toxicology report.

Simon: Good idea.

Leahy: We’ll probably do that. And they have not said one way or the other, as far as I know, whether a toxicology report was done in the autopsy of Audrey Hale. But it should have been done. It would be standard police procedure, wouldn’t it?

Simon: You would think, especially in a situation like this, my God.

Leahy: Especially in a situation when they knew that she was under a doctor’s care for an emotional disorder.

Simon: And was transgender.

Leahy: That suggests that she was taking some pharmaceuticals of some kind.

Simon: Exactly.

Leahy: They are covering up here. And sources tell me, Roger, that the FBI is controlling this and that the FBI has told them, don’t release it. Sources tell me that the police department actually wants to release it. That’s what I’m told.

Simon: It makes sense to me what you were told. And I will add the FBI has a bad reputation now for a lot of things. They’ve lied to the American people consistently, and not just recently, but back from the days of J. Edgar Hoover.

It’s not a great organization and it is a control freak organization. In this case, they appear to have a vested interest in preserving this transgender movement to the extent that it is, which is really a scary thing to think about.

Leahy: This is why they have public records laws because it is in the public interest when there’s a mass shooting like this.

Simon: And how.

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Photo “Audrey Hale” and Background Photo “The Covenant School Crime Scene” by Metro Nashville Police Department.