Mayor Glenn Jacobs: The Second Amendment Is the ‘Break Glass in Case of Emergency’ Amendment, I Will Never Let Them Touch My Guns

May 5, 2023

Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed Mayor Glenn Jacobs of Knox County to the newsmaker line to give his stance on the Second Amendment and the out of control federal spending.

Gulbransen: On the newsmaker line, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, who I refer to as Tennessee’s favorite mayor. Good morning, sir.

Jacobs: Hey, good morning, Aaron. How are you?

Gulbransen: I’m doing wonderful. You have a philosophical flare for phrasing things. I wanted to get from you what the Second Amendment means to you. And obviously, it’s under attack right now.

Jacobs: Sure. One of my favorite things is when elitists and out-of-touch politicians play the common man by going out and shooting at pheasants with $2,500 Beretta over and under and then turning around and saying, I believe in the Second Amendment. I’m a hunter. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. And they should read it.

The Second Amendment is the last resort. It is the ultimate work against tyranny. It is the break glass in case of emergency amendment, and it’s horrific. It’s terrible. It’s sickening that deranged people use firearms to commit atrocities.

And there are laws in the books that we can do things about, and I think certainly that we should look at ways that we can keep those people from accessing firearms and other weapons. We also have to acknowledge that those are just tools that are used and they’re going to figure out other ways to hurt people.

And what this is really about stricter gun control. And in the end, it is about gun complications, and they’re gonna say it’s not. But look back at what happened in COVID. We went from 15 days to flatten the curve to literally locking people in their homes for years and then mandating an experimental drug.

And for people that didn’t want to take that drug, we vetted a new phrase for them. They were called the unvaxxed, and some people said they should go to prison and be separated from society and they’ll just throw us in camps. I no longer trust the people that said those things. I no longer give them the benefit of the doubt, and I for one will never ever let them touch my guns.

Gulbransen: There you go. That’s a strong defense of the Second Amendment from not county Mayor Glenn Jacobs is very passionate about the issue as am I. I think it’s very important, and that’s a really good thing to harken back to the COVID vaccine days because I guarantee you, there were at least some thoughts somewhere within the left that I don’t know, a red flag law one day could apply to unvaccinated people.

That’s just the thought I have. Speaking of the Biden administration, though and the simplest way to put it, you’re really smarter when it comes to economics. You’re paying attention to the debt ceiling talks and what’s going on there. What do you make of the Biden administration’s rhetoric on this topic?

Jacobs: I wish that we could do what the federal government does and run up a huge credit card bill and then turn around and say, hey, can you just raise the credit limit so we can spend more money because that’s all that they’re doing. And everything that we see happening in our economy is a result of irresponsible spending.

You look at what’s happening overseas, people aren’t really talking about what Russia and China are doing. But they’re taking advantage of this, and they’re trying to introduce their own regional reserve currencies as well as trade agreements around the world with countries that were formerly our allies.

So we’re in a bad situation. A monetary policy is very important, and we often forget that. And we’ve debased our currency, that’s why we’re seeing inflation. If Russia and China are able to chip away at the dollar as the world’s sort of currency, that means is further debasement.

And if we think that we’ve seen some social unrest with other issues just wait until you get extremely high rates of inflation and an actual currency debasement. That would be catastrophic. You’re just slapping another Bandaid on a big problem. But the problem’s not the debt limit, the problem is spending by the federal government.

Gulbransen: That’s exactly what U.S. Senator John Kennedy said. He was also talking about the Fed raising interest rates. This is paraphrasing. If Congress actually put a reign in on spending, the Fed wouldn’t have to raise interest rates, which is essentially what he said.

Jacobs: Yes, exactly. It’s not only the spending, but it’s printing money to accomplish the spending. And that’s a huge issue, and that’s what causes inflation. It’s an invisible tax that impacts poor people and folks on fixed incomes the worst.

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