Laurie Cardoza-Moore: ‘If We Want to Save and Salvage This Country, We Have Got to Prepare Our Kids’

Apr 19, 2023

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Laurie Cardoza-Moore of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations in studio to discuss the importance of parental and tax-paying citizen engagement in local public schools to save our constitutional republic.

Leahy: We are in studio with our very good friend, Laurie Cardoza Moore and you’re talking about this event coming up on April 30th in Hudson, Ohio. It’s called Taking Back America’s Children. How do we do that?

Moore: Absolutely. It starts with parents and tax-paying citizens getting engaged with what our children are being taught in our local schools down the street. And we’ve seen this year, it’s been a decade Michael, where our children have been exposed to the anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian content in our public schools, specifically in Williamson County.

And you probably remember that’s when we went after Pearson Publishers. But now it’s not just the textbooks and the content and the textbooks, it’s the library books. You also know that I serve on the textbook commission here in Tennessee, and we are being charged with having to review these library books that parents and citizens are finding their children are being exposed to.

I have a binder full of 87 library books that have been given to me with egregious pornographic content. This is the problem. And parents and tax-paying citizens, because remember ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be held accountable when we stand before our almighty God.

Our tax dollars are going to fund this garbage. It’s going to fund the demoralization of our culture. It’s ruining our children’s lives. Our children are depressed and unless we as parents, we the people who are aware of what’s happening, stand up and speak up and take back control of our children’s education, we are going to lose this country.

We’re already well on our way, but it’s going to be up to us people of faith. And we’re everywhere. We did this event here in Nashville, in Franklin, back in January. We’ve done an event in Orlando.

We’re going to do this event in Hudson. This is real America standing up and saying, enough is enough. We’re not going to just leave it. We’re not going to just assume that our kids are getting the education we grew up with, Michael.

Leahy: You’ve got some really great speakers at the event you’re gonna speak, of course. You are going to be addressing the need for an educational overhaul and the replacement of woke culture curriculum that’s currently being used in classrooms.

Moore: Yes.

Leahy: My question to you is how do you do that, and what should the average parent listening to this program do?

Moore: The average parent needs to be informed first and foremost as to what their children are being exposed to. They need to look at the content that their children are bringing home. If they are bringing the content home, they need to go online and research what type of curriculum, and they need to ask these questions.

They need to show up at school board meetings to hear what your local school board introducing to the children in our community. A decade ago, when we found this when a parent brought us an anti-Semitic textbook that was being used in Williamson County schools, I was horrified.

I could not believe it. And, of course, it was Pearson Publishers. Pearson Publishers is one of the largest textbook publishing con companies in the world. They were teaching our children about anti-Judeo-Christian values. Those were not the things that we learned about in school.

We were taught about the constitutional republic growing up. We’re not teaching our children about our founding, we’re teaching our children about what happened during the Civil War movement.

One of the wonderful things about Governor DeSantis is he really has been the governor that’s really led on the issue of education reform. We were able to be involved in reviewing Florida’s textbooks.

We found some of the same egregious content, but with Governor DeSantis years ago when we found this content in Tennessee schools, and we also saw it in Florida schools. I brought DeSantis these books and he said to me at that time he was going to run and was then a Florida congressman.

He said to me, if I get elected, we’re getting rid of these textbooks and we’re getting rid of Common Core. That was the launchpad to what we are seeing happening today. And this happened to the parent who came to me in Williamson County. She challenged was trying to get the local school board to get rid of the textbook, and they looked at her as if she was crazy.

No. This is what you’re teaching our children. Parents don’t know that, and now there has been a lot more public attention put on this issue. Because of what’s happened with the library books, now we’re seeing library books being dumped off at our children’s school library with pornographic content in them.

And unfortunately, this is happening. This is the norm now. In Ohio, we’re seeing parents who have finally said, you know what? Enough is enough. We’re taking back control. This is what has to happen, Michael. If we want to save and salvage this country, we have got to prepare our kids. Our generation was the baton of freedom that was handed to us. We carried that baton forward. That’s why we are fighting this battle the way we’re doing it, because we were educated accurately in this country. But the next generation is not.

Leahy: Yes. Here is the big question. If you’re a parent out there right now and you’ve got children in K-12 public schools, wherever they may be, do you choose to engage and run for the school board or support a school board candidate who supports these traditional values, or do you take your kids out of public schools?

Moore: Do you know what we did a decade ago? We were the first county in the country to flip our school board. We went to the school board members with this textbook. We asked Williamson County School Board at that time to please get rid of this textbook. It does not reflect the values of our Judeo-Christian community or our culture here.

And I remember that night when we had standing room only and parents were there, citizens were there, and we told those school board members we want the textbook removed. When I got up and spoke, it was an election year, and I said to them, I said, if you don’t remove this textbook, we’re going to remove every one of you from office.

That was a bold claim to make because I’d never done anything like that before. That was in April of 2014 and in August, come election time, those six school board members that were up for reelection, we took all of them down in one election cycle.

We’re using the same model that we used in Williamson County a decade ago across the country now. We saw it with the last November election in Florida. We saw several counties that we have been speaking to, educating the parents and citizens. It’s amazing to see now how we, the people, are standing up to fight for our republic.

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