Gulbransen: Remember Come Election Day Who the Real ‘Enemy’ Is

Jul 18, 2023

Aaron Gulbransen – executive director of the Tennessee Faith and Freedom Coalition and Official Guest Host of The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – was in-studio Tuesday to deliver this week’s “Aaron’s Analysis.” Today’s edition discussed the rapidly developing 2024 election cycle and the importance of unity against the Marxist Left come Election Day.


Aaron Gulbransen:

So, we spent a lot of time – those of us who work in professional politics – on social media, monitoring the news, monitoring the airwaves, and I am struck as to how far deep into the presidential primary season we are in.

And as issues pop up, you see – for lack of a better word that I can come up with at the moment – people who are supporting Donald Trump, or Ron DeSantis, or other candidates all around, enjoy dunking on each other on the internet.

My analysis today – my advice and my exhortation today – is regardless who you are supporting in the presidential primary, you have to remember and be cognizant of  – and or any other primary, to be honest with you – but you have to be cognizant of the fact that the true enemy is the Marxism.

The true enemy is the Biden administration in this entire thing.

If you believe, if you are for children; if you are for a good economy; if you are for a good future for your children or any children you may have; or friends or family and that sort of thing, then you have to remember that the enemy is the Biden administration and all the Marxist Leftists that he enables.

You look at, you look at our U.S. southern border as porous and open as it is right now, and all the problems going on with there.

And I want to reiterate, this is a very purposeful situation created by the Biden administration.

The Biden administration enables human and child traffickers.

The Biden administration enables the drugs that come over the border. You’re talking fentanyl; all these other illegal drugs.

The Biden administration, ironically, while they’re trying to ban any and all – essentially – legal guns by their porous southern border. They enable the trafficking of illegal guns and other kinds of weapons, and Lord knows what else we don’t know.

Not only that, of course, there is the potential for terrorism coming across the U.S. southern border. That’s just that the US southern border.

Of course, we’ve seen the ever constant democrat Leftist war on children in this country. We published a joint op-ed with Knox County Mayor – the great Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs in The Tennessee Star last week.

It basically said, and this is a message we’re going to keep singing from the mountaintops, the Leftists – the Marxist Left – fights against children. They are fighting to mutilate them. They are fighting to expose them to all sorts of sick things. They’re, they’re fighting to indoctrinate them. They are fighting to take away their economic future. They’re fighting to enslave them to the state based on dependency and financial dependency.

They’re essentially fighting to have them hooked on drugs with their southern border policy, if you think about it. They’re even denying constantly the real problem that is human and child trafficking.

The Right must ban together, regardless of who gets the nomination – as long as it isn’t Joe Biden. Now there’s a likelihood that that, you know, that picture’s becoming very clear as to who it’s gonna be.

But I would exhort everybody on the right who cares for your kids to remember at the end of the day that your, your people who you may be squabbling with right now who have supported another presidential candidate in the primary are the people that you have to link arms with to go take the country back in 2024.

So that is my analysis.

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Photo “People Going to Vote” by Lorie Shaull. CC BY-SA 2.0.