Crom’s Crommentary: ‘The January 6th Hearings Were a Production Intended to Deceive the American Public’

Mar 8, 2023

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio for another edition of Crom’s Crommentary.


Michael, we have discussed in the past what the definition of a lie is. And what I have said is a lie can be something that is said that is factually true but is still intended to distort. For example, the example that I used is that a spouse is out of town and hires a prostitute, takes her to dinner, and then takes her to bed, and then gets home and then that person’s spouse at home says what’d you do last night?

He said I went to dinner, and I went to bed. And those two things would be factually accurate, but they would be a statement of being, a statement intended to deceive. So now we get to the January 6th hearings. The January 6th hearings were a production intended to deceive the American public.

We now know that because the 40,000 hours of film have been given to Tucker Carlson by Speaker McCarthy and Tucker Carlson’s production people have gone through there and they have found countless hours of people just wandering around the Capitol and Capitol Hill Police escorting them around the Capitol, especially that a fellow who was dressed up in the buffalo outfit, the shaman or whatever his name is, the police were escorting him around, trying to help him get into the chamber for which he was arrested for going into, but the police were helping him find an open door that’s all on the videotape.

And then you have other videotapes where the January 6th Committee showed videotape intended to deceive. At one point, they actually said that Senator Hawley from Missouri was a chicken and that he was running outta the building and he was running away from the protestors.

And they showed a one-second clip of him running where you have an intersection in a hallway, and you see him running through the intersection. But then what they didn’t show was that. Just prior to his running across that hallway and just after were dozens and dozens of other members of Congress also hustling through that particular corridor to leave the building because that’s what the Capitol Hill Police were telling them to do. But they didn’t show the rest of those people doing it.

They wanted to isolate Senator Hawley for the purpose of intending to deceive the viewers. And so what we’re going to learn is just how dishonest it was. And now Liz Cheney’s now been hired by a college to teach children or to teach young adults, and we now know that she participated in the lie on Capitol Hill.

Adam Kinzinger is on CNN, which is exactly the right place for somebody who is as dishonest as he is and he’s found a home there. But the question is gonna be what do we do as a country and what do we do legally with these people who are intending to deceive?

It seems to me that if the people who testify before the committee are duty-bound and sworn by oath to tell the truth, it seems to me that the committee itself would naturally be bound by those same principles and legal statutes. And so I hope that if the next administration is Republican, that a special counsel is appointed to review all of that because the Democrats have made January 6th out to be bigger than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

They’ve tried to make it out to be one of the worst days in American history, and from the videotapes, we now know that yes, there were a few people who acted violently. We don’t know whether or not they were agents of the left. We don’t know whether they were agents of the government.

We don’t know whether or not they were helped and provoked to act the way they did. We don’t know those things. But what we do know is that a man named Ray Epps encouraged large numbers of people to go down and go into the Capitol, and yet he was not questioned by the FBI, and he was not arrested for inciting. So we know that, but we don’t know who he is because nobody seems to want to tell us.

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