Crom Carmichael Comments on the Democrat History of ‘Ignoring the People and Putting the Party at the Top of Their Concerns’

Feb 18, 2023

Live from Music Row, Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael and PJTN’s founder and CEO, Laurie Cardoza-Moore in studio to comment upon the Democratic Party machine that puts party before their people.

Leahy: Crom Carmichael, the original start panelist, and Laurie Cardoza-Moore in studio. Laurie, you know, I have talked about the Democratic Party’s cucumber strategy for getting elected.

And by that, I mean they have a machine, and they can elect any individual, whether that individual is a cucumber or a dog, or an inanimate object.

Carmichael: It could be a tree.

Leahy: It could be a tree.

Carmichael: We’re going to run an oak tree.

Leahy: We’re going to run an oak tree. And in this case, look, we have three examples of political figures now that are examples of how the Democrats’ cucumber strategy has been successful. And this is sad but true, John Fetterman, the senator from Pennsylvania, who had a stroke back in May, right, who obviously didn’t have cognitive capabilities.

He got elected in Pennsylvania, been in the U.S. Senate for a little over a month. He’s already been hospitalized for lightheadedness. And then now yesterday, the news came out that he’s been hospitalized for clinical depression. It’s a very, very sad personal circumstance for Senator Fetterman. We wish him well. But we also wish all the voters in Pennsylvania well. Crom, your thoughts on Fetterman?

Carmichael: Fetterman, also in the report on his clinical depression, said he has suffered from a lifetime of clinical depression. Well, that wasn’t known, that wasn’t talked about. The media didn’t do their job in the election. So what you have is you have Fetterman. It’s very sad.

Leahy: It’s very sad on a personal level. But his family, his wife, and the Democrats there have been extraordinarily uncaring and unkind to him. Because it’s not up for the job.

Carmichael: The Democrats did this 100 years ago. Woodrow Wilson had a terrible stroke; he was truly incapacitated, I believe, Michael, for the last two years.

Leahy: In fact, his wife ran the country.

Carmichael: Ran the country. Yes, in his name. This is the President of the United States. So what I’m saying is the Democrats have a history of ignoring the people and putting the party at the top of their concerns.

Leahy: Laurie, you were going to say something.

Moore: Look at Biden. Here’s another example. People just turn a blind eye. You just can’t make this stuff up. Are they doing it because they feel sorry for the guy?

Leahy: But Laurie, he had a physical yesterday, and his doctor said he’s a vigorous 80-year-old, Crom?

Carmichael: Well, I don’t put Biden in the same category as Fetterman. Fetterman had a massive stroke and literally had to if somebody was going to ask him a question, he had to read the question to be able to understand it. And then, his response to the question was in three-word sentences. Fracking bad. Fracking good. I believe fracking good.

Leahy: And yet the machine got him elected.

Carmichael: The machine got him.

Leahy: The machine got him elected, back to our cucumber strategy.

Carmichael: Diane Feinstein, now she’s another person.

Leahy: She’s 89 years old.

Carmichael: Well, not just 89. She literally has to have help with where the bathroom is.

Leahy: She’s not well. And the other thing is, they announced finally, earlier this week, they put out a statement her staff put out a statement that she was not going to run for re-election. And then, like, an hour later, the press said, tell us about your decision on re-election. She said, well, I haven’t made my mind up yet. Well, and then the staffer said, yeah, we put the statement out an hour ago, Senator Feinstein. She’s just not there.

Carmichael: No, she’s truly not. And so the Democrats, they’re all hot and bothered about trying to get rid of George Santos.  And they better be very careful there, because there have only been five House members who have been expelled.

Leahy: Expelled? Tell it. Who were they?

Carmichael: I don’t know the names of the three who joined the Confederate Army.

Leahy: They were expelled.

Carmichael: But they were expelled for joining the Confederate Army.

Leahy: That’s a good reason. If you go to join another country that’s in rebellion. That’s treasonous. Who else?

Carmichael: And one of them got caught up in ABSCAM

Leahy: Took a bribe on video.

Carmichael: A $50,000 bribe and was convicted and then convicted of taking a bribe while in office and then expelled. And the fifth one was a similar circumstance in that they were indicted for doing something, a crime in office, a serious crime, and then they were convicted, and then they were expelled. Now, we also have a House member, Alcee Hastings, who was a judge who was impeached as a judge.

Leahy: But let’s put this right. The late Alcee Hastings from Florida, he was impeached as a judge. I think he took money from something.

Leahy: They claimed he did.

Carmichael: He turned out he ended up not being convicted at trial.

Leahy: But not convicted.

Carmichael: No, he was thrown out. No, he was impeached. He was thrown out.

Leahy: And then they tried him.

Carmichael: Then they tried him for the crime in criminal court. He beat that rap, and then he won a House seat.

Leahy: But he was impeached and removed.

Carmichael: Removed.

Leahy: So the process is when the Senate holds the trial and removes you from office, but there’s no criminal penalty. When he was tried in criminal court, he was not convicted.

Carmichael: Correct.

Leahy: After having been impeached and removed as a federal district judge, he ran for Congress and was elected.

Carmichael: And won a number of terms.

Leahy: He was in for 20 years.

Carmichael: A long time. Yes.

Leahy: George Santos is a serial liar, but he’s not committed a felony while in office, and I don’t think they’ll be able to remove him.

Carmichael: Well, if they remove him for something he did while he was campaigning, that puts in a whole new precedent?

Leahy: Well, we’ll see.

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Photo “John Fetterman” by Governor Tom Wolf. CC BY 2.0. Background Photo “U.S. Capitol” by Gagan Kaur.