Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd: The Biden Administration Is Using Their Four Years to Try to Get as Many People Into This Country as They Possibly Can

May 1, 2023

Live from Music Row, Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd to the newsmaker line to talk about the increasing danger on the southern border as Title 42 nears its end.

Leahy: We welcome to our newsmaker line, Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council. Good morning, Brandon.

Judd: It’s good to be with you. Thank you.

Leahy: Tell our listeners what the National Border Patrol Council is.

Judd: We’re the agents that represent all the rank-and-file agents nationwide. We look at this situation on the border, we try to come up with solutions and try to fix the problem for the American people. That our main job is for the best interest of the agency, and the American people, and to try to secure the border.

Leahy: How many members are there of the National Border Patrol Council?

Judd: So all rank-and-file agents nationwide, whether that’s on the Southwest border of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, up on the northern border ac across the entire border.

And then on the coastal borders, we represent every single rank-and-file agent nationwide. And we boast the largest membership rate of any union in the entire federal government. And it’s funny because we’re the only conservative union in the federal government.

Leahy: Interesting. By the way, just a personal note. I grew up right across the border from Canada in upstate New York. And I had two cousins who were in the Border Patrol Council. One worked the Canadian border between Hemmingford, Quebec, and Moores. That area, Rouses Point, and then the other started up there and then went down to, and worked in the Nogales, Arizona area.

Judd: I know Nogales really well. Really where. That’s my stomping grounds. I’ve also been stationed in Maine and in Montana as well. So I have a good idea of what goes on nationwide on the southwest border. I’ve been stationed in California and Arizona. But yes, Nogales is a wild place.

Carmichael: Brandon, when you are up in Montana, do elk respect our borders. (Laughter)

Judd: They don’t. Those dadgum frizzy things. They couldn’t care less about the wall. That’s why hunters are around. They take care of that.

Leahy: Brandon, here’s a question for you. There’s something called Title 42 and it’s about to end, explain to our audience what Title 42 is, what it has done, and what’s going to happen when it ends.

Judd: When you look at Title 42, you’ve got to go back and look at the genius of President Trump. The policies that he enacted were just so friendly to the American people, whether it was economic, whether it was foreign, or whether it was domestic policies.

Title 42 was a policy that he enacted to combat COVID from coming across our borders. What he said was Title 42 is a part of the law. That’s what it is. And what he said is under this law he’s allowed to expel people immediately that enter the country illegally.

Normally what happens when somebody enters the country illegally they can make a claim to have a right to be in the United States, and then they get to see a judge. What Trump did was he said, no, we’re not going to let anybody see a judge. This disease could spread.

I’m sorry, this virus could spread. We’re not going to allow anybody that crosses our borders illegally,  and we’re immediately going to send them back to Mexico. And it was brilliant and it dropped illegal immigration to lows and it kept the American people safe. President Biden, the moment he took office, tried to get rid of Title 42.

Thank goodness we have the court system, they can hold executive orders in check. And the court system upheld it. And so Title 42, as long as there’s a pandemic going on Title 42 can be enacted and you can’t actually use it. And so the courts kept President Biden in check otherwise Title 42 would’ve gone away a long time ago.

But now that the pandemic is over, you can only use this law when you have reason to use it, for medical purposes. You can’t just use it as an immigration law and as an immigration tool. It was never meant to be that. And so now that the pandemic is over Title 42 has to go away as well.

The problem is this administration knew, that ultimately it was going to go away knowing that they wanted it to go away. They should have prepared and they should have put policies, programs, and operations in place, and they’ve done absolutely nothing.

And so even though right now we’re completely overwhelmed with the number of illegal border crossers, it’s going to get exponentially worse. And to put that in context, when we apprehend 1,000 people per day, and this is nationwide, we can’t handle that.

Once we get to 3,000 people per day, our resources are stretched to the extreme limits. We are apprehending between five to 6,000 people a day right now, and that number’s going to jump, double once Title 42 goes away.

We’re going to be apprehending between 10 to 12,000 people. And what that means is that the cartels are going to control nearly every single mile of our border because we’re just not going to have the agents in the field to patrol and keep the cartels in check.

Carmichael: So the amount of fentanyl coming across the border will skyrocket also.

Judd: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Carmichael: Child labor, prostitution. All these terrible things.

Judd: Yes. You name it, terrible things.

Leahy: So Brandon, you hit it. We have laws laws in effect that the Biden administration simply isn’t enforcing. I have the impression that they have absolutely no desire to enforce our immigration laws. They don’t want us to have any borders. They want open borders. Tell me where I’m wrong.

Judd: No, you’re absolutely correct, and all you have to do is look at the White House, look at the West Wing, look at all the political appointees that Biden has brought to the West Wing. These individuals come from activist backgrounds. These are activists.

They want all of these radical policies that include open borders. They want to try to get as many people into the United States as they possibly can. I was once told by a Trump administration political appointee that said, look, we’re only guaranteed four years now.

They obviously wanted eight years. They tried to get eight years, and if it wasn’t for that stupid pandemic in all the mainstream media, Trump would’ve gotten another four years. But he originally said that they’re only guaranteed four years, and that’s what this administration is doing.

They are using their four years to try to get as many people into this country as they possibly can. They do not want borders. They refuse to enforce our laws and it puts the American people at risk. And that’s what’s so disgusting about it.

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