OAN’s Top Gov Tracker Neil W. McCabe on DeSantis, Disney, and the 2024 Presidency

OAN’s Top Gov Tracker Neil W. McCabe on DeSantis, Disney, and the 2024 Presidency

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed national political correspondent for One America News, Neil W. McCabe, to the newsmaker line to discuss Florida Governor DeSantis’s hardball with Disney and his rumored run for the presidency in 2024.

Leahy: On the newsmaker line, top gov tracker Neil W. McCabe with One American News Network. Neil, good morning.

McCabe: Good morning, Michael. Very good to be with you, sir.

Leahy: And by the way, you are here thanks to your employers at One American News Network on the web at oann.com. We thank them for letting your wisdom come to our listeners.

McCabe: Yes. And people always ask, where can I find OAN? And there’s an app they can download, and it’s the bee’s knees. It’s fantastic.

Leahy: So let’s talk about your governor down there, Ron DeSantis. You are the top gov tracker. You’ve moved down to Tallahassee to keep track of him. He had, I think I would say, a big victory with Disney.

The woke CEO there that kind of tangled with him and didn’t do so well. Bob Chapek has been fired, and they brought in the old CEO who is the new CEO, Bob Iger. Isn’t that a big victory for DeSantis?

McCabe: When you consider people make this joke, right, go woke, go broke. But literally, Disney’s stock is down anywhere from 30 percent to 25 percent right now. And people are saying, hey, what just happened? That’s not a very good year in your first year as CEO.

The guy they’ve replaced was the guy who was in charge of the parks, and he was supposed to be; now that COVID was over, they were expecting this big push for the parks, and he basically stumbles into a fight with DeSantis, which is kind of always a mistake. (Chuckles)

DeSantis is not some pushover. And he just said, okay, fine. I’ll just take away all your tax benefits and that special municipality that you guys run where you basically are your own kingdom, the Magic Kingdom was literally like feudalism, where they literally owned the land, and they ran it like it was their own town. DeSantis took all that away too.

Leahy: For Disney, after they kind of took on unwisely Governor DeSantis, it turned out to be not so magic of a kingdom for Disney.

McCabe: The tragic kingdom Mike.

Leahy: Tragic! Aaron Gulbransen has a question for you. Neil.

Gulbransen: Hey, Neil. How are you, sir?

McCabe: Fantastic, Aaron.

Gulbransen: I have a question for you. This is just out of curiosity. Of course, we all know how what a big company Disney is and everything, but as an example, before I ask the question, there are two or three rails in Virginia politics off the top of my head.

One is transportation and the other is changing the state from an ABC liquor license to a non-ABC. Neither of those things is going to have any action taken on them. I would imagine Disney felt secure for a long time because they probably considered their tax status to be one of the third rails of Florida politics. Is that a fair assessment to make from an outsider?

McCabe: Yes, DeSantis has made reference to this, whereas basically, he points blank said Disney has paid off the politicians for the last 100 years. And basically, he just doesn’t care. Like Trump.

When it comes to contributing when the donors threatened Trump,  he just says, I don’t care. And that’s what DeSantis has learned from Trump.

Leahy: You brought it up. DeSantis. Trump. DeSantis, Trump.

McCabe: Yeah yeah.

Leahy: Yeah, I know. We got to jump into this 2024 election when Donald Trump announced. And then the crooked Department of Justice set up a special prosecutor to look into the little paperwork issues that they are trying to generate after he left the presidency.

The special prosecutor, Jack Smith, the same guy that was working with Lois Lerner to stop 501 (c) (3) nonprofit status for the Tea Party. That guy. What’s going on? Here’s how I see the 2024 contest for the GOP nomination. It’s Trump-DeSantis and the munchkins. I say the munchkins. It’s all the other folks.

McCabe: Sure.

Leahy: They all went out to this Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas and they sort of gave their pitches. How do you see all this play out?

McCabe: I remember in 2015, I was having a few drinks after a Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debate in Iowa.

Leahy: A few adult beverages?

McCabe: Adult beverages.

Gulbransen: As one does after that debate.

McCabe: I went out on a toot and talked to one of the three, basically, Bernie Sanders had three top senior advisors. One of those three guys was talking to me, and I’m like, so why are you guys giving Hillary Clinton a hall pass on the emails? And he goes, well, first of all, you attack Hillary, it just blows back worse at you. So there’s no point attacking Hillary because no one plays the victim better than her.

Listen, the FBI is investigating it, and if there’s something the FBI will take care of it. He looked at me and said, either we have an FBI or we don’t.  And basically, Sanders’s strategy was basically to play it cool on the emails and let the FBI throw her in jail. Well, guess what? We don’t have an FBI.

Leahy: (Laughs) Not at all.

McCabe: But when it comes to Republicans, the FBI can be very effective and relentless. And so do people think that the FBI will take care of the Trump problem for them? I think a lot of people are hoping that.

There are a lot of Republicans hoping that their buddy Merrick Garland will do them a solid and throw Trump in jail or so bloody and confuse him. Or basically create so many process crimes. There’s no underlying crime.

Leahy: It’s all processed crimes. And it’s little tiny stuff.

McCabe: Right. One day I want to go to Quantico just to talk to one of those FBI instructors and ask so how do you set up the perjury trap.

Leahy: Exactly. (Chuckles)

McCabe: I want the textbook. So this is the way it goes. DeSantis is not going to announce until he’s sworn in for his second term. And I can tell you, with lead pipe certitude that the announcement will be at a place that is considered quite sacred and holy for conservatives and Republicans. And then it’s game on.

Leahy: So you have the inside scoop. I’ve been thinking that DeSantis wouldn’t announce until May or June or later because you can just kind of wait and see what Donald Trump does, and meanwhile, he runs the state. It sounds like you have some inside sources on all of this.

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Background Photo “Ron DeSantis” by Governor Ron DeSantis.


Southern Middle Tennessee Realtor of the Year Jimmy Campbell Talks About the Real Estate Market and Growing Up in Maury County

Southern Middle Tennessee Realtor of the Year Jimmy Campbell Talks About the Real Estate Market and Growing Up in Maury County

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed newly crowned Southern Middle Tennessee Realtor of the Year, Jimmy Campbell of Crye-Leike Realty in Columbia, Tennessee to the newsmaker line to talk about the real estate market, his father, and growing up in Maury County.

Leahy: We welcome to our microphones right now, the Southern Middle Tennessee Realtor of the Year, Jimmy Campbell from Columbia. Good morning, Jimmy.

Campbell: Good morning.

Leahy: Congratulations on being named Realtor of the Year. But hey, it’s only November. Do the realtors have a short year? How does that award work?

Campbell: Of course, they elect their officers and directors for next year. Towards the end of this year, we are just six weeks off from the end of the year and getting everything ready to take off again. Really it’s based on about the same time every year.

Leahy: About the same time. Is this based on how many sales you make? Are you like the biggest seller, or what’s it based on?

Campbell: No, not money or sales at all. It’s based on realtors, period. It’s based on business accomplishments. It’s based on service to the community. It’s broken up into percentages, and they rate you on those. By no means is it based on money and sales.

Leahy: Here’s a big question for you, Jimmy.

Campbell: Sure.

Leahy: I live in the Spring Hill-Thompsons Station area. I go to Columbia often. There’s a major thoroughfare down there called James M. Campbell Boulevard. Are you related to that James M. Campbell?

Campbell: Yes, that was my dad. My dad saw the need for a bypass in Maury County, and this was back in 1960-61 when that was built. I was about 16 years old and running his heavy equipment company at the time, working for him, and he saw the need for a bypass around Columbia. He couldn’t seem to get any help from the city or the county and he said, we’re going to build a bypass.

So he bought three farms around the south side of Columbia and said, I’m going to build a bypass. He took his equipment and built that bypass, and everybody said he was crazy and he’d go broke and everything else. And once he got it built, the state of Tennessee came in and said, well, Jeepers, we believe you’re right.

We believe that’s where the bypass needs to be. The city said if you’ll give us the right away to it, we’ll pave it, and keep it up for you. So that’s the way the James M. Campbell Boulevard bypass got built.

Leahy: Now, his nickname was Jeep. Why was his nickname Jeep?

Campbell: Jeep was after a comic strip character at that time. A kid would come out to the ballpark in bet on ball games and would always win. And so one of the county judges in Columbia nicknamed Jim Jeep at the time because all his predictions always came true. And that was based on a comic strip character back in the day.

Leahy: Interesting. Tell us, what kind of guy was your dad?

Campbell: He had so much foresight that it was unreal. He could see into the future and predict what was going to happen. And I had that conversation with him many times, and everything he predicted just came true.

Leahy: What kind of dad was he for you?

Campbell: He was great. He was a hard-working man. He raised himself. He had several different jobs. He was a contractor, he was a farmer. He was actually a manager of the Valentine Agency here in Columbia for 30-something years. He worked hard. I’ve got one sibling, me and my brother, and he taught us well. He told us how to make a living. He taught us to do business. He was a great dad.

Leahy: Now, let me ask you this. Your dad was good at kind of predicting the future. How are you at predicting the future? And in particular, I am very curious about what’s going to happen to the real estate markets here in the next year or so.

Campbell: Well, I didn’t inherit all his ability to predict the future. I may have a 10th of it, but not much of it. He’s a very unique individual. As far as the market goes, I think, of course, as you know, Maury County is the number one growing county in Tennessee and way up there, like 14th or something in the United States.

Maury County is growing. I’m sure all the counties and cities are having trouble with infrastructure and keeping up. As well as Spring Hill and now Columbia. But the market I feel like here would be good for a long time to come. I think we’ve seen the end of multiple offers on one property for the last few months. It’s not many of those coming up every day. The deal of getting $100,000 more than you listed your house for, that’s over with.

Now we’re back to reality. If you price your house right, you can get it sold. It’s staying on market a little bit longer. It’s not playing off the market in one day or three days. I think it’s going to take a full 45 days if you price your property right.

Leahy: Are you seeing a lot of people coming in from out of town?

Campbell: We are. I think the influx has slowed down just a tad in the last six weeks. But, you know, a lot of California folks coming in. But actually, I’m closing one this week with a lady out of Florida. So it’s not only California, it’s all over the world. And coming here, I think they want to make Southern Middle Tennessee, Maury County, their home.

Leahy: Let’s talk about the folks coming from California. Are they coming with California attitudes, or are they coming to get away from California attitudes, or is it mixed?

Campbell: I think it’s mixed, and I think we’re trying to encourage them to live like we live, and I think that’s what they’re coming for, which I’m sure the taxes and everything else they like to get rid of that they’ve been paying in California. And I’m sure that’s one way to come here. But I think they’re looking for an easier, better way of life, and I think Maury County is a great place to do that.

Leahy: You grew up in the early 1960s in Maury County. And now, 60 years later, what’s a big difference, and how dramatic is the difference in Maury County today versus when you were growing up in it?

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Photo “Jimmy Campbell” by Jimmy Campbell. Background Photo “House” by Pixabay.


All-Star Panelist Aaron Gulbransen Discusses Upcoming 2023 Tennessee General Assembly Agenda

All-Star Panelist Aaron Gulbransen Discusses Upcoming 2023 Tennessee General Assembly Agenda

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist, Aaron Gulbransen in studio to discuss Tennessee’s child transgender mutilation legislation as it pertains to redistricting and the 2023 General Assembly agenda.

Leahy: Joined in studio by all-star panelists and the official guest host of The Tennessee Star Report, also director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition for the state of Tennessee, and formerly our lead political reporter here in Tennessee, Mr. Aaron Gulbransen. Good morning, Aaron.

Gulbransen: Good morning, Michael. How are you, sir?

Leahy: You know, I was watching Monday Night Football a little bit last night, and there was a storyline there that I thought, I got to talk to Aaron about this because you’re a big wrestling guy, right?

Gulbransen: Oh yeah.

Leahy: You like wrestling, you like the Second Amendment, and you like politics, right?

Gulbransen: I think I’m officially, at the very least, to come here as a southerner or maybe a damn Yankee, as they say.

Leahy: You’re a Yankee, but we don’t put the big D on it.

Gulbransen: No, I certainly ordained, excuse me, but I have many characteristics of being a southerner.

Leahy: Here’s the thing. The Monday Night football game was held in Mexico City last night with the 49ers versus the Arizona Cardinals. I think that’s who it was, and I think that 49ers blew them out.

I fell asleep when it was like 34 to 10. But there’s a tight end, George Kittle for the 49ers. He’s a big wrestling fan. There’s a big Mexican wrestler called El Luchador. Does that ring a bell to you? Anyways, they had a big show before the game, Luchador wears a mask. It was a big deal.

So I thought about you. I said this is the kind of thing that Aaron Gulbransen would like. Another thing that Aaron Gulbransen would like would be to tell us about what the Tennessee General Assembly session in January is going to be focused on.

Gulbransen: Politics and pro wrestling are very similar, by the way, just to ease the segue there.

Leahy: Sometimes you feel like pro wrestling is more honest than politics.

Gulbransen: Yes. Exactly.

Leahy: In terms of the outcomes. (Chuckles)

Gulbransen: To give everybody kind of an update on what’s going on in the General Assembly, of course, this has gotten a lot of attention. You’ve got HB1 and SB1, which are bills dealing with the transgender mutilation of children, which are put in by our good friends Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson in the State Senate and House Majority Leader William Lamberth in the State House.

Leahy: And that bill would make it illegal to engage in the genital mutilation of children. Under what age?

Gulbransen: I believe it’s the age of 18.

Leahy: Under the age of 18. And it’s not just the genital mutilation prohibition, but it’s also the prohibition of puberty blockers.

Gulbransen: Exactly. Hormone treatments and that sort of thing. And they went in-depth with it. Here’s the number one thing to look for in terms of legislation, where it goes somewhere, and why it doesn’t. I mean, there’s a variety of reasons. Someone introduced a similar bill, and I say similar being on the same topic several years ago. The thing that leadership looks for when they get behind legislation like this, especially when they file it themselves, is whether or not it’s going to withstand judicial scrutiny.

And they consulted with a variety of stakeholders and, of course, the lawyers, because you don’t want to go through the whole process of spending taxpayer money to pass a bill, to print it, to have it go in the law, have it be signed by the governor, and then the first judge it goes before gets kicked.

Leahy: Then you also have to look at state law as well as federal law.

Gulbransen: Exactly. And that’s both statutes, constitutional law, and judge-made statutes, which are rulings.

Leahy: Before you continue, let me say this about how carefully, in my view, the current leadership of the Tennessee General Assembly has approached this issue. Case in point, right now, as we said, there are 219 members of the House of Representatives who are Republicans. It’s going to end up being 222, probably 221.

But one of those seats came about here in Tennessee because of the masterful job that Speaker of the House Cam Sexton and Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally did in redrawing congressional lines in a way that complied with laws.

We went from seven GOP, two Democrat seats to eight GOP, one Democrat because the Speaker and the leadership did their homework and they redrew the district lines to comply with federal law. And they did it so well, there was no legal challenge to that redistricting.

Gulbransen: Exactly. I want to spend a moment on this since you brought it up. Obviously, we got plenty of time to talk about the General Assembly. Our state legislature did its job, and months and months ago, we spent a lot of time with The Star News Network covering what was going on in New Hampshire.

And for those of you in Tennessee, the world is not perfect. The best states are not perfect. But those of you listening to the sound of my voice can take pride in the fact that your General Assembly did everything it could to make sure that you had another conservative congressman in the state. New Hampshire didn’t.

The governor of New Hampshire actually Sununu forced a plan through the General Assembly that would, “keep both of those congressional seats in New Hampshire competitive.” And I put that with air quotes.

Leahy: i.e. Democrats.

Gulbransen: Right.

Leahy: And Sununu, of course, aspires to be he’s a Never Trumper from the beginning. His dad was George H. W. Bush’s chief of staff.

Gulbransen: Yes.

Leahy: And he has presidential aspirations himself. But the idea that he did not encourage the New Hampshire state legislature to redraw those districts so that there would be one GOP seat and one Democrat seat. It’s a kind of political malpractice.

Gulbransen: And he frankly lied to his constituents because he said that, well, I believe that we will be competitive in both of those seats if we draw it the way that they wind up drawing them. And if you look at the results, you can just Google it.

The Republicans got shellacked in both of those congressional seats. The short version of this is Tennessee did its job, but New Hampshire didn’t. You also look at the results and the Republicans picked up either four or five, I think it was five seats in New York.

Leahy: Of all places.

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Background Photo “Tennessee State Capitol” by Andre Porter. CC BY-SA 3.0.


Caller Faith Reflects on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 59 Years Ago Today

Caller Faith Reflects on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 59 Years Ago Today

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Caller Faith to the newsmaker line to recall her feelings and where she was at the time of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination 59 years ago today.

Leahy: Today is a consequential day in American history. Our listener, Faith, is here to talk about her recollection of that day, the day that John F. Kennedy, President Kennedy, was assassinated. Good morning, Faith. Thanks for joining us today.

Caller Faith: Hey, good morning. How are you this morning?

Leahy: Well, it’s an interesting thing. It’s been 59 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated. My recollection of that day is clear as a bell and yet I think as a country after 30 years or so, everything was, who killed John F. Kennedy?

How did it happen? The aftermath thereof. And yet now it really has faded a bit into history. What is your recollection of where you were on November 22, 1963, when you learned that John F. Kennedy had been shot and then assassinated?

Faith: Yes, I was at school. Good Shepherd. We were in school. Got the principal, Sister Mary Albert.

Leahy: Which school was it and in what city was it?

Faith: It was the School of the Good Shepherd in Decherd, Tennessee.

Leahy: Where is Decherd?

Faith: Decherd is part of Franklin County.

Leahy: Got it. So this was a Catholic school. What grade were you in?

Faith: I was in third grade.

Leahy: We’re the same age because I’ll tell you my story of recollection, also in the third grade. But tell us your recollection of that day. What time did you learn about it? How did you learn about it?

Faith: It was after lunch. I can’t remember exactly the time. I just remember it was unusual for Sister Mary Albert to be there at that time and to come to the door. And the nun, Sister Camille, that was my teacher in third grade, started crying. And you could hear her audibly just gasp. And she started crying.

And then she had all the girls get their chapel hats. We had to wear little chapel vail. We weren’t in uniforms yet. They were coming. But our school was really tiny. For the whole county, it was one little Catholic school. But I’ll never forget the whole I mean, it was the first time in my life that kind of tragedy struck my consciousness as a little eight-year-old.

You’re so proud because it was the first Catholic president. And then to hear that he’s been killed like that was just tragic. And I’ll never forget watching it on TV with my parents. And John made such an effect on me at that age.

Leahy: His salute to the coffin.

Faith: Yes. And I felt more sorry for him than I did for Caroline for some reason. I don’t remember my parents talking about it that much. But my mother was Catholic, my father was not. And I do remember my mother crying. I’ve never seen my mom cry really. It’s a very vivid memory in my mind.

Leahy: And it’s interesting because to me I’ll tell you my recollection here in a bit, but, yeah, we’re the same age and I was also in school. But it seemed to me that the character of America changed after that assassination. Everything prior to that was upbeat and positive and can do.

John F. Kennedy, say what you will about his personal foibles and his relatively unremarkable presidency, the guy inspired a generation. He was handsome, he was a good speaker, and he really inspired a generation.

I think there was a positive attitude in America. And then on the day he was assassinated, I just felt everything started going wrong in the country. Did you have that perception at the time, or is that something perhaps you came to a little bit later?

Faith: I think at the time, as an eight-year-old, I was just shocked, totally shocked that anybody would kill our president and that he was Catholic. And the first Catholic president was very important as far as being a little Catholic girl. So it was just so shocking.

Looking back as an adult, I think I can see your point. There were a lot of things that happened to our country after that, around that time, even, because wasn’t that about the same time the lady in Texas sued to get the Bible taken out of school?

Leahy: Yes, it was right around that time.

Faith: Looking back, I just see there’s a lot of turmoil, and I think you’re right. That might have been one of the things that kind of kicked off.

Leahy: Faith, I really appreciate your call here today, and thank you for sharing that story.

Faith: Thank you.

Listen to today’s show highlights, including this interview:

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Photo “John F. Kennedy” by GPA Photo Archive.


Founder Lenny Magill Talks Black Friday Deals All Week Long at the GlockStore and One of a Kind Shoot 270 Ranges

Founder Lenny Magill Talks Black Friday Deals All Week Long at the GlockStore and One of a Kind Shoot 270 Ranges

Live from Music Row, Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed GlockStore founder, Lenny Magill to the newsmaker line to talk about Black Friday specials all week long, laws for firearm gift giving, and their special Shoot 270 range.

Leahy: On our newsmaker line right now by Lenny Magill, the founder, and owner of Magill’s Glockstore on the web at Glockstore.com. Good morning, Lenny.

Magill: Good morning, Michael Patrick Leahy.

Leahy: It’s always great to talk with you and we are so delighted that you saw the light and moved your operation from San Diego, California to state income tax-free Tennessee. I think Christmas is coming up. I think it’s time for a few Second Amendment gifts, don’t you?

Magill: Well, exactly. And we get this question A lot of people will come to the store and wonder, is it legal to give a firearm as a gift? And in the state of Tennessee, it is legal to do that. And there are some regulations, or should I say limitations.

You can give a firearm as a gift without any paperwork or any ramifications. If you know that person is not a felon and you have reasonable belief that they are not. And the key word there is reasonable belief.

If you’re proven that you gave it a gun to someone who’s not old enough or is a felon, then you could be liable. So it’s really important to understand that.

But besides that, if you give the gun as a gift to a spouse or a domestic partner or a parent or a child or a sibling or a grandparent, a grandchild, or niece, a nephew, first cousins, aunts, and uncles, and basically immediate family members is how they describe that you can buy a gun and give it as a gift here in the state of Tennessee without any paperwork.

Leahy: Another great thing about the state of Tennessee there’s so many great things about the state of Tennessee. And I’ve been to your facility at 1930 Airline Drive here in Nashville. It’s spectacular.

One of the things I like about it is the fact that you got these 270-degree shooting ranges, not just the narrow range, which seemed to be much more realistic in terms of what actual shooting circumstances would be like. How did you come up with the 270 range idea? Are you the only guys to do that?

Magill: Yes. The Shoot 270 is kind of our trademark name of basically shoot rooms. The concept is that when you go to a lane it is very one-dimensional. You’re shooting down a skinny lane like you mentioned, at one target. You can’t shoot too fast because they don’t want you to shoot too fast.

You can’t draw out of a holster, you can’t turn the lights off, you can’t use lasers or lights and you’ve got people next to you who you don’t know who are shooting all kinds of different firearms. It’s very distracting as well.

It’s not a great environment to learn to shoot because it’s distracting and you really don’t have the opportunity to talk even because so many other people are shooting around you.

So we developed them in San Diego and moved them here to Nashville, the Shoot 270 concept, which allows us to take a person into a private room basically, that’s completely “bulletproof” so you can shoot in multiple directions and mobile targets. And that allows you to really take the time to learn how to shoot.

And we get so much positive feedback out of the fact that in a one-hour lesson you’ll learn more than an eight-hour lesson in a group or going to a range and trying to do anything down a skinny lane. So it’s really been a positive thing that the Shoot 270 concept is inside the GlockStore at our facility at 1930 Airline Drive.

Leahy: And I can personally attest to how great that is because I’ve been in through the training and it’s just fantastic. You’ve got a retail location at 1930 Airline Drive. You also do a lot of sales online at Glockstore.com. I’m looking at the site right now and you got a whole bunch of Black Friday specials. That’s this Friday, right?

Magill: Well, you know what? I think everybody I talk to is surprised, oh my gosh, here comes Thanksgiving. It is a surprise. It’s happening quickly this year for whatever reason, but it just seems like it just jumped up on us. And yes, Black Friday starts this Friday.

But we, of course, just like most other retailers, have put together a great selection of sale items that we really started here today, Monday, and it’s going to go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, all the way through the weekend basically.

Leahy: It’s Black Friday all week.

Magill: Basically. I’ve seen people start Black Friday a month ago. (Leahy laughs) We’re joining the group and we’ve got some great stuff online. Of course, in the store itself, the retail store is fantastic.

We’ve got a huge selection of Glock firearms as well as some other firearms. But we are Glock specialists. We sell more Glocks on a retail basis than anybody in the country, really, anybody in the world, to be honest.

So we are the most popular and successful Glock retailer in the world. And it’s really fun. if you’re looking for a Glock, if you have a clock and if you want to know more about Glocks, come to us because we are the Glock expert.

Leahy: I get the sense that since you’ve opened up here in Nashville a lot of your revenue comes from Glockstore.com online. But I keep hearing about people that are so excited about the GlockStore that they actually drive.

I saw some online thing where somebody came from Wisconsin and somebody drove from North Carolina. Has it sort of become a little bit of a destination visit for a lot of folks?

Magill: Exactly. That’s one of the reasons we really liked Nashville because Nashville itself is a destination. It’s a great city and people come here for a variety of reasons. Of course, music is a big draw, but the Nashville location is so popular that we felt, well, we’re just going to join that group.

And we have people come in, and we’re just 2 miles from the airport. So they’ll fly in or come see us or on their way out, they’ll come to see us. We definitely are and have become and are definitely a destination along with the city of Nashville.

Leahy: Has that turned out to be a little bit more than you thought it would be? People like to have fun. They like to come to Nashville. And if there are Second Amendment folks, it seems to me that they can come to Nashville, visit the GlockStore, use your Shoot 270 ranges, and then see all the other fun things in Nashville. Have you been surprised by the number of people that are doing that?

Magill: Pleasantly surprised. Yeah, of course. We certainly have something unique here. Our store is definitely unique. The shooting ranges are unique. The selection of products we have, we manufacture right there at the facility as well. We’ve got 13 CNC machines, and we make pieces and parts for Glocks, and we do just a bunch of gunsmithing for blocking and guns as well.

It really is a one-stop shop. But we are pleasantly surprised by how well we have been received here in Nashville. Nashville is a great town. So many great people here. And then now moving into Nashville, everyone’s getting out of California and New York.

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