All-Star Panelist Roger Simon on Recent Epoch Times Behar Piece and Kamala’s Eventual Border Visit

Jun 25, 2021


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed Senior Editor-At-Large at The Epoch Times Roger Simon in studio to discuss his recent column about Joy Behar’s liberal approved anti-gay comment and Kamala Harris’s scheduled border visit.

Leahy: We are joined in studio by the newest all-star panelist editor-at-large with The Epoch Times, my former boss at PJTV, a great novelist, Hollywood screenwriter, and an Academy Award nominee for Roger Simon.

Simon: Former. Excommunicated.

Leahy: (Laughter) But now here with us.

Simon: Formerly.

Leahy: Formerly speaking of media entertainment types, your close friend Joy Behar is probably not too happy with the column you wrote today at The Epoch Times. Tell us about that.

Simon: Well, maybe we should take a look at what I actually said here. We can click on it. It doesn’t seem to be moving very fast.

Leahy: It’s slow. But you do recall. I mean, you remember what you wrote, right?

Simon: I made fun of Ms. Behar for her big gaffe the other day. A guy from the NFL finally came out as gay. This is after decades now.

Leahy: You may remember the very first NFL player who came out as gay after he was done with his career. Do you remember him? Dave Kopay. A San Francisco 49er who was a running back from the 70s?

A very marginal player. So he ended up basically, he ended up announcing he was gay. And it was a big deal back then. That was like 40 years ago. My point is, who cares, right?

Simon: That’s my point too. (Laughter) It’s not exactly wake-up news but it caused Joy Behar to make a nasty anti-gay crack.

Leahy: Really?

Simon: Which got all the other liberals on The Execrables Show, The View, which I never watched.

Leahy: You call it The Execrables. I love that adjective. Look it up, folks. It’s a good adjective.

Simon: (Chuckles) It’s a great one. As I say in the article, I never watch The View, except when forced to by cable TV showing endless clips.

Leahy: Yeah, right. Promoting it.

Simon: Demoting it in this case. It showed her making this kind of stupid, vulgar, anti-gay crack and all the liberals on the show going, (Laughs oddly)

Leahy: Laughing.

Simon: Laughing away.

Leahy: So if a Liberal icon moron, otherwise known as Joy Behar makes an anti-gay comment, it’s funny.

Simon: Exactly. But if you or I made an anti-gay comic, we would be banned from the public for 30 years. It’s the media equivalent of Siberia. So I wrote about it in a slightly more serious manner, which is hard for me, but I did it. (Laughter) Most people talk about how liberals always use projection upon us Conservatives by calling us racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah, blah. Actually, I say it’s deeper and worse than that. That really if you look at things like CRT.

Leahy: Critical race theory.

Simon: They are all designed, actually, to oppress people and to gain power. And it’s not actually just projection about themselves. It’s really a more evil and kind of despicable thing. And people like Behar are not just about revealing their true selves but about doing bad stuff. So that’s what the column is about at The Epoch Times. And I commend your listeners.

Leahy: I think it’s a great column and funny, as usual.

Simon: And also, I commend The Epoch Times readers.

Leahy: By the way, I do want to bring to your attention a very interesting story at The Epoch Times. I don’t know if you saw it just published. 23 Republicans Move to Censure Biden for Dereliction of Duty at the Border. Did you see that story?

Simon: Yes.

Leahy: See, I agree with that sentiment. I’ve been talking about that. In fact, I think the way that they’re handling the border by ignoring and flouting our immigration lists, I think it’s actually an impeachable offense. What are your thoughts on that?

Simon: (Chuckles) Obviously, he’ll never be impeached.

Leahy: Not in this Congress but maybe in 2023.

Simon: Yeah, that’s possible.

Leahy: But of course, if you impeach Biden, what do you get? Kamala!

Simon: The column was about to write last night and instead, I wrote this other one but I may write tonight is the whole thing about Kamala going to the border because everybody’s been saying, oh when is Kamala going to go to the border? But the reality is who cares?

Leahy: Because what’s she going to do? Go and giggle? So she’s going to go to the border, giggle, say nothing and the establishment media will fawn all over her.

Simon: They’ll fawn all over her. But I think the public is beginning to get it I hope because what does it show? And if you bring 50 people to the border, what difference does it make?

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