Aaron’s Analysis: When It Comes to News and Politics, Always Think and Dig Deeper

Mar 21, 2023

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Aaron Gulbransen in studio for the first edition of Aaron’s Analysis.


I have a simple exhortation for the audience and a lot of you do this already, but I think it’s very important to note when it comes to news and politics. Always think and dig deeper. Pay attention. Most of the people talking in politics, speaking, messaging, and creating messaging are doing so with a specific aim and goal in mind and want you to act accordingly.

You, the audience, have your duty to always ask why and what they are aiming for. Because this message is very often self-serving and also deceptive. The motivation in politics is almost never what the stated purpose is. If you barely pay attention, you will get fooled and act and speak accordingly.

A perfect example of this is the failed Russia Gate and the accusations against Donald Trump. If you were to rely upon what the members of the left, the media, and former Obama administration officials were saying on TV, you would’ve believed that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin.

If you go went and read the congressional committees and paid attention and watched their testimony, you saw that they were lying on television and Trump did not collude with Putin. Even right now, in a slightly different way, you’re seeing a lot of self-serving messaging on the Trump indictment.

Obviously, coming from the left, they believe that Donald Trump should go to jail because their hatred is blinding them. But also because we are in the middle of a campaign contest for the presidency, you are seeing Trump’s supporters pile on and demand fielty from opponents of Donald Trump or potential opponents of Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Another scenario where messaging has been deceptive is when you had a former candidate for the RNC chair which happened several months ago where Harmeet Dhillon was talking about how she was the conservative outsider and she was going to take the party back to grassroots. She made over $800,000 from the Republican National Committee as an attorney.

Deceptive. Even today, at the local level, you have candidates running for office and chairman in counties like Williamson, Sumner County, and several other places as well, where they talk about the various things that the party is going to do once they take over, take over the school board and take over this body and that party.

The role of the Republican party and this is not messaging, this is just very true, is to get Republican nominees elected. The same thing goes for the Democrat Party. These parties structure which is several different things than outside groups like mine and others. So when you’re hearing messaging very often, ask yourself, what’s the truth here?

Take things to their logical conclusion. Why is the messenger saying this? And what are they looking for? Are they looking to simply win an election and they’ll say anything to get there, or are they looking to make somebody else look bad?

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