Aaron’s Analysis: The Message from the Far-Left Is Clear, Trample the Second Amendment

Apr 25, 2023

Live from Music Row, Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Aaron Gulbransen in studio for another edition of Aaron’s Analysis.


A few weeks ago, and everyone is aware of this to set this up, an evil person murdered three children and three adults at Covenant right here in Nashville. The shooter was somewhere on the Alphabet Mafia spectrum and apparently claimed to be trans. Now, we haven’t seen a manifesto, even though countless numbers of us have called for one. I reiterate that call today.

What we saw in the immediate aftermath was a cry from the far-left and their lackeys that “something, anything must be done to deprive people of Second Amendment rights.” We heard that cry from downtown Nashville all the way to the White House. They even astroturfed protestors into the state Capitol on several occasions. Some were paid and some were organized. A few were probably organic.

Three craven members of the State House darn near caused a riot and then used the six deaths to advance their political careers. They were welcomed at the White House recently, frankly by a craven sick, and demented Biden administration, again, using six lives that were snuffed out by an evil person for political gain.

The message from the far-left is clear. We want you to do something. To do something. And to do something means to trample on the Second Amendment. Let’s be clear, any action by the Governor or the Tennessee General Assembly on school safety will not be and has not been enough for the far Marxist left.

Not even a token bit of legislation that erodes the Second Second Amendment just a wee little bit. Because what the Marxist left, the Biden admin, and their propped-up puppets in Marxist Terrorist Justin Jones, Cos-Player Justin Pearson, and Crazy Gloria Johnson want is the total elimination of the Second Amendment and to deprive people of gun rights.

And let’s be very clear. They want this victory in one of the reddest of the red states in the country, to advance their Second Amendment destroying the ball down the field. Enter Governor Bill Lee and his proposed legislation that went nowhere during the waning days of the regular General Assembly session.

Governor Lee has done good work on several issues during his tenure and I’ve worked in concert with his office successfully on a few of them, but these actions and calls for action by his office are absolutely inexplicable and he is firmly on the wrong side here and seemingly continuing to be, unless he reverses course.

For whatever reason, he is completely oblivious to what is obvious to nearly everyone and what the left’s agenda is. Governor Bill Lee, whether he realizes it or not, by making that proposal and now with his call for a special session is linking arms with the Joe Biden the far-left anti-Second Amendment forces with the Tennessee Bullhorn Trio.

So I ask the question, why is Governor Lee doing the left’s bidding? Why is he calling for a gun-grabbing anti-Second Amendment special session which has almost no General Assembly support and certainly no conservative or grassroots support?

Why is he calling for a special session when he wouldn’t call for one in order to address our military and Tennessee National Guardsmen who were being fired over the Biden administration’s insane and draconian vaccine mandate when the people who were losing their jobs, grassroots conservatives, and many Republican committees were begging him for a special session. The Tennessee General Assembly leadership made it clear in that case that they stood ready for a special session.

At the time, when he did say something, he said a version of “I didn’t have the power to overrule the Biden administration.” I feel like I must point out that he also doesn’t have the power to overrule the US Constitution. If he didn’t help his own people on the vaccine issue, why is he throwing in with Marxist leftists and fighting against the Second Amendment?

We’re in 2023. Our country has made too many compromises already and conservatives have stomached far too much, we’ve had too many retreats. The left tramples our Constitution, proverbially invades our space and we fall back. Like the borg in Star Trek, they’ve assimilated entire worlds of influence and have decimated our culture, and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here and we must say no further!

Our country has a God problem, not a gun problem. For too many reasons to count, we’ve devalued human life. And how are we to truly address mental health issues when nearly all of our cultural institutions, methods of communication, and big corporations promote mental illness, and yet, Governor Lee has avoided saying the obvious about the Covenant shooters’ mental illness. And of course, he really doesn’t want to propose a law that actually addresses the exact profile of the Covenant shooter.

I’m not going to pretend I know the exact government solution, but it is plain as day to an intelligent person that red flag laws or other gun-grabbing measures which don’t even fulfill the stated purpose (Google the statistics audience) that does nothing more than erode the Second Amendment.

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