The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the Tea Party Movement

95 every day American citizens who sparked a movement that will return our country to Constitutional principles:

1. Limited Government as authorized by the Constitution
2. Fiscal Responsibility
3. Free Markets

As documented by The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, which started it all in a conference call on February 20, 2009.

The Local Organizers of 51 Tea Party Protests held on February 27, 2009

Shelby County AL Suzanne "Zan" Green
Tempe Beach Park AZ Tom Jenney
Los Angeles CA Brooks Bayne
Los Angeles CA Tony Katz
Los Angeles CA Gary Aminoff
Los Angeles CA Stephen Kruiser
Los Angeles CA Ashley Nicole Ingram
Los Angeles CA Justin Smith
Orange County CA anonymous
Sacramento CA Mark Meckler
Sacramento CA Elaine Meckler
Sacramento CA Eric Eisenhammer
Sacramento CA Mandy Morello
San Diego CA Dawn Wildman
Denver CO Brian Campbell
Hartford CT Kay Gray
Hartford CT Jim Bancroft
Hartford CT Rick Rothstein
Washington DC J.P. Freire
Washington DC John O'Hara
Fort Lauderale FL Danita Kilcullen
Fort Lauderale FL Jack Gillies
Ft Myers FL Mary Rakovich
Gainesville FL James Cruce
Jacksonville FL Janet West
Naples FL anonymous
Orlando FL Jason Hoyt
Orlando FL Phil Russo
Port Charlotte FL Dave Kesserling
Punta Gorda FL Robin Stublen
Sarasota FL Tom Gaitens
Tampa FL John Hendrix
Tampa FL Sharon Calvert
Tampa FL Bob White
Atlanta GA Amy Kremer
Atlanta GA Jenny Beth Martin
Davenport IA anonymous
Chicago Ill Eric Odom
Wichita KS Nancy Armstrong
Boston MA Brad Marston
Lansing MI Wendy Day
Lansing MI Melanie Hall
Lansing MI Joan Fabiano
Kansas City MO Robert Ballard
Springfield MO Vincent David Jericho
St Louis MO Bill Hennessy
St Louis MO Dana Loesch
Jackson MS anonymous
Asheville NC Erika Franzi
Fayetteville NC Ralph Reagan
Omaha NE David Douglas West
Trenton NJ anonymous
Buffalo NY Jill Malzer-Sinclair
NY NY Kellen Giuda
Cincinatti OH Mike Wilson
Cleveland OH Phil Ammar
Oklahoma City OK Alan Webb
Oklahoma City OK Margie Drescher
Tulsa OK Jai Blevins
Portland Ore Geoff Ludt
Portland Ore Victoria Taft
Portland Ore Rosie Gagnon
Portland Ore Keith Huff
Philadelphia PA Devon Generally
Pittsburgh PA Patti Weaver
Columbia SC anonymous
Greeneville SC Amy Wood
Nashville TN Judson Phillips
Nashville TN Stacie Burke
Nashville TN Ben Cunningham
Austin TX Judy Holloway
Dallas TX James Dickey
Dallas TX Phillip Dennis
Dallas TX Ken Emanuelson
Dallas TX Katrina Pierson
Dallas TX Jeremy Bradford
Ft Worth TX Stephanie Klick
Ft Worth TX Mark Christopher Frimmel
Houston TX Felicia Cravens
San Antonio TX Joni Schmidt
San Antonio TX Fred Santangelo
Seattle WA Keli Carender

The Bloggers

Blogger Michelle Malkin
Blogger Glenn Reynolds
Blogger Jim Hoft
Blogger Ace of Spades

The Support Team

Support- NE Shelli Dawdy
Support- TN Michael Patrick Leahy
Support CA Rob Neppell
Support-Image Distribution CA Christina Botteri
Support-Smart Girl Politics PA Stacy Mott
Support-Smart Girl Politics VA Teri Christoph
Support- Graphic Design WA Illustr8or
Support- OK Sandra Crosnoe
Support FL Stephen Sphinx

The February 20, 2009 Conference Call That Launched the Tea Party Movement

The conference call I organized and moderated that launched the Tea Party movement took place at 5 pm cst on Friday, Februrary 20, 2009. There were approximately 50 people on the call. I know this was the number of the people on the call because the free phone conference service I used sent me an email listing each participant by area code (but not exchange numbers). This was typically the size of the TCOT conference calls we had been holding with regularity a couple times a week since early December, 2008.

I can name 24 [25] people I am almost certain were on the Feb 20, 2009 call, 12 [13] of which I am certain were on, 12 of whom I am almost certain.

Certainly on the call

1. Amy Kremer
2. Christina Botteri
3. Shelli Dawdy (Lincoln, NE)
4. J.P. Freire
5. Stacy Mott
6. Jenny Beth Martin
7. James Dickey (Dallas, TX)
8. Beulah Garrett (TX)
9. Eric Odom
10. Michael Patrick Leahy
11. Wendy Herman (Corpus Christi, TX)
12. Jenny Hatch (Denver, CO)
13. Michael Johns (New Jersey)

Almost certainly on the call

14. Brooks Bayne -- (LA, CA)
15. Tony Katz -- (LA, CA)
16. Gary Aminoff -- (LA, CA)
17. Brian T. Campbell -- (Denver, CO)
18. Ralph Reagan -- (Fayetteville, NC)
19. Stephen Spinks -- (Florida)
20. Geoff Ludt -- (Portland, OR)
21. Anonymous Graphic Designer -- (a blue state)
22. Jason Hoyt -- (Orlando, FL)
23. Brad Marston -- (Boston MA)
24. Stacie Burke -- (Franklin, TN)
25. Felicia Cravens -- (Houston, TX)

In addition, there are a number of folks who were regular participants on the TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) calls who were on the call, but just listened, didn't participate. This was the typical pattern for these TCOT calls. Not everyone would talk.

Jenny Beth Martin to Michael Patrick Leahy, March 9, 2011:

In addition to your ground work with TCOT, I always give you the credit with 2 important things that started the movement [in February 2009]: 1. Organizing (and moderating) that first conference call 2. Specifically saying on that call, we need to "strike while the iron is hot" and make sure that we take advantage of the media to get our message out. Thank you for your vision, foresight, and commitment to our common cause!!!

Michael Patrick Leahy to Jenny Beth Martin, March 9, 2011

Jenny Beth,

I would add that articulating the "strike while the iron is hot" argument I made was largely a detailed articulation of what everyone on the call probably already felt. You may recall there was virtually no pushback on that.

The other elements I added were:

(1) The need to focus on a simultaneous nationwide event (The Nationwide Chicago Tea Party) (2) With a narrowly focused theme (Repeal the Pork or Retire), which we (3) Actively promoted and then documented using video cameras and social media.

On the last point, you will recall Christina Botteri emphasized the importance of digitally documenting the event, with either video or still photos. The key to the success of the February 27, 2009 "Nationwide Chicago Tea Party" held in 30 cities with 50,000 attendees was that all the participants were very careful to document the event, then kick it back to Christina and me, and we in turn disseminated the pictures, videos, etc. to all our friends in the blogosphere (Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, etc.) and any national networks that provided coverage. You may recall that both MSNBC and FoxNews provided bits of coverage for that event. Local TV, actually, did a pretty good job covering the event in almost every one of the 50 markets.

You will also recall that on the February 20, 2009 call, TCOT, SGP, and Dontgo combined to form , the group that organized and sponsored both the February 27,2009 Nationwide Chicago Tea Party and the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party.

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