Recent Articles and Media Appearances by Michael Patrick Leahy


The Coming Conservative Landslide (The Daily Caller, April 18)

NewsMax TV (March 27)

Gerri Wills, Fox Business Network (March 21)

MSNBC's Morning Joe (March 20)

Fox and Friends (March 20)

Lou Dobbs, Fox Business Network (March 20)

G. Gordon Liddy Radio Program (March 20)

Tea Party Founder: Time to Cut Federal Spending in Half (CNBC op-ed, March 13)

Super Tuesday Explodes Two Myths About the Tea Party (March 7, 2012)

Country Club Conservatives Dawdle While the Left Organizes (March 6, 2012)

Santorum Rhetorically Aligns With the Tea Party But Substantively Rejects Free Market Principles (March 3)

Why is Santorum Rising? (February 20)

Buffett's Political Fraud Continues as He Stonewalls Release of Secretary's Taxes (January 27)

Buffett and His Secretary Can't Get Their Story Straight on Taxes (January 25)

Time for Buffett and His Secretary to Release Their Personal Tax Returns(January 23)

The Tea Party Slaps Down Mitt Romney in South Carolina (January 21)

A Second Term Will Mean Obama's "Era of Personal Rule" (January 7)

Newt Gingrich's Dangerous Attack on American Constitutional Principles...and Tea Party Values (January 1)


Will the Condemned Incandescent Light Bulb Receive a Last Minute Pardon? (December 16)

Newt Gingrich, Champion of Hamiltonian Statism (December 6)

The Phony Moral Superiority of Schemes to Redistribute Wealth ( November 29)

The Price of Civilization? (October 24)

The Priesthood of Academia (September 19)

A President Who Will Just Get Out of the Way (September 18)

Gibson Guitar and the Resurrected Blue Eagle (September 1)

Another Billionair Offers the Country Unsolicited Political Advice (August 18)

Rachel Maddow and the Anti-Intellectual Left (Aug 16)

Warren Buffett Takes a Page from Gerard Swope's Plan (Aug 15)

The Hoover Democrats of 2011 (Aug 6)

The Myth of the RINO (July 25)

Will the Incandescent Light Bulb Receive a Death Row Pardon? (July 22)

Fred Upton Snatches Defeat from the Jaws of Victory in Light Bulb Battle (July 12)

Fred Upton Shows Us How Not to Repeal the Light Bulb Ban (July 8)

Glenn Beck Makes the Wrong Original Argument(July 5)

Christopher Hitchens Praises the King James Bible (June 27)

House to Vote on Repeal of Light Bulb Ban in July--Maybe! (June 23)

Did the Texas Light Bulb Two Step Bring Fred Upton to the Dance? (June 21)

Why the Tea Party Movement Likes Michele Bachmann(June 16)

Many Texas Tea Partiers Aren't Thrilled with a Rick Perry Presidential Campaign (June 14)

Fred Upton's Broken Light Bulb Promise Another Example of the Failure of Republican Leadership (June 13)

Romney Chooses Pandering Over Principle With Support for Ethanol Subsidies (May 29)

For the Tea Party, the Meaning of the Founding Era is in the Words of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (May 16)

Newt Gingrich is Not a Tea Party Guy (May 13)

Even 80 Year Olds Have Helped Build the Tea Party Movement (April 27)

Donald Trump and the Little Pink House (April 22)

Books written by Michael Patrick Leahy prior to 2011

I, Light Bulb: A Death Row Testimonial

Rules for Conservative Radicals

Letter to an Atheist

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What Does Sarah Palin Believe?

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