Michael Patrick Leahy is an evangelist for constitutional liberty.

An author, journalist, and grassroots activist, Mr. Leahy organized the conference call that launched the Tea Party movement on February 20, 2009. A contributor at Breitbart News since 2010, he is currently the co-founder of the Real Conservatives National Committee, the conservative ground game Super PAC.

His most recent book, Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement, was released by Broadside Books in 2012.

His previous books include Rules for Conservative Radicals (2009), What Does Barack Obama Believe? (2008), What Does Sarah Palin Believe? (2008), and Letter to an Atheist (2007).

He is also the author of an e-book, I, Light Bulb: A Death Row Testimonial (2011).

On November 28, 2008, he founded Top Conservatives on Twitter, a list of conservatives on Twitter, which now has more than 7,000 members.

In December 29, 2008, he founded The TCOT Report, the source for fast breaking news of interest to the conservative community. Some have described the TCOT Report as "Drudge Meets Twitter."

On February 20, 2009, he co-founded The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, and called and moderated the very first conference call among grassroots activists that provided the centralized information coordination for Round 1 of the Tea Party Movement, a coordinated simultaneous nationwide event held at noon EST on February 27, 2009 in fifty different cities, which was attended by over 30,000 people.

From February 28, 2009 to April 15, 2009, he continued to moderate weekly conference calls among grassroots activists, again providing the centralized coordination for Round 2 of the Tea Party Movement, which took place in 900 cities across the country on April 15, 2009, and which was attended by over 1 million people.

He has continued to work on numerous Tea Party movement related projects since then, including most recently as the co-organizer of Election Day Tea Party, which helped 26 of 50 targeted conservative challengers win seats in the United States House of Representatives in the 2010 elections, and Volunteers for Virginia, a fall 2012 project in which hundreds of Tennesseans and Texans went door to door in an independent effort to support the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

Mr. Leahy previously served as the Series Editor for Broadside Books' "Voices of the Tea Party" series of e-books.

In February, 2008, he was elected as a delegate to the Republican National Committee as an at-large delegate from the State of Tennessee committed to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

His professional career started as a management consultant with Arthur D. Little, and included management roles with Businessland, Tejano Syndications, and Glamour Shots of Canada. From 1993 to 1999 he was an adjunct professor of management at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management, where he taught the Entrepreneurship course. Since 2000, he has worked as a technology marketing and social media consultant. In 2009 and 2010 served as Vice President of Public Affairs for American Target Advertising.

Mr. Leahy, a descendant of Civil War and Revolutionary War enlisted soldiers, was born in 1955 in Oswego, New York. He grew up in upstate New York , graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1977, and received an MBA from Stanford in 1981.

He is an enthusiastic amateur genealogist and a member of Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Franklin, Tennessee.

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